The 100 6×01 Review: “Sanctum”

Well, here we are, The 100 fans. Season 6 has FINALLY landed, and pardon my skipping straight to the point, but holy shit. What kind of place have our favorites landed in? Short answer is that it’s actually a moon, not a planet. That’s where the mystery starts.

Backing up a bit, The 100 has shown an enduring ability to turn storytelling on its head, and the start of “Book Two” is no exception. The pilot callbacks were a poignant reminder on the deja vu aspect of what it means to land on an alien planet where they have no idea what awaits them. That being said, I doubt anyone could resist cracking a smile when Miller remembered Octavia’s “We’re back, bitches!” iconic line.

It’s a testament to the entire team behind this show how completely different it felt between their surroundings, the lighting, and set detail. When the scout team walked into the view of a planet and two suns above them, the wonder was hard to hold back. Yet at the end of the day these characters we’ve been with for five years are the ones I’ve been dying to see back on screen, and in this aspect, “Sanctum” did not disappoint.

Space kru (for the time being)

Once everyone was awake, it took no time to pick up emotionally where season 5 left off — which meant dicey interactions for Raven, Abby, Kane and Octavia. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy these guys aren’t shying away from the signature heart ripping conversations The 100 is known for, but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch.

Raven’s anger in the wake of season 5 is understandable, and she wastes no time making it clear to Clarke and Abby, especially, that they are not forgiven in her eyes. Abby’s regret at what she did unfortunately doesn’t take away the consequences of her choices — a common theme for many people in this premiere. What kills me is the amount of pain headed Raven’s way, and I’m scared of how she’ll handle another person she cares about dying. I get the sense it’ll get worse before it gets anywhere near better.

That point made even more clear when Octavia marches in freshly awakened by Niylah (come on, why??), throwing accusations at Kane and Abby. Octavia’s knowledge of past misdeeds only serves her need to satisfy her anger at herself by throwing the past in their faces. The difference is that Kane and Abby are willing to own up to every horrible choice they made, and Octavia can’t even admit she’s a monster without attacking someone else.

None of them are innocent, but the one with the longest road ahead is the former Blodreina. I’m both nervous and eager to see where it leads and if she can overcome what she’s done to find a modicum of peace and repair her relationship with Bellamy.  

Special mention to Jordan who instantly landed on my list of favorites for being kind and getting along with everyone on sight. I can’t wait to get to know you better.

The dangers of being on the Ground (again)

Well, holy shit, what are we in for? Landing on the ground this time lends to immediate heartbreak, strange surroundings, and a launch into a planet that isn’t exactly friendly. It was striking the difference you felt between Earth and this place.

The effect it had on our scouting team was apparent from the start, but that didn’t stop all the characters from feeling the aftermath of season five as much as the others did up on Eligius IV. There’s nothing like sitting by a fireplace to get words out, and between Miller, Jackson, Clarke, Shaw, and Murphy there wasn’t a shortage of them.

I loved that we got to see the continuing story of what being in that bunker did to people, like Miller and Jackson. Clarke’s path, however, is clearly not going to be so straightforward. Though I give props to her refusing to take Murphy’s shots lying down, because between the two of them they’ve had lots of chances, and I have no doubt they’ll both continue to get them. Her determination to do better is tempered by the fact many people are pissed at her — and rightfully so. I don’t think she’ll be making choices like that ever again *knocks on wood*, but Shaw’s point on action making the difference, not words, is something she won’t forget.

Especially after his untimely death. Look, I get this show has a clear track record on most anyone can die, but I really wish it didn’t have to be Shaw. Raven finally got a tiny bit of happiness and once again it’ll be ripped away from her. When they come across what I’d guess to be “Sanctum” they find it empty of people, but filled with what looks to be the makings of a home. Kudos to Murphy’s singing, for spreading some much needed smiles around for these guys.

The one twist I really didn’t anticipate (ironic, I know) was the acknowledgement of those, 2199 radio calls. The look of surprise (and slight panic) on Clarke’s face when Bellamy admitted Madi told him, with their theme in the background no less, was nothing short of thrilling, personally. Bellamy trying to make Clarke feel better by cracking jokes was adorable, but if I had to bet he thinks those calls are a lot more than just “pathetic.” Cue the impatient waiting… into red sun induced psychosis!

Oh Christ on a cracker what did we walk into?

Final Thoughts

  • Look, I’ll be straight with you. As much as I get why quite a few people are mad at Clarke, and I know she’ll work to make up for what she did, it still hurts to see people disparage her straight to her face. I’m selfish enough as an audience member to admit it, I want Clarke to remind them they also left her behind to die, and then left her alone for six years after she saved their lives.
  • Fine, my bias is showing, I just want all my faves to be happy and make up with each other before the end of the season. Please and thank you.
  • Yes, that includes Raven and Abby, Raven and Clarke, Octavia and Bellamy, Clarke and Murphy, Clarke and Emori, and pretty much all of them
  • Good for you, Abby, giving those pills back to Raven.
  • I wish I could send a thank you note to every single person who worked to make Vancouver look like a literal whole new planet, and not remind me of Earth in any way except that these characters were once on there. Seriously, it’s impressive as hell and I hope they all get acknowledgement.
  • So…who wants to bet next week’s episode ends with them back round a fireplace singing Kumbaya? No? Just me?

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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