Credit: Shonda Rhimes on instagram: "...and we took a knee in solidarity of racial justice. #takeaknee #greysanatomy #300th"

#TakeAKnee & Other Celebrity Activism: The Good, The Bad & Our Ruined Childhoods


Colin Kaepernick started taking a knee during the National Anthem long before 45 made disrespectful comments about him and any players who supported his choice. But as soon as the Cheeto-in-Chief opened his mouth, plenty of people who might have otherwise ignored what Kaepernick was doing started to talk. The #TakeAKnee hashtag started blowing up on twitter, and even some celebrities got in on the discussion.

But what does celebrity activism mean in this case? And how do we feel about celebrity activism in general? Our staff sat down to share our views on the subject and have an open, honest discussion about taking a knee, celebrity voices, and more.

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