The 100 6×01 Review: “Sanctum”

Well, here we are, The 100 fans. Season 6 has FINALLY landed, and pardon my skipping straight to the point, but holy shit. What kind of place have our favorites landed in? Short answer is that it’s actually a moon, not a planet. That’s where the mystery starts.

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The 100: The Virtues of Patiently Shipping Bellarke

Bellarke fans, I count myself among you in how much I love Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin’s story. However, the mood as of late around the fandom has left a bad taste in my mouth, where I feel compelled to get a few words out there.

To start, I’ll freely admit that I love and easily get attached to TV shows and their characters. That said, when I don’t like a specific direction that storytelling has taken, I either suffer through it, hoping for the best, or I quietly show myself out. We all have a choice of what to spend our time watching, as it’s not like there’s a lack of options in peak TV era.

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The 100: 5×11 “The Dark Year” Review

Sweet Jesus.

No joke. Those were the first words out of my mouth after “The Dark Year” closed out. If anyone ever doubts The 100 and its ability to brilliantly throw in surprises no one saw coming, I’ll just casually refer them to this episode. As hard as everyone worked to find the right “side” to be on, the lines were drawn in the sand and war is on their doorstep.

Let’s dive into this, shall we?

The choices we make are a matter of life or death

The 100 has never been less subtle than it is now about the hell these characters have gone through the last six years. Wonkru’s fight to survive in and out of the bunker, Octavia’s battle with the Red Queen, to each and every person making decisions that turn others into the last one they may ever make.

When you are fighting for the people you are responsible for — or people that you love — the passion drives your actions. You may think you’re acting from a place of caring, but in reality fear is what clouds your choices. It affects everything you do, and as we have seen, it usually blows up in your face.

Octavia’s choice to listen to Abby, and use fear as her weapon molded her into the person she was when she was pulled out of the bunker. Wonkru may have survived, but the trauma will never fade, no matter what Octavia says about it “being worth it.” Clarke narrowing her people down to Madi is not an excuse to act out of fear, and ignore everyone else’s safety for one person’s alone. Kane’s condemnation of Octavia, and fear of a war decimating the valley does not excuse all but ensuring a bloodbath is brought on their doorstep.

The only kind of relief I felt during this hour was finally understanding what path led Octavia to become the Red Queen. I don’t excuse her choices post Bunker — most of them power mad, insane and just flat out shitty to exert her power — but now we know how she got there. I had seen the theory of cannibalism floated around for weeks online, and to see it confirmed was both horrifying, and completely signature to how this show operates. They take the unimaginable, and make it to where we can see how these characters were pushed to this point.

What made my jaw drop, though, came down to two characters alone – Abby and Kane.

We condemn ourselves or someone else

Abby’s slow decline has been difficult to watch, but the rapid detox was a thousand times worse. Paige Turco knocked it out of the park showcasing how Abby’s struggle with the pills was truly a deep rooted escape from her guilt. That SHE was the one who told Octavia to enforce cannibalism. The fact that Octavia took the blame and responsibility for it was, as Madi said, not entirely unlike what Clarke did at Mount Weather. How they turned out after defined how Octavia and Clarke, respectively, handled the burden of making these kinds of choices.

The fact that Kane views Octavia as the devil from forcing Wonkru to make that choice, means he has no idea Abby was behind it. Kane would rather help the creepy torturer win the war, and undermine everything Wonkru and Spacekru has done to peacefully take the valley. Soon to be a bloody war ground, for the first time I’m genuinely afraid Eden will not survive the fear driven choices of what’s left of humanity.

The truth tellers in the realm of “calling people out for their shit” fell to Bellamy and Madi this week. Bellamy is done playing nice with his sister after being thrown in a death pit, and I can’t blame him in the slightest. Octavia’s plan to march blind into the valley was indeed monumentally stupid, and his focus on being with his family shut the door on any brother/sister reconciliation possibilities for the moment.

Madi — continuing the Flame saga in her head — gets a full history of what Clarke left out of her stories in the last six years, and I can imagine how illuminating it must have been. Madi’s age doesn’t preclude her experience living in this world, and as harsh as it might have been to Clarke, she needed to be called out. I understand wanting to do everything in your power to protect someone you love, but she needs to remember what she’s forgotten over the last six years of peace. Namely that there is no such thing as “safe” right now, and that won’t happen until this war over Shadow Valley has been put to rest.

I have the distinct feeling Clarke’s going to hit her breaking point and, of course that’s when all hell is literally going to break loose. Due, of course, to the double cross I did NOT see coming. I don’t know how these guys keep these twists fresh, but kudos to the writers on letting cannibalism somehow not be the biggest twist to happen in an episode.

