Why ‘One Day at a Time’ Deserves a Season Four (and beyond)

ODAAT fans, it’s been just under two weeks since season three dropped, and we all binged it so fast we lost sleep for it. Okay, that might have been just me, as I was watching on an airplane ride, but it was totally worth it. Season three brought our favorite gang back, and introduced some new characters that intertwined with our faves stories, reminding everyone how damned wonderful this show is.

Or so I assumed.

It was naive of me, I admit to think now that everyone would dive into re-watching season three as much as I did, and that a fourth season would be all but guaranteed. Since this tweet went out by show-runner Gloria Calederon Kellett, all I could think was….”How can this show be short on viewers?”

It’s a mind boggling question because – honest truth – in the landscape of Peak TV there’s not a single other show that is quite like ODAAT, and that’s damned impressive on so many levels. Since the show premiered in 2017 it has been heralded for it’s writing of real, grounded characters and the care they take on touching topics that have been mishandled so many times elsewhere, but never here. The representation of POC, and LGBT is beyond amazing- and I say that as a bisexual white chick. If it means this much to me, I cannot imagine how it feels to everyone who is getting the representation they deserve, one that’s sorely lacking among mainstream television, and I won’t disrespect them by trying.

The truth is ODAAT is a safe space where you can open up your tablet, computer or turn on the TV and surround yourself with humans who are as vibrant, flawed and amazing as we are. Where others might be written into a corner, or sacrificed for plot or drama you don’t find that here. Starting with struggling with sexuality, coming out to your family and all the landmines you might run into it. Some family members might instantly accept you, but others take time to get there or reject it entirely at first.

Giving depression and anxiety a light to come out and be accepted instead of used for contrived drama and fear. That it isn’t wrong to accept help, and you are many things for it, but never weak or less whole than anyone else. A candid portrayal of what can happen when a character’s addiction gets the best of him, but never steals away from him as a person because he faces up to it with his family. The kind that isn’t defined by blood, but by the nature of when you care about someone…love them you’ll do anything for them – including calling them out when they need it.

These are only a few things ODAAT does absolutely right and with respect, but by no means the only ones. What I could write would fill a book, and as tempting as it might be the fact is I’d rather you discover it for yourself. Go watch this show and give it the attention it deserves. There’s a hell of a lot of awful in our world right now, and I believe we need all the goodness we can get. ODAAT gives it in so many ways that you can’t watch this show and come away with anything less than a smile tinged with tears from feeling every emotion possible.

So enjoy and share, and tweet I guarantee it’ll be worth every second for One Day at a Time to get them the fourth season they deserve and beyond.

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