Abby Lee Miller is back for Dance Moms season 8! Photo Courtesy of Lifetime

Dance Moms Season 8 Spoilers: Pittsburgh Here We Come

Given everything that Abby Lee Miller has been through in recent years, the existence of Dance Moms season 8 is something of a reality tv miracle. And we couldn’t be more excited about it! Neither, it seems, can the folks at Lifetime: They’ve used precious airtime to introduce ALDC fans to the new team. In case you deleted your series recording on your dvr when the series officially died nearly two years ago, thus missing the season 8 pre-game, here’s a quick rundown of Dance Moms season 8 spoilers.

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Why ‘One Day at a Time’ Deserves a Season Four (and beyond)

ODAAT fans, it’s been just under two weeks since season three dropped, and we all binged it so fast we lost sleep for it. Okay, that might have been just me, as I was watching on an airplane ride, but it was totally worth it. Season three brought our favorite gang back, and introduced some new characters that intertwined with our faves stories, reminding everyone how damned wonderful this show is.

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Outlander Releases New Season 4 Preview

Sassenachs, it’s just under two months until another Droughtlander finally ends, and Starz has decided to whet our appetites with a dynamite new preview! Season 4, in case you have lived under a rock, is adapted from Outlander‘s fourth novel “Drums of Autumn”.

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Timeless Saved! NBC Resurrects Time Travel Drama for a Two-Part Series Finale

Can a show be resurrected for the second time, two years in a row? Apparently, yes, if that show is called Timeless. In an unprecedented move, NBC decided to bring the cult phenomenon back (again!) for one last ride in the Lifeboat. Timeless returns this holiday season with a two-part series finale to wrap up the story. After all, Clockblockers don’t do anything halfway, do they?

Today marks the end of an excruciating wait for Timeless fans. The show lived in limbo for six weeks after the finale until NBC ultimately decided to cancel it, despite the outcry from fans on social media. Although Clockblockers were incredibly loud online, to the point of trending #RenewTimeless and #Timeless worldwide, ratings still weren’t up to par for the network to consider a renewal, so NBC finally pulled the plug on the beloved show.

(We can all agree Nielsen ratings is an outdated system that doesn’t accurately measure ratings anymore and needs to die)

The thing is, Clockblockers are a resilient and determined bunch, and they didn’t just go quietly into the night. A major fan campaign to save the show was launched then and fans tweeted nonstop at networks and streaming services — really, anyone that would listen — about the merits of the show and why it needed to be saved.

Because, see, Timeless is an incredibly diverse, complex and extremely well-written show with a stellar cast, that has been quite literally changing history. In its time travel adventures, the Time Team — historian Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer), Delta Force Sergeant Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter) and scientist Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett) — serve as conduit to bring amazingly well produced history lessons to our homes in each episode. Teachers across America have been using Timeless as a way to get students more interested in learning history and other subjects, making the show an excellent cross-disciplinary tool for education not only in America, but worldwide.

And then, as if a tweet storm wasn’t already big enough, Clockblockers raised money in record time to fly a gigantic Save Timeless banner over San Diego Comic Con a couple of weeks ago — a move that definitely didn’t go unnoticed by The Powers That Be. After that stunt, we knew there was definitely something happening behind the scenes, especially when the Timeless Writers tweeted the following:

Expectations were through the roof for the past week and today our efforts have finally paid off. The Timeless Writers finally ended their over a week-long suspense and put us all out of our misery with the best news:

Of course we all wanted a season 3, but at least now we’re getting some closure and the chance to save Rufus. After all, wasn’t that what we wanted? And according to Sony president Chris Parnell, not all hope is lost:

It’s time to rejoice, Timeless fans! You did it! We get to save Rufus and go on one last adventure together. What a time to be alive, my friends. What a time to be alive.

The Timeless two-part season finale is scheduled to air this coming holiday season at NBC.

Lana Parilla will direct an episode of Once Upon a Time this season.

ABC Announces Lana Parrilla’s Directorial Debut On Once Upon a Time

Series original Lana Parrilla will be taking a step behind the camera to direct an episode during the seventh season of Once Upon a Time.

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Heroes and Villains Fan Fest San Jose 2017: OTA Panel

I had the chance to attend this year’s edition of Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in San Jose, California this past weekend, and I had the best time. It was my first HVFF, and it was vastly different experience than going to SDCC.

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Supanova Comic Con, Brisbane: Stan Lee, King of Marvel Cameos, and Sci-Fi’s Strong Women Tell All

Supanova Comic Con & Gaming, the event for Australia’s pop culture fandom, was held this past weekend in Brisbane and will be also held next weekend in Adelaide. The Brisbane event was headlined by Stan Lee and Millie Bobby Brown and featured cult favourites Jodelle Ferland, Shelley Hennig, Christian Kane, and Franz Drameh.

Teen Wolf, Dark Matter, The Librarians, Legends of Tomorrow, and Stranger Things fans, read on!

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Once Upon a Time 7×06 “Wake Up Call”: Promo Pictures and Press Release

On the next episode of Once Upon a Time, Drizella seeks out magic in the enchanted forest. Meanwhile back in Hyperion Heights, Roni learns an unsettling truth.

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Once Upon a Time Casts Riverdale Alum Tiera Skovbye As Zelena's Daughter

Once Upon a Time Casts Riverdale Alum Tiera Skovbye As Zelena’s Daughter

Rebecca Mader is expected to return this season for a multi-episode arc; and along with her, her grown up daughter Robin will be making an appearance or two.

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