As hard as everyone has worked to stay “safe” and find peace, the fear led straight to war. I can’t even predict who will and won’t live, but I am terrified for SO MANY PEOPLE. Let it never be said The 100 didn’t know how to make your heart beat a million miles an hour, one night a week. Thank god for romance that blooms during the calm moments, and balances out the insanity. Yes, I squealed when Raven and Shaw kissed, because I’ve shipped them since Raven outsmarted him up on the ship in space. Therefore, I declare Shaw will not die — please, show, don’t prove me wrong.

How about you guys? Are you excited for the last two episodes of this season? Who do you think will win this war?

God knows I’m dying to find out — pun not intended!

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on the CW.

The 100: 5×10 “The Warriors Will” Review

Every time I think there’s no possible way for this show to top itself in how it can blow my mind, it proves me wrong. Frankly, I’m happy to be proved wrong in this instance, as “The Warriors Will” was amazing in every aspect of the word. What The 100 excels at is taking what seems impossible, and letting these characters push the envelope on how their experiences in these situations changes them every second they are on screen.

Let’s dive into this mind twist of an hour, shall we?

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The 100: 5×09 “Sic Semper Tyrannis” Review

Pardon my language, The 100 fans, but HOLY SH*T! “Sic Semper Tyrannis” was not fooling around, I spent the entire hour on the edge of my bed, glued to the screaming at the screen — literally. This show is a powerhouse this season, packing in plot twists and driven by characters’ relationships that change every second.

However, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. Why don’t we dive in and take a closer look?

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The 100: 5×08 “How We Get to Peace” Review

Well, holy crap! Game changer is indeed the appropriate phrase for this week’s The 100 “How We Get To Peace.” I sincerely lost count of the amount of times I screamed at my TV during this episode, which tends to be the mark of a damn good hour of television.

Everyone was searching for a way to find peace, and given the violent undertones of their world, it was easy to rationalize the ends justifying the means. Kane, bless his heart, was able to step outside all of that — even just for one glorious scene — to visualize a world where none of that is necessary. Where people can just live, instead of fighting one battle after another to survive.

They’re all experts at surviving at this point, but living was what they were reminded of in the six year jump. Even in the midst of Wonkru’s descent to violent mayhem, Kane was able to find that peace. I just wish it was that easy for everyone else.

Eden: Paradise, Prison or both?

Shadow valley, aptly named Eden has firmly turned into the home base of one “enemy.” Quotes apply here since all the twists, and turns only prove more than ever that villainy is in the eye of the beholder. To Kane, who’s able to bare his thoughts on peace, he’s able to see the side of Diyoza who dreams of a home for her daughter. To Raven — who only got electrocuted because Diyoza has been feeding Abby’s addiction — she’s an irredeemable person who needs only to be defeated.

The juxtaposition of how we see peace coming to life highlights how well this show does in showcasing human struggles. Finding compassion versus relying on ruthlessness, to using newfound weakness against your enemy, to trying to protect someone who isn’t technically “on your side”. It’s all complicated as hell, and I LOVE IT!

Raven’s journey, and then breakdown with Shaw (please God, don’t die), tore me to pieces. I don’t hate Abby, but God, am I pissed off at her choosing pills over literally everyone she cares about, because she’s too deep into the self denial hole of “I will stop, but I need them now.” Now turns into the future one day at a time, and I’m scared she’ll wake up too late to figure that out. Despite the pain she was in, I was really touched by Shaw’s desire to protect Raven, and comforting her when she needed it. I don’t think she’ll let Echo kill him in the end because, quite frankly, kindness and understanding is hard enough to come by.

In a surprising display of quiet humanity, Diyoza and Kane’s conversation about the valley, and her little girl “Hope” nearly made me cry. Despite everything going on, I found myself wishing what Kane visualized could be a reality. Sadly because of the nature of this show, I know it’s not a scenario we’re likely to see. The fact that it made me hope for it in the chaos, is a testament to how well these writers flesh out all their characters, whether they are our heroes or the antagonists of the moment.

Which isn’t the case with Octavia right now…

Wonkru and the cost of War

The Red Queen has finally met her match in the form of her beloved brother. That last scene felt like a culmination of everything Octavia and Bellamy have been through in the last seven years. From the moment they first landed on the ground, their relationship has been a constant tug of back and forth. As much as Bellamy grew into himself during their six-year separation, Octavia became the worst version of herself – a tyrant who’s willing to betray former friends and allies in the blink of an eye because they challenge her power.

I know the last thing Bellamy wanted to do was turn on his sister, but that line was crossed — not when she threatened Echo, but when she threatened Clarke. It wasn’t lost on me that he didn’t even bother denying that he loves Clarke when Octavia tried to use it against him.

