Blue Bloods 9×22: Jamie and Eddie Tie the Knot

First let me say: All of my nerves leading up to the Blue Bloods finale were for nothing. I am so used to shows going for shock value during a finale that I expected that from Blue Bloods, too. Last season’s ender was happy, so I assumed it would be asking too much to have two in a row that ended with blissful Jamko shipping milestones. I was totally wrong.

Blue Bloods gave us happiness for the entire finale. Well, for me, anyway. I did notice on the night of that there was a bit of outrage on the twittersphere.

We’ll for sure dive into that later. For now, let’s talk about the episode.

Danny & Baez

I’m going to be honest; all I really remember about their plot is Baez impersonating Erin and laughing a lot. Also just Marisa Ramirez as Baez in general being a brilliant badass.

I do wish that, for the finale at least, the show could have dropped the procedural story. The time spent on that could have been better used on other moments that would have a much richer emotional payoff.

Baker, Garrett, & Gormley

I laughed so much during this plot. I absolutely loved seeing these three characters shown some past-due love in the finale. All three actors really were able to show off their comedic talents while exploring real character development. That’s no easy feat, but they did it.

My favorite part was the request for help that bounced from Gormley to Garrett, Baker to Gormley, and then Garrett to Baker. The way that all connected was very smart—I love a well-done, seamless transition from one conflict to the next. But I did also love Baker leading the group hug at the end. I know she told Gormley that he’s the beating heart of 1PP, but I think she’s wrong. In my humble opinion, Baker is the beating heart of 1PP, and I think the finale proved that.

Eddie and Erin

I am normally a great defender of Erin. I know there is a subset of Blue Bloods fans who are annoyed by her, but I am not one of those fans. I see Erin as a woman who knows what she wants and who goes out and gets it. She has expectations that things be done a certain way, and she demands that people meet them, even her brothers; she stands up for her beliefs against even the greatest pressure. Erin is flawed in a real way, and I am grateful for that. In an era of poorly written women, Erin Reagan stands out. For that alone, I can usually stand up for her.

I say all of that so that you understand the personal impact of my next words.

This week, with Eddie, I found it near impossible to defend Erin. I know she’s pragmatic and a logical thinker, who (most of the time) doesn’t allow personal connections to keep her from seeing the facts; but Erin knows who Eddie is professionally. Eddie is one of the true blue, honest-to-god, good guys. To imply—and yes, that’s what she did—that Eddie lied was not sound professional logic. Then, the end of her conversation with Jamie was also extremely rude and, I think, crossed a line. She knows her brother and knows he’s a caretaker and protector. It’s also completely within the logical bounds of Jamie and Eddie’s relationship for her to confide in him. There is no way any of that translates to Eddie sending Jamie to fight her battles.

So, while Eddie told Erin not to apologize, I disagree. Eddie should have gotten that apology, and Erin should have insisted on giving it. With that being said, I did love Eddie’s conclusion that Erin was treating her like an equal and her confession that it means a lot coming from her. Erin’s clearly pleased reaction began a new bond between them, I think, and I am all for an Erin and Eddie alliance. I just think there may have been a better way to accomplish it. Because Erin came off much too harsh in this episode.

Although, if Erin wasn’t harsh, we would never have gotten that poignant and delightful scene with Eddie and Anthony. “Know what you’re marrying into” was very apt advice because while Eddie knows Jamie is all about the job, she may need to remember every now and then that his entire family is, too. She’s in for a lifetime of debates, arguments and conflicts—both personal and professional. She needs to be prepared for that.

Jamko and Frank

I absolutely loved Jamie and Eddie in the episode. I want to see them being domestic in every way that can exist, even Jamie sleeping on the couch after a fight. Seeing them together and sharing space and fighting was wonderful. I loved watching them fight over Erin and her confrontation with Eddie. Jamie complimenting Eddie in the middle of their fight was beyond adorable, and so was Eddie’s reaction.

