The Resident 2×22: Light In Darkness

This episode was the episode for me that revealed a lot of true colors. The Resident 2×22 “Broker and Broker”, also led to a goodbye and some terrifying unknowns. For one, we really were enlightened to the harsh veracity of Alec’s (Miles Gaston Villanueva) line-crossing ways. Mina appears to be realizing the complications of her newfound feelings and possibly some of her past mistakes. Nic and Conrad, though apart, seem to still be walking in the same direction. Which is hopeful for all of us who still love Conic.

Mina’s Big Night Out

Mina got drunk. Blackout drunk. And then ended up on a golf course in a man’s suit wearing a yamaka. Oh, and it doesn’t end there. When AJ calls her to tell her about this incredible surgery he gets to perform, Mina wakes up on said golf course donning said outfit but she also has a head injury. Nearby, there’s a man pinned under a golf cart calling out for help and apologizing to Mina for running her over.

After a rather hilarious investigation into how Mina ended up in this golf course wearing Bell’s (what?!) suit, Grayson (Radek Lord) ends up filling in the blanks. After too many shots (off of mid-sections), they end up crashing a bar mitzvah and taking a lot of hilarious photos. But Grayson also mentions Mina talking about her love of dinosaurs – particularly one dinosaur.

The velociraptor.

Devon and Irving quickly figure out that it wasn’t dinosaurs that Mina was drunkenly gushing about. It was a surgeon. Her mentor, The Raptor. Devon later calls Mina out on it and says that Mina is not good at things dealing with the heart. Mina says it’s a line that she won’t cross because he is her mentor and it would be inappropriate. So for now, Mina really was just drunkenly appreciating a dinosaur. But come on. This slow burn is slow. And getting to the point where it’s painfully too slow. They love each other so much. Make it happen, writers.

Meanwhile, the man trapped under the golf cart, Taylor (Sam Huntington) was a recent winner of the lottery. Bell and Grayson spent most of the beginning of the episode trying to basically beg past donors for money with no luck. When Bell figures out that Taylor has just come into money, he tries to pamper him with the VIP suite and the best surgeons Chastain has to offer (aka The Raptor himself). AJ calls out Bell on his desperate attempts to fund the hospital and it ends up backfiring anyway when Bell realizes that Taylor had accepted his winnings in weekly payouts.

Light in the Darkness

This episode had really beautiful moments between Nic and Jessie. We know that Emily VanCamp is a queen but The Resident did a really amazing job at casting Julianna Guill, who has always been able to convey this beautiful sibling connection to VanCamp’s Nic. Jessie is scared and sick but finally seems to be appreciating what Nic has sacrificed for Jessie. It is because of Nic’s unconditional love for her sister that Jessie is alive whatsoever. Jessie thanks Nic for being the light through her darkness. And Nic continues to fight for Jessie.

Keeping up with its beautiful metaphorical other-level of television, The Resident presents us the light in Nic’s own life as Alec tries to shake up Nic’s world to help Jessie. Alec tries to turn Nic to the black market to buy Jess a kidney through an organ broker. How easy is it for a person who doesn’t understand you or your morals to step in and present you with the thing you desire most even when it is wrong, immoral, and illegal? How easy is it to turn to darkness in despair? Alec certainly had no qualms about stepping in while Nic was vulnerable and dangle her desires right in front of her face. This doesn’t seem to be a person who has her best interest at heart.

When Jess’s heart starts to fail and Bell turns Nic away after nearly begging to put Jessie on the transplant list, Nic is desperate. And she would do anything to save Jessie. Until there is a knock on Nic’s door in the darkness and Conrad tries to talk Nic out of it. There’s another way. There’s always another way. And literally, Nic steps under the street light and asks Conrad what he would do if it were Nic dying. He responds, “Anything.”

Could this writing get any better? She literally stepped into the light. Because of Conrad.

Conrad then steps in and tries to negotiate with Bell. Did he offer Bell a donation from his father? Whatever he offers grants Jessie a spot on the transplant list and once again Conrad saves Nic from herself. She tells him that it was wrong. That she was about to consider taking a young waitresses kidney to save her own sister. She questions what kind of example that would have set. Her heart is so pure. It’s so refreshing to see a character like this.

She later finds Alec trying to leave in the early morning hours before the clinic opens. He tells her that he regrets nothing and he is who he is. Thank goodness he is out of the picture!

The Resident also sheds light on the rather disturbing trend of black market organ buying. Desperate people selling their organs for money is just indecent when you really think of all it calls for; however, the most disturbing line for me was when Elliot (John Noble), the organ broker conveys that doctor’s can be bought just like organs. As more and more horrifying healthcare truths are revealed in this show, it certainly seems like that is not far from a horrifying reality.

Random Thoughts:

  • Bell dancing in a club is right up there on the disturbing scale with his attempt to find a Lane Hunter lookalike prostitute. Horrifying.
  • I would like to have a girl’s night out with Mina. Karaoke. Big event crashing. Suit wearing. Sounds like she’s a blast!
  • Mina certainly looked very disappointed when AJ left that bar… Hmm…
  • Is there really organ brokers? Is this really a thing?
  • “You’ve done this before?” Nic realizing that Alec really is not who she thought he was.
  • Oh, she got her 60 day coin.
  • Nic and Jessie are so sweet. This scene literally wrecked me.
  • Mina waking up on that golf course is all of us during that one night in college. Just one night, of course.
  • “Cuff her to the bed if need be.” Oh. Well, then, AJ.
  • Is that the kid from Jungle 2 Jungle? Sure is!
  • Mina’s wearing Bell’s suit… Well, this story should be interesting.
  • Of course she’s in heart failure. She’s finally doing well and she’s dying.
  • Nic just basically begged Bell and he shut her down and walked away leaving her to cry alone. Ugh.
  • Irving trying to threaten Mina is hilarious.
  • This conversation between Nic and Jessie about how their mother would be proud of Jessie’s not giving up is breaking my heart. Nic is the best sister.
  • Mina’s regretting her decision with Micah or is she realizing that maybe there’s a reason why she hesitated. Don’t hesitate with AJ, Mina!!
  • Watching the fandom on Twitter universally shouting for Conrad to punch Alec in the face was hilarious; however, Conrad is better than Alec. We know this, The Resident fans.
  • The fact that Conrad knows that it was Alec who pushed this whole “fix” in Nic’s face is a telling sign that Conrad knows Nic better than anyone else.
  • “Anything.” Oh, he loves her so, so much.
  • Conrad is Nic’s light through her darkness. I just hope she can see that when there’s a solution for Jessie.
  • “He’s my mentor. Nothing more.” Yeah, okay.
  • Nic standing alone in the clinic that she built from the ground up is a powerful message. She did it. She didn’t really need the questionable doctor but maybe this will make her see that independence doesn’t need to always mean loneliness. Conrad can be a partner not a hindrance.

The Resident airs on Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.

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