Bellamy, and Clarke made the choice they thought would bring them peace, even if it meant barely convincing themselves that the murder of Cooper — an honest threat — was worth the price. The fact that it was all for nothing, and ultimately landed Clarke with a death sentence was painful as hell, especially when she silently begged Bellamy to take the out Octavia was giving him so he wouldn’t die too. Their conversation preceding that was really my favorite scene of theirs to date. Their mutual understanding of how much the other has changed opens the gates of communicating, something they’ve struggled with since reuniting.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, these two love the hell out of each other, and it’s a struggle to deal with in the midst of danger constantly surrounding them. Recognizing it’s from someone they used to consider an ally is even harder, and while I have zero doubt Bellamy will succeed in saving Clarke’s life, they’ve passed a point of no return. I just hope when Octavia wakes up, it won’t cause all hell to break loose for everyone who’s still alive, and breathing.

The fight for survival is as much at stake as is the fight to live – Monty’s struggle was proof of that, and it was heartbreaking to see him forgo any desire to take part in questionable deeds to survive. I can’t blame him in the slightest, though, and if I had the choice he did, I’d make it every time. Harper’s affirmation and choice to stay with him, essentially saying to hell with anyone else’s war was just one example of how powerful love is.

If I had to pick a theme of this hour, it’d be don’t ever underestimate how powerful love can be in the face of anything or anyone challenging it. Octavia was overthrown because she underestimated how much Clarke loves Madi, and how much Bellamy loves Clarke and her. Choosing to draw that line of “this is too far” is one of the hardest things to do with a loved one, and yet sometimes it’s the best choice we can make for everyone involved.

I can’t predict a damn thing with this show, but I am certain things are only going to get more insane from here on out.

Who’s ready?

The 100 returns on July 10th on the CW at 8/7c.

The 100: 5×07 “Acceptable Losses” Review

Well, that was a tense as hell hour. This show is finding new ways to define compelling, and drawn-in storytelling with every episode this season, and I’ll be honest, it’s f*cking thrilling. It felt truly like the stage has been set, the match is lit for a lot of craziness to come, which says a lot, given everything that’s ALREADY happened.

We focused on the crew in Polis and those in Eden, which brought to light a lot of character growth, moments and — more than anything — drama. My favorite kind in a television show! It’s honestly impressive how The 100 has honed in so tight on letting the characters, and their relationships, interactions, and clashes drive the story. I say that with the full knowledge and sadness that it’s getting harder and harder to find television shows that do that.

That being said, let’s dive into it, shall we?

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The 100 5×06 Review: “Exit Wounds”

The 100 threw out all the expectations tonight with “Exit Wounds,” delivering an episode complete with twists only this series’ writers are brave enough to take. Full disclosure: I really liked this episode, and I say that as a Bellarke shipper. My faith in this ‘ship has not diminished in the slightest, though; so, before I dive, in I’m making that clear.

The action in “Exit Wounds” was mainly situated on the struggles in Wonkru, with a little sprinkling of Eligius. As the differences of the last six years came into greater focus, the story showed that as much as people missed each other, that doesn’t erase how much has changed.

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The 100: 5×05 “Shifting Sands” Review

The 100 never fails to have aptly named episodes, and “Shifting Sands” certainly did not disappoint in showcasing how quickly things can change on the ground, now that everyone is walking above ground and free.

Seriously, this hour was packed. It was part horror-inducing action thriller, part character-rich, and seamlessly flowed into one hell of an “edge of your seat” time. I’ve watched this show since the middle of the first season, and while I am new to reviewing it, I flat out admit it’s one of the few shows I’ve seen in a long time that improves season after season.

Let’s dive into it then, shall we?

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The 100: William Miller to Play Big Bad in Season 5

Skaikru officially has a new enemy.

TV Line has recently announced that Spanish actor William Miller has joined the cast of The 100 in a recurring role in season 5. As per the official description of his character, Robert McCreary “is a mysterious prisoner aboard the long-distance mining mission sent from our time. A former enforcer from a powerful crime syndicate, his ruthless, violent methods make him a formidable antagonist to our heroes”.

While Miller is not that well known in the US, he’s had a successful career overseas. His first big break Stateside was going to be in Jason Rothenberg’s Searchers — which didn’t get picked up — but Rothenberg liked him so much, that he brought Miller over to the dystopian hit show.

As you all know, The 100 Season 5 will pick up six years after praimfaya ravished the planet, and Miller’s character will be aboard that mysterious ship that landed on Earth, much to Clarke’s disappointment and concern. Her friends have been gone for six years, but she never gave up hope in seeing them again.

The time jump will be a great way to turn a new leaf on the show and start with a clean slate, and I can’t wait to see how those six years have affected all the characters. I am particularly excited to see Clarke as a mom, and how the seven people, who made it to the ring, have survived all these years in space without killing each other.

The 100 Season 5 is scheduled to premiere at midseason on The CW.