The fight over how Jamie handled Erin was telling, as well. Jamie is going to have to learn that just because Eddie tells him about a problem, it doesn’t mean he needs to fix it for her. It simply means she wants him to listen, relate and offer advice. But Jamie, being Jamie, takes it upon himself to try and solve the problem. It’s a very realistic problem to have in a relationship, and I enjoyed watching Will Estes and Vanessa Ray play it out on screen.

But the parts of this episode that I loved the most were the quiet moments with Frank. The scene in his office with Jamie had me cheering because it was advice I feel like he should have given at the beginning of the season. I felt as though Eddie was constantly adjusting for the Reagans, but they didn’t often do the same for her. I’m glad to see that acknowledged. Jamie needed to hear those words from his father.

Likewise, Eddie needed that toast from Frank. It was beautiful and very much a signature Frank Reagan toast. You can tell he has great respect and love for Eddie, and I am so excited to see more of Eddie with the Reagan clan because of it. And while I loved the idea of Eddie walking herself down the aisle, I was thrilled to see her ask Frank to walk with her. She needed support; and he was happy to offer it, with a line that was signature Frank: “I’ll always watch your six o’clock.” Every bit of Jamie, Eddie, and Frank’s story in this finale was gorgeous. Thank you, Blue Bloods, for finally delivering that after a season that felt very hit or miss.

The Wedding

Okay, now, let’s talk about that wedding.

First of all, everybody breathe. Breathe in. Breathe out. Very good.

I totally understand being disappointed. CBS milked that wedding to death in their promos and on social media. They led everyone to believe it would be the main event of the episode, while knowing full-well that it was written into the very last act only. So, I get that.

But let me tell you why I, personally, wasn’t disappointed.

  1. Seeing the wedding at all is already more than we had for the proposal.
  2. We saw their vows in the season 8 finale and cried shippy tears over them, then heard them again early in season 9.
  3. We saw Eddie look STUNNING in her glorious white dress.
  4. We saw adorably nervous Jamie (who was still totally certain that he wanted Eddie to be the future Mrs. Jamison Reagan) with Danny and Henry as moral support.
  5. We saw Frank having a lovely, soft moment alone with Eddie.
  6. We saw a radiant Eddie walk down the aisle.
  7. We saw Jamie’s puppy face overjoyed at the sight of Eddie walking toward him in her wedding dress.

It was everything on my wish list and then some. I’m fine with not having seen the ceremony because I know what their vows would have been. I’m fine with not seeing the reception because all wedding receptions pretty much look the same, plus we saw their venue in another episode. I can fill in the blanks.

So, if that last shot of Jamie’s lovestruck face is all we see of the Jamko wedding, then I will be fine because that expression is everything. Jamko is officially each other’s happily ever after. You, Jamko shippers, have achieved the dream. Your OTP is now the show’s OTP, too.

So, while I would never tell anyone not to be upset, I will say don’t forget to enjoy what you’ve been given.

And what we’ve been given is happy and committed Jamie and Eddie Reagan. Complete with wedding rings.

Congratulations to the healthiest fictional couple on television! It’s a well deserved ending for a flawless pairing! Can’t wait to see what season 10 has in store for us!

Blue Bloods will return to CBS for its 10th season. 

One thought on “Blue Bloods 9×22: Jamie and Eddie Tie the Knot

  1. Great Review. You said everything I was thinking. No need for an “I Do” scene or reception. Loved Baker telling Garrett she “does more than answer phones, make coffee & hang Frank.s coat.” Erin was too harsh but she’s just being a Reagan like Anthony said. Will & Vanessa don’t need a bunch of lovey dovey scenes. They can pull it off with just a look or w/dialogue. Jamie’s face at end said it all. They are the best “couple” on TV in how they deal with issues. I think the issue of children is going to be one the things they deal with. Now that they’re married can’t wait to see where the journey leads. CBS should have renewed Tom & Co for Season 11 also but didn’t.
    Have enjoyed your reviews.
    Can’t wait for Season 10.


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