Blue Bloods 9×21: What is Eddie’s Dad Up To Now?

It’s the second to last episode of the season! Are we ready? I am. I am ready to get to this wedding we’ve been anticipating since last season’s finale, but that won’t happen until this Friday. So, until then, let’s talk about last Friday.

Danny & Baez

We start with Danny & Baez at a murder scene and it’s instantly clear that they will have the procedural element of the episode. I don’t have much to say about this plot except that it bored me until the very last scene. I genuinely did not expect Steve to shoot Seth and then himself rather than be arrested. That is a twisted twin relationship. I expected Steve to be a user, not unstable.

So kudos to Blue Bloods for managing to surprise me, but otherwise I could have done without this plot altogether. It added nothing to the episode.

Henry & Sean

If only they would have expanded this plot in place of the procedural plot. I enjoyed watching Henry and Sean work together. I also enjoyed watching Henry get some of the spotlight. He may be old school, but he is compassionate and loving. Seeing him trying to help his neighbor with her granddaughter was the sweetest thing, even if it ended badly. This episode really allowed me to see the similarities between Henry and Jamie. We know for sure that Jamie gets his idealistic attitude honestly.

I think Len Cariou had one of the best performances of the episode. I especially loved his read of the line, “I’m not saying it’ll work, but…isn’t family worth a shot?” To me, this plot hit the true heart of the show. Family.

I also really loved the guest star’s performance. Her struggle felt very honest and real, especially at the end. I had tears in my eyes as she assured Henry that he did actually help them. Her line, “Even for just one minute I had that little girl back”, broke me just a little bit. This was a story I wish had been a little longer.

Jamie & Eddie

The real heartbreaking plot of the episode though belongs to Jamie and Eddie. So does the award for performer of the episode. At all times, Vanessa Ray brought her A-game in this episode. Watching her walk through a variety of emotions was all at once devastating and beautiful.

Finally, we have a plot that feels like it’s Eddie and Jamie against the world in a way that doesn’t make me want to rip my hair out. Jamie’s idealism showed itself in this episode for thinking that Arnie could be totally genuine right out of the gate. I loved him for it, even if I personally thought Armin was full of it from the very beginning.

The second best scene this plot gave us was the scene where Jamie came to Danny and Erin for advice. Seeing Bridget Moynahan, Donnie Wahlberg, and Will Estes alone in the same room together was so refreshing. Just the Reagan siblings. And man was their sibling chemistry on fire in this episode. Erin and Danny’s faces the minute they find out Eddie has no idea what Jamie’s up to were classic, and then the way they both blanched at Jamie’s use of “withholding.” So much perfect sibling sass. I love the Reagans, with all my heart. Please give me more scenes with all three Reagan siblings. Please.

This exchange alone was worth the price of admission (or CBS All Access as the case may be):

“There’s no ‘gonna’ when it comes to be honest with the person you love. You gotta tell her now.” “And I’d run, don’t walk.”

But then the moment that follows this one brings to the one thing I have not understood the entire season.

Are Jamie and Eddie a secret, or not? I’m confused. Sometimes, they seem desperate to keep it quiet, but other times they talk about their wedding in open hallways. Also, how are they having a wedding and inviting friends in addition to families without telling people they’re engaged? Does Jamie’s boss know? The impression I got was that he did not and yet Frank is okay with that? Their public relationship status and keeping track of who knows what makes no sense to me. Can one of the writers of the show explain it to me? Because they seem to be playing it fast and loose with this secret they’re keeping.

But I did love this bit of banter:

“Without telling me?” “Before telling you. There’s a difference.” “Yeah, right.”

Thank God Danny and Erin were there to correct Jamie’s course. They just saved him a huge fight. This episode also gave me another bit of conversation that was just flat out adorable and delivered the true “feels” I was promised at the start of this season. Eddie and Jamie are looking at a photo of Jamie with his parents at his law school graduation when this happens:

“They look so proud of you.” “Not as proud as she would have been, meeting you.”

Say it with me now, “Awww.” Wow, could Jamie love Eddie more? I think not.

They talk about her dad and Eddie thinks that maybe it might be time to make some new family memories. Clearly, Jamie is rubbing off on her and I love it, but then Armin has to go and ruin it all with one phrase. “Always looking out for me” triggers Eddie so fast and my heart immediately shatters for her as a result. She knows her father well enough to know exactly what that means. You can see it all clearly on Vanessa Ray’s face.

She’s not sure why, but she just knows. Her father is conning her. The brief stories about the way her father used her to get away with being a liar and a crook are absolutely crushing. Eddie still bears the scars of everything she helped him do and she probably will for years to come. Armin Janko never deserved her.

It makes me even happier that our strong willed warrior, Eddie Janko, has the never ending love and support of Jamie Reagan. When she rescinds the invitation and demands they leave he doesn’t question her. In fact, his response is “Right behind you” and that couldn’t be more appropriate, could it? He’s her backup and her partner no matter what.

These are the kind of plots they should have had all season long.

Frank & Nicky

Let me start with this, I never expected to see Professor Corey Vallejo back on Blue Bloods. Honestly, I thought she was a temporary problem. But even if I had expected her back, it would not have been like this.

Does this mean she’ll be recurring next season? Is this how they’ll involve Nicky in weekly episode plots? Because if so, I am here for it. Let’s give Nicky an actual role to play in the fight for justice. Let’s get her in there butting heads with her uncles and using her intellect to the best of her ability. As long as Nicky goes into this aware that her boss has tricky motivations then let’s do this. I. Am. Here. For. It.

Watching Nicky hold her ground against Frank as he questions her decision to take the job with the New York Justice Coalition was deeply satisfying. Look at how she’s grown. Look at the fearless woman she’s become. If this is going to be a bigger component of season ten then I am ready. Let’s all toast s’mores while we watch Nicky Reagan set the world on fire.

Let’s also talk about how beautiful that moment with Frank was over family dinner. He may not like her new job, but he respects Nicky and he knows she is a formidable young woman. He knows that she wants to change the world honestly. He will support her and wish her the best because he knows exactly who she is.

I stan one grandfather-granddaughter duo.

Even more so when Nicky comes to Frank after dinner and confesses she’s worried about what Corey was playing at by telling Frank about the job offer. I’m not sure how much involvement Nicky had in coming up with Frank’s insurance, but I hope she helped. That “insurance” move was genius.

All In All

This episode continued the momentum toward next week’s season finale, but whatever was going on with Armin has me nervous. Is something going to go down at Jamie and Eddie’s wedding? I’m worried. Things haven’t been exactly smooth for Jamie and Eddie this season, but they’ve been surprisingly calmer than I expected. Last season’s finale ended on such a happy note that a part of me expects season nine to end dramatically. I hope I’m wrong and we get an episode that ends with happy, fluffy, Reagan family wedding scenes and a gratuitous shot of Jamie and Eddie riding off into the sunset (heading straight for some breathtaking tropical honeymoon.) I guess we’ll find out soon.

Blue Bloods airs on Fridays at 10/9C on CBS.

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