Five Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Lucifer

Choosing which TV show to watch these days is a really tough task. With so many options and ways to watch a show — with Netflix, Hulu, Network apps and the good old fashioned TV — it’s hard to tell which show is really worth your time and energy.

Because of that, some really good shows sometimes get completely overlooked, and we end up missing out on some great entertainment. FOX’s Lucifer is one of those shows. I only caught up with it this summer — just in time for season 3 — and I don’t regret a single second of it.

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Lucifer: Top 5 Moments Of 3×04 “What Would Lucifer Do?”

This week’s Lucifer was everything I absolutely love about this show. As much as I loved last week’s Maze standalone episode, “What Would Lucifer Do?” moved the season arc along and brought us some pretty incredible moments for all characters.

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Lucifer: Top 7 Moments Of The Season 3 Premiere

That was well worth the wait, wasn’t it?

After a hellish summer hiatus, our favorite devil is finally back on our screens. Lucifer season 3 premiered last night, and it was honestly like they had never even left. “They’re Back, Aren’t They?” brought back everything that made me fall in love with this show this past summer, and it felt like everyone was on top of their game.

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Lucifer: Season 3 Cast Promo Photos

Los Angeles is getting hotten than ever!

Our favorite devil is coming back in just a couple of weeks and we could not be more excited. FOX has recently released the promotional cast photos of Lucifer, and it’s just so great to see these beautiful shots of our beloved Hell/Heaven/Humanity team.

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