The Resident 2×18 Recap and Review: Taking a Chance on Love

The Resident 2×18 “Emergency Contact” was packed full of taking leaps of faith on love. There were a lot of loose ends tied up — like the whereabouts of Julian Booth and the fate of Mina and Micah’s engagement; but the questions left unanswered far outweighed the answers.

Witness Protected

At an emergency meeting within the auditorium of Chastain, filled with board members and staff, Dr. Bell stands before his colleagues and introduces a speaker to help better explain how Chastain became victim to a company like QuoVadis. And out walks Julian Booth.

Well, I guess she’s alive.

Conrad asks Devon if he knew about the fact that she was alive and not the victim of a drowning. Devon responds that he truly believed that Julian was dead.

And the next part is strange, rushed, and kind of icky for me. In a quick conversation after the assembly, Julian reveals to Devon that she survived the car accident and swam to shore. Obviously fearful for her life, she hid out at her parents’ home in Savannah. And then Devon says that he’s been caring for her cat. And then they are hooking up at Devon’s apartment.

Um. What?

Listen, I am fully aware there was a lot of tension before Julian left. I am also well aware that Devon has been pining for her for weeks and thought she was dead, but how did we get from, “Hey, I thought you were dead!” to very not dead and getting to know each other better minutes later. I was just starting to warm up to the whole idea of Devon actually really being into Julian. They had an instant connection…yada, yada, yada. But this impromptu welcome home roll around in the sheets was weird and out of place — even for these two.

Later in the episode, Julian meets up with Marshall at what used to be QuoVadis, and she reveals that she reached out to Marshall to get her information about QuoVadis exposed. When Julian asks Marshall about what put the final nail in the coffin, Marshall explains that there was a study named Sever. If you didn’t watch last week’s suspenseful episode, the term “Sever” was what Abe Benedict wrote down for AJ to prove to Gordon Page that Abe had survived his attempted murder. It turns out that the trial “Sever” was actually a trial in which Page had inserted the VNS device into 20 patients. 15 of the 20 patients died.

Marshall then proposes that Julian come work for him as he tries to rebrand QuoVadis and make the company into a legitimate medical device empire that actually helps people. Julian lets him know that she needs to think it through and do her research on him. She doesn’t want to make the same mistake she made with Gordon Page.

The Family Bond

In The Resident 2×18 “Emergency Contact,” viewers are introduced to Kyle Nevin (Corbin Bernsen), Nic and Jessie’s (Julianna Guill) father. This episode showed viewers another element of Nic’s life that revealed her commitment and trust issues. When Nic confides to Conrad that Jessie needs to come to the hospital for some testing due to fatigue and dehydration, Conrad offers to pick up Jessie — but Nic explains that “Kyle” will be handling that task. 99% of the time, I hate when TV shows use this tactic to cheapen the failed parental relationship of characters. It’s way too easy to have the characters refer to parents by their first names to show that the parent/child bond is broken or lacking; however, Nic is such a well-established and developed character that I could actually see her referring to this flawed man using his first name. In this case, the first name usage actually works for me.

Kyle is rather juvenile, which is revealed by him speeding around in a vintage red sports car. He has unrealistic pipe dreams that are not only unattainable for him to even pull off himself, but are quickly changing and/or replaced by another flashy new idea. Nic is visibly annoyed by Kyle’s presence and his newest attempt at being there for Jessie.

Nic reveals that Kyle was never present in their lives as children. She narrates that the school had a neighbor’s phone number on file as an emergency contact for Nic and Jessie, and 16-year-old Nic was the “parent” attending Jessie’s parent/teacher conferences. She questions Kyle as to where he was on Nic’s prom night when she was trying to get Jessie out of jail or when she overdosed last year.

When Jessie’s kidneys appear to be failing, Nic tells Kyle that Jessie needs stability in her life now more than ever; and if he can’t do that for Jessie, he needs to leave. Kyle says he will be different this time — he will stay.

I loved this peek into Nic’s life. Her childhood paints a much clearer picture for viewers as to her commitment issues and perhaps even her view on not wanting children. Nic has been taking care of people her entire life and even made a career out of it. Viewers are finally getting the clues we needed as to what makes Nic the fierce, yet frightened/protected, warrior she is.

Meanwhile, Conrad is feeling his own insecurities when it comes to his father after Marshall reveals that he is resigning from the Chastain board and moving on to medical devices. Conrad instantly believes that it is the end of the road for his newly developing relationship with his father. In this really well-done and beautiful scene at the end of the episode, Marshall explains that this is just the beginning for their new and growing relationship. Conrad even suggests that they take a vacation together.

