The Resident 2×17 Recap: Second Chances

In The Resident 2×17 “Betrayal,” there are stories of second chances, redemption, and justice (?). The episode revolves around a gunshot wound, mono, and an undercover takedown resulting in a shootout and a high-speed vehicle pursuit. Is this blowing your mind? Well, it should because when The Resident does action, it does it so well. As the episode reached its end, viewers on twitter seemed to be going out of their minds; and man, was it suspenseful until the very last second.


Abe Benedict (Mike Pniewski) finally stepped in the right direction towards redemption; although, he almost lost his life in the process.

The Resident 2×17 begins with a visibly worried AJ awaiting outside Dr. Benedict’s home. AJ calls him and leaves a voicemail, explaining that he’s outside and worried about Abe. Knowing that things just don’t seem right and that Abe’s vehicle is parked in the driveway, AJ enters Dr. Benedict’s house and locates Abe in an upstairs bedroom with a gunshot wound to the chest. The gun is laying near Dr. Benedict’s hand; and from an initial glance, it appears that Dr. Benedict has attempted to take his own life.

AJ calls for an ambulance, and Abe is rushed to Chastain, where the gang starts putting pieces together that this staged suicide doesn’t really add up. Devon immediately suggests that QuoVadis is involved and becomes entirely too invested throughout the episode in finding any way possible to save Dr. Benedict for whistle-blower purposes. Dr. Austin suggests that if Dr. Benedict wanted to commit suicide, he would have known exactly where to shoot in his own body to end his life. Instead, Dr. Benedict suffered from a gunshot wound to the mid-chest, which was clearly not aimed at a vital organ. The team concludes that QuoVadis must be involved somehow.

The intensity surrounding the episode centers at attempting to save Dr. Benedict’s life. When Mina and AJ discover that the doctor has experienced too much trauma to actually surgically close him up, then go back in to perform a later surgery, the surgical option becomes even more risky. In order to let his body heal, they wrap him so that his chest cavity is still open. When the prognosis gets worse, Mina and AJ have to make a quick decision to attempt to finish the surgery. This causes Dr. Benedict’s lungs to become inflamed. After a losing battle over the hospital’s only available ECMO machine, the team has to get creative to save Dr. Benedict. When all hope seems lost and the team walks away, Devon comes up with a plan to rotate Abe so that he is facing the floor, forcing more oxygen into the lungs. Naturally, Devon is right; and Dr. Benedict’s oxygen levels improve, causing the team to decide whether or not to wean Abe off of sedation so that they can question him.

The Resident 2×17 was intensely fast-paced and suspenseful; however, my absolute favorite element to this episode was the Chastain team working together. Even our favorite self-hating man, Dr. Bell, was involved in the decision-making and provided solid feedback and input to the QuoVadis TakeDown Dream Team.


The other dream team of the episode was Conrad and his father, Marshall Winthrop. At the end of the previous episode, viewers were left to question whether or not Marshall was deceiving Conrad by potentially trying to partner with QuoVadis under his nose; but we learned early on in “Betrayal” that it was actually Conrad and Marshall working together to try to take down QuoVadis as a duo.

I thoroughly enjoyed the parallels between the AJ/Abe and Conrad/Marshall storylines. Two men who had once been shut out from their families became the heroes of the story, leaving AJ and Conrad to believe in second chances — and possibly, even, redemption. Marshall’s (Glenn Morshower) storyline and character has been a favorite of mine because it’s intricate and realistic. Conrad hated his father nearly his entire life because of miscommunication and misunderstanding. AJ nearly gave up on Abe because of Dr. Benedict’s poor professional decisions when it came to QuoVadis. But both men gave their fathers/fatherly figures a shot at making things right again. I absolutely love that The Resident gives us these complex male characters, with real feelings and relationships, that dive further into paternal relationships rather than just barely scratching the surface of how tangled these relationships really are. Each character is uniquely written, well-developed, and refreshingly quirky.

After several plans to take down QuoVadis fail, Marshall tells Conrad that he’s ready to go into QuoVadis wired for the FBI. Conrad tells Marshall, “Dad, be careful.”


In a thrilling sequence, AJ decides to allow Abe to come off of the sedation just at the right moment (because it’s TV, people!) and Abe is able to write out the word, “Sever” when he comes too.

Our QuoVadis Takedown Dream Team has no idea what this means; however, it comes in handy when Marshall enters QuoVadis, donning a fancy new smart watch. Marshall tries to bluff Gordon Page (Michael Weston) into admitting his involvement in the attempted takedown of Abe Benedict. He tells Page that Abe has survived and is currently talking to the FBI. Page calls Winthrop’s bluff and tells Marshall to call his son.

Oh, well, I guess Page figured out that family dynamic, huh?

Marshall calls Conrad, and Conrad immediately blurts out the only clue he has: “Sever.” This causes Page to spill everything, while Marshall and Conrad verbal-judo him into admitting to all of his guilt: the mislabeled QuoVadis products, the harm caused from the malfunctioning products, and the fact that he had to take out Abe Benedict to stop him from speaking out against Page.


