The Good Doctor 2×16 Review: “Believe”

The Good Doctor was in tonight, but sadly it was not on his normal stomping grounds.

Yes, I’m referring to Shaun, and how freaking annoying it is he’s being kept out of surgery by the terrible new Chief of Surgery. I’m getting ahead in my ranting, though, as the title of the hour — aptly named “Believe” — shows what a difference belief itself can make in a person’s life.

Believing or not believing, whether you’re talking about God, your own faith, or even what you’re meant to be doing can make the difference in how you approach things. Claire, Morgan, and Melendez encountered a patient, whose belief in his own need to suffer over his guilt on not catching someone in his church before he committed suicide, was just one of the few examples in this hour.

For the record, on this patient, I’m relieved Claire stood her ground against his argument of purposefully putting himself in pain over guilt. Guilt is a feeling every human being (with a conscience) experiences, but as my girl pointed out, it’s not something that should be held onto so fiercely you won’t let yourself live at all.

Shaun’s belief however was the one I most wanted to make a difference. His transfer to Pathology was made less painful by a welcoming lady named Carla, bless her heart. The truth was that every instinct in Shaun was clear as a bell on where he truly wants to be.

To see Lim and Claire stand up for him was amazing, but I was more proud of him advocating for himself. HeĀ is an excellent doctor, and shouldn’t be brushed aside. I know I’m biased, but I’ve watched this show, and if there was a fictional character I believed deserved to be where he worked for, it would be Shaun.

Sadly, “Dr. I Think I know Everything” disagreed. The belief that Shaun can never be a successful surgeon was the narrow-minded one that infuriated me the most. It’s something I pray we see Shaun overcome in the next two episodes of the season, because otherwise it’s frustrating to see him go through his.

Dr. Han may be thinking he’s doing what’s best for Shaun, but as Lim pointed out, he doesn’t know Shaun as well as everyone else. Yes, they may have a soft spot, but this stubborn son of a bitch won’t even give him a chance to prove it. He barely saw him as a surgical resident, and now has the audacity to say he’ll never be good because he won’t let him get more experience.

Yes, I realize I’m arguing on behalf of a fictional character, but I’d love to look this MD in the eye, and say “Yes, I completely believe in your ability to be objective, that’s why you shoved off the only person with autism off the surgical residency team.”

Belief can make a difference in all our lives, sometimes positively, and unfortunately, in the case of Dr. Han towards Shaun, it can also be incredibly negative. I’m looking forward to Shaun proving him wrong, and everyone else right that he belongs in surgery.

Final Thoughts

  • Lea making him pancakes to cheer him up is freaking adorable. Please keep this girl around Shaun, preferably as your girlfriend in the future *hint hint writers*.
  • Glassman’s story with Debbie was short, but incredibly relatable. I get his desire to hide until the hard part was done, but that choice had unintended consequences. Relationships can’t always be about the good, you take the bad with it when you really care about someone.
  • Sometimes I wonder how the writers come up with these medical cases — a brain tumor that’s actually a worm? I mean, can this really happen, or can I write it off as medical mysteries that only happen on television?
  • I’m kind of wondering how the last two episodes will wrap up the lingering threads they’ve introduced, and then dropped: Glassman’s cancer after chemo, Shaun & Lea, Lim & Melendez (oy), etc. WILL THERE BE ANSWERS?!

The Good Doctor airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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