Again, Matt Czuchry nailed this scene by conveying vulnerability and love with just the subtle movements of his eyes. Viewers saw his nervousness and hesitancy in possibly losing his father again, then saw his demeanor relax as his father convinced him that they’d continue to allow their relationship to grow.

And the hidden gem of these parental insecurities plot lines was when Nic and Conrad have this very short confiding scene where they chat about their fathers and their fears. They are so in tune with one another that they are actually finishing each other’s sentences. And with just a little conversation, a small sense of release of talking it through, Conic has indicated to us that they will be just fine. They have each other’s backs.

A Love Lost and Found

In The Resident 2×18, viewers are introduced to Brett Slater (Christopher B. Duncan), who we very quickly learn from his behind — literally, Voss identifies the man from his derrière — is the ex-husband of Dr. Kitt Voss. Dr. Voss and her ex-husband have children together and are still very clearly present in each other’s lives. She later admits to Bell that she purposefully sabotaged her marriage because she knew that she couldn’t commit to it 100% because of her love of her work. I really like Jane Leeves’ character. She’s incredibly likable, charming, and a strange mixture of sass and empathy all mixed into one person, which I feel is really hard to do on TV dramas. And Leeves does it so well with these subtle cues of human touch, eye contact, and this way of changing her voice tone when she’s with a character she cares about. She’s brilliant on this show.

After a rare — and possibly fatal — diagnosis of an abdominal aortic aneurism, Kitt finds out that she is still Brett’s power of attorney. The decision of his life falls in her hands, and she chooses to have Dr. Austin and Mina perform the surgery to save her ex’s life. When he later wakes up from the surgery, she promises to be there for him through his recovery and rehabilitation.

Watching Kitt ride through this rollercoaster of emotions, Mina decides to make her own decision when it comes to Micah’s proposal. Kitt’s lost love must have been the thing that Mina needed to see to really step forward and to put herself out there. But after weeks of no answer, Micah reveals to Mina that he doesn’t want to marry her anymore. Mina needed time and to think about every avenue of a proposal and marriage. She’s a dedicated surgeon and loves her career, and Micah couldn’t handle that. He left a heartbroken Mina alone on her couch.

And as devastated as I was for Mina for finally putting herself out there and being vulnerable and taking a chance on feelings and emotions and love…Yeah, I cheered. Because we all know who is the right person for Mina. And it was never Micah, as lovely as he was.

Julian and Devon are also left with an unknown fate, as Julian has proposed a non-profit for victims of malfunctions by medical devices to Marshall Winthrop. She tells Devon that she does care for him, but she has to travel the world to get this non-profit started. They share one last evening together and have a disgustingly adorable(?) last dance in Devon’s apartment. You bring Julian back and then take her away from Devon again? This poor guy.

The Competition

In a weird “find your doctor speed dating” scene that began The Resident 2×18, Conrad and Alec (Miles Gaston Villanueva) meet Valerie (Genneya Walton). Valerie is an Olympic-hopeful gymnast who is in search of a new doctor. She explains that she has been randomly getting dizzy, has been experiencing shortness of breath, and has had random calf pain. Somehow, this Olympic-worthy athlete manages to convince both Alec and Conrad to be her doctor. This whole plot seemed to be a very sad excuse and very forced manner in which Conrad and Alec were both working together, yet competing against each other. I also didn’t understand why the Olympic athlete wouldn’t have already had a doctor or at least have a recommendation for a doctor in the area, but I guess I’m really nitpicking here.

Conrad and Alec work together, gently bumping heads as they tried to figure out what was wrong with Valerie until Alec did something that was a big red flag for Conrad (and honestly for me, the viewer, as well): Alec lied. After discovering that Valerie had a blood clot in her lungs, the weird, forced doctor combination explained that she would need to begin taking blood thinners. Conrad explained that Valerie would need to rest for several weeks and stop training, but Valerie instantly began arguing that she couldn’t rest during vital competition training time.

Then, Dr. Shaw stepped in, explaining that his sister was also an athlete. He said that she, too, faced a similar situation and ended up dying when choosing her sport over her own health. After hearing the devastating anecdote, Valerie quickly changed her opinion, deciding to put her health over her sport. When Conrad says he’s sorry to Alec for the loss of his sister, Alec reveals that his sister is alive and well, and he only lied to Valerie to get her to take the blood thinners.


Conrad immediately is over Dr. Shaw. He tells Alec that lying to patients is coercion, and he won’t be a part of lying to get a patient to do what they want. Alec immediately defends his actions and says that when he was taking care of people in communities of need, he had to think quickly, and there was no time to talk them through their emotions. He lied to get them to do what he needed quickly. And then Alec actually questions whether or not Conrad was a medic in Afghanistan. And my mouth really dropped.