But, because this is The Resident, Gordon Page clearly has an eye for detail and notices that Marshall’s $80,000 Rolex has been replaced by a smart watch. And when Gordon asks who’s listening, Marshall responds that it is the FBI.

Well, then.

Gordon and his two apparent gun-wielding bodyguards take Marshall hostage until there’s a shootout in the middle of the QuoVadis lobby. As Gordon tries to dodge the bullets of the FBI, each letter of the horrifying company name and logo that represents everything wrong with the medical device world are shot out; and “QuoVadis” crumples to the ground in glass shards.

When Gordon comes to the realization that Marshall is betraying Page’s trust, Conrad is on the phone; and so, Conrad races to the company to learn the fate of his father. As he watches a victim being rolled out of the building on a stretcher in a body bag, viewers can hear the familiar paternal voice of Marshall Winthrop off-screen say, “Conrad” from the back of an ambulance. Conrad and Marshall embrace.

Somehow, Gordon Page escapes from QuoVadis headquarters; but he is very quickly followed by blue and red flashing lights and sirens.

As Gordon Page was engaged in a pursuit with law enforcement, I couldn’t help be eerily reminded of how Julian was chased by tinted dark vehicles in her attempted takedown at the order of Gordon.

Page ultimately crashes, flips his vehicle several times, and the vehicle explodes and is completely engulfed in flames.

If Gordon Page survives this accident, I am going to be one incredibly pissed off viewer. But let’s assume that The Resident writers are incredibly level-headed and know how to write plausibly: Gordon Page is dead. What happens next?!

Left Unsaid

During all of the chaos of gunshot wounds, police shootouts, and fiery car crashes, The Resident 2×17 slipped in a little story about two childhood friends that both contracted mono.

At her clinic, Nic diagnoses Sydney (Kimmy Shields) and Evan (Omar Maskati), two college students trying to get through finals. But after listening to some pretty intense coughing from Evan, she decides to check his oxygen levels; when she realizes that his levels aren’t normal, Nic has Evan admitted to Chastain.

Evan’s condition quickly worsens; and, after a pneumonia diagnosis, he needs to be intubated. Sydney is scared and confides in Nic that she’s been in love with Evan since they were kids but, out of fear of ruining their friendship, has always been too afraid to tell him. After a much-heated debate between Team Evan and Team Abe, Evan is the patient that ends up receiving the ECMO machine; due to his age and lack of trauma to his body, Nic and Mina end up convincing Bell that it is Evan that has a better chance of survival. AJ and Mina perform the procedure to put Evan on ECMO, but then we never get an update on what happens to him!

Come on, The Resident! I mean, I know we can assume that Evan’s going to survive based on the little slipped in line by AJ saying that Nic Nevins saved his life. But we don’t get a definite outcome.

My ultimate fear is that Evan and Sydney’s storyline is going to be some weird parallel for Nic and Alec; and well, no. I can’t. I don’t want to even go there because I’m already overwhelmed enough by this episode.

Random Thoughts:

  • I love Devon, but his QuoVadis overeagerness is getting a bit old.
  • Evan and Sydney are adorably dorky. I love them. And the way they denied that they’re into each other is the tell-all.
  • I love when everyone works together. Even Bell is in on this.
  • Bell’s done some pretty shady shit. Is he really rationalizing his decisions as just falling off the wagon for a bit?
  • Matt Czuchry is so good as Conrad. That moment, where he’s putting on a happy face for Sydney and trying to make everyone calm…and then — bam! — everyone’s out of earshot and moving on, and he puts his Conrad focused face back on and focused on Abe again? So good.
  • That shot of Benedict’s beating heart through the clear wrap over his open body was super well done. I feel like The Resident always has these wonderfully creative ways to medically amaze us.
  • AJ refers to Dr. Okafor as Mina. He’s been doing this a lot lately. It’s no longer “Dr. Okafor” — it’s just simply Mina to him. Hmm…
  • I say it every week, but AJ Austin is the best written character on the show. His little meditative bellow to clear his head is hilarious and such an AJ thing to do. I feel like, when a character has quirks that can be easily identified as just character traits, you know the writers have done their jobs well.
  • And Mina. She already knew he was freaking out before he even knew he was freaking out.
  • Oh, Nic, you precious soul. You feel everyone’s feels, and it’s beautiful.
  • Oh, a little “who plays God” debate here. Sit down, Devon. We know you want to interrogate the man about QuoVadis.
  • “Dad, be careful.” I love this new relationship. I love their development. I love how good Matt Czuchry is at displaying everything he is thinking and feeling.
  • “When he wakes up…if he wakes up… I’m going to tell him how I feel.” Why is this happening here? What are you trying to show us, The Resident?
  • Well, at least you’re not so QuoVadis-clouded, Devon, that you were able to come up with the one scenario that saved Abe Benedict.
  • What the hell is Sever?!
  • And that’s why you don’t wear fancy watches, Marshall. It’s the thing that almost took you out.
  • That last action scene, though. Wow.
  • Um…was that Julian we saw in the promo for next week? What?!

The Resident airs on Mondays at 8/7C on FOX.

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