After Valerie’s health continues to deteriorate, more scans are done, and it is ultimately determined that Valerie does not have a uterus and that her ovaries are actually testicles that contain cancerous cells. When questioning her identity and how she would continue with her career, Dr. Creepy gives Valerie a lecture about how she’s just like him: When they want something, they will do anything to get it. Well, that was subtle. Conrad reassures her with a hand hold. And from that scene alone, viewers can see that one doctor says a lot of words, and another actually feels.

Later, Alec tries to talk to Nic again and explains that they have to talk about how there’s something between them. Nic tells him that she’s in love with Conrad and says that anything between them will be professional and work related.

I don’t think I have ever been so undeniably creeped out by a character before. This guy shows up in a van to treat patients, begins working with Nic, gets a little vibe that they work well together, makes a move on her alone in the van, and when she rejects him he forces her to talk to him and explain why she isn’t into him because yeah well, she has a boyfriend whom she loves. He also makes a very clear statement to her boyfriend that he will do anything to get what he wants. And is a liar.

How bad is this whole thing going to actually get?

And I’m telling you right now, The Resident writers, I trust you. Do not ruin Conic for some lying, overly-persistent dude that gives me the creeps.

Random Thoughts:

  • “The fraud committed by QuoVadis was far too easy to accomplish.” And how often is this happening in real life?
  • Am I the only one who was a little too distraught over Julian’s cat? Why didn’t she seem to care about the fact that Bailey wouldn’t have food or water while she was gone? I’m over-thinking this. Poor cat.
  • I love these little Nic and Mina inserts into episodes. They throw each other a little friendly shade and move on. That’s friendship.
  • This whole thing with Valerie choosing the two good-looking young doctors is weird. And then they agree to, what, compete against each other? I’m confused.
  • Oh. Nic has a dad. His hat tells it all. And the car.
  • I love how Kitt is with her ex. Relationships are not a one-size-fits-all thing. Some exes can still love and care for one another without being married.
  • Okay, so Julian was here for one thing, apparently. Thanks for taking care of my cat. Bye.
  • “Nic, you’ve been avoiding me.” Yup. You’re right. Take the hint.
  • This all-new, compassionate Bell is overwhelming.
  • And clearly, he is in love with Kitt.
  • Nic’s father makes me cringe for her.
  • And the former cop in me is cringing about all the logistics that would need to go into an app that would be secure enough for sensitive law enforcement information to actually work.
  • Who lies about their sister dying? I completely get that she needs to take the blood thinners, but you don’t lie to get her to do it. This dude is revealing more and more of his true self.
  • I like that Conrad made Marshall a better man. I think Marshall legitimately wants to make a difference now.
  • Kitt confiding in Bell is a really sweet scene. But I don’t think you’re as alone as you think you are, Kitt. You bring out the good in Bell.
  • At least we quickly got the answer to what “Sever” actually was.
  • And there’s a moment in that surgery where Mina and AJ are flawlessly working together as a team. She has his back. He has hers. They don’t even need to say what each other is thinking. This is a quick moment, but it speaks volumes.
  • Ok, that’s a better approach to rekindling the pre-disappearance feelings. Go out to dinner and talk things through. Thank you, writers, for not just throwing them into bed together.
  • Nic’s father is so cringe-worthy. I have all the cringe-worthy memes going through my brain while watching him trying to pitch this bogus idea to Marshall Winthrop. He literally scammed his way into the millionaire’s office by throwing around his daughter’s relationship. Ew.
  • Alec’s speech about always getting what he wants, finding windows and doors and whatever else he babbled about literally just made me say “creep” over and over and over again in my head. I don’t know how this was supposed to go in the writer’s room, but he gives me such an icky feeling.
  • And just like that she’s leaving again? Man, Devon’s not catching a break this season.
  • Conrad tells Alec that they shouldn’t work together again. Is this blatant doctor talk for a lack of respect? Because that’s how I’m reading it.
  • “But Mina I need to be with someone who loves me on the same level.” I really like Micah; but dude, if you did not know how this was going to go with her, then it is a good thing you turned her down.
  • Poor Mina. She really tried there. She really tried to open herself up.
  • (But yay!)
  • “We can’t keep avoiding each other.” Dude, leave her alone! She just told you she’s in love with Conrad.
  • So many bad feelings about this guy.
  • I needed more AJ in this episode.

The Resident airs on Mondays at 8/7C on FOX and has been renewed for a third season.

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