The Resident 2×14: The Head vs. The Heart

We’ve heard it all before: follow your heart; the heart wants what it wants; the head and the heart want different things, etc. It seems that The Resident 2×14 “Stupid Things In the Name of Sex” was out to prove that the head generally wins on Valentine’s Day.

Sexy Autopsy

Poor Gertie. In the beginning of the episode, viewers are introduced to Mina’s sweet and very active geriatric neighbor, Gertie (BettyLynn Allison). She’s a sweet, gluten-free cookie-baking, pilates loving woman, who has even agreed to care for Julian’s cat. Devon has brought flowers for Gertie to thank her for caring for the abandoned (orphaned?) feline.

Later at the hospital, paramedics wheel Gertie into the emergency room where she is pronounced dead. Mina and Devon are devastated and are puzzled as to how this happened after just seeing an alive and bubbly Gertie hours before.

Mina and Devon are then tasked with breaking the news to Gertie’s only living relative: her niece, Nora (Shanley Caswell). Prepared for tears and a solemn encounter, Devon and Mina put on somber faces and offer a box of tissues to Gertie’s niece. Clearly, breaking the news to the loved one of such a sweet woman would be devastating. Devon and Mina are shocked to find a cold and impervious woman more interested in the insurance money than the truth behind the death of a healthy and active 70 year old relative. Nora reveals that her aunt was sweet, but not to her and was especially critical of her relationships. Nora just wants to move to Portland. Manish Dayal and Shaunette Renee Wilson are hilarious in this scene as they stare open-mouthed and astonished at Nora’s callousness.

This is the second time within this season that The Resident has painted a horrifying picture of mishandled or purposeful negligent autopsies. Devon turns to Bell and asks for an autopsy of Gertie due to the sudden nature of her death. Bell informs Devon that autopsies are too expensive and that the cause of death will just be listed as a heart condition. He carelessly adds that the heart is always a cause of death. Truer words could not be spoken.

Bell, however, is not the only one who fails Gertie’s legacy. Her primary care physician ultimately lists her cause of death as having to do with her heart. But this episodes’ dynamic duo, Devon and Mina, find a creative way to find out the truth: they convince the niece to donate Gertie’s body to science by telling her that she won’t have to pay for Gertie’s funeral. Yes, this character is that vile.

And with a request to the self-proclaimed “Doctor of Love” himself, Dr. AJ Austin, Gertie’s autopsy is a ‘go’. Would AJ actually decline a request of Mina’s? With an audience of Dr. Austin’s overachieving medical students, AJ, Mina, and Devon discover that Gertie’s cause of death was actually a brain aneurism. They also discover that Gertie had been living with polycystic kidney disease. Devon remembers that the niece had mentioned having headaches. With convincing, Mina insists Nora should be tested which leads to Mina’s first brain surgery. Nora had two brain aneurisms that could have burst at any time.

After Devon and Mina essentially save her life, Nora baffles them once again — thinking with her head — and starts inquiring into her aunt’s death certificate to obtain insurance money so that she can finally move to Portland. If only this lady had any heart.

In Their Own World

Otto and Andre are the couple that I never knew I needed in an episode of television. There was a serious depth to this couple in a way that did not feel forced or overbearing. Conrad is first introduced to Otto and Andre in the emergency room, when Otto arrives with some minor symptoms of dizziness and fatigue. The couple is playful and sweet. They are joking about their Valentine’s Day plans and their plans for the future. Andre insists that they need to save their nickels. Otto says that he already made a “rezzy”. How freaking adorable. After preliminary tests, Otto is admitted for low sodium and anemia. He also has signs of kidney failure.

There’s subtle hints to this couple’s past. Otto says he’s 20 years sober in his initial contact with Conrad. He was once a med student but now is a substitute teacher. Andre looks confused at points when Otto is speaking, as if Otto isn’t making sense to him. After more testing and a dramatic situation of Otto needing to be intubated as blood filled his lung, Conrad and Dr. Nolan (known to me as Dr. Douche) determine that Otto is suffering from an autoimmune disorder. Nolan tells Andre that he and Otto can go back to their normal life.

“Normal life.” Andre retorts.

At the sudden sign of human emotion, Dr. Douche is out leaving Conrad to console Andre. Andre fears that Otto is drinking again. He explains that when he met him he was a hot medical student, but eventually had to drop out because of his drinking. He tells Conrad it was worth it because he loved Otto. But Andre reveals that Otto is telling lies again, causing him to think that he’s drinking again. He never made them Valentine’s Day reservations, despite claiming to have made them. He talked about having been on trips that they never went on. Conrad says that Otto didn’t show signs of alcohol abuse. And because Conrad always knows, he looks into this further, and discovers that Otto has dementia as a symptom of all of his years of alcoholism.

Andre takes this news hard. He says that they talked about traveling the world. They dreamt of Paris. Conrad gently explains that they can be together, but that they have to be together in Otto’s world. As Andre thinks, Otto awakens and happily waves to Andre through the glass. I can’t tell you enough about the level of perfection of Ron Simons as Otto and Carlos Lacamara as Andre. These two guest stars exemplified true love and sacrifice.

And in quite possibly, the best scene in this show, Andre shows stock images of Paris and Spain to Otto. When Otto asks if they went to Paris, Andre explains that they did go and they kissed by a fountain for hours. Otto smiles, “I remember. It was so romantic.”

Could this show get any better?

Thinking with Your Head

After Irving predicts that it will be a Valentine’s Day full of strange happenings, Dr. Voss is introduced to Chet (Paul Skye Lehrman). Chet is literally attached to a vehicle door in the emergency room. When he is removed from the door, Chet reveals that he was being intimate with a stranger that he met online in his car.

This storyline was strange to me. I understand the purpose of having the Valentine’s Day fling in there but I felt like this whole thing took up too much screen time from an already really good episode. With the exception of a few funny lines and demonstrations of sexual positioning, I found this storyline obnoxious; especially obnoxious when the Valentine’s Day hookup shows up at the hospital to have hospital sex and thus causing Chet to need surgery.

This then led to an awkward scrubbing in conversation between Bell and Voss about attending the same event later in the evening. And oh, well, why should they bother taking two cars if they’re going to the same event. I like Kitt (Jane Leaves), but I’m not sure how I feel about such a badass doctor falling for Bell. I get it. She humanizes him. She even took him back to a time when he was a surgeon for the medicine and not the money, but he’s gone so far down the evil path that I’m not sure there’s a point of return for him. And Kitt Voss deserves better than the evil Bell.

Irving (Tasso Feldman) had his own Valentine’s Day mishap when he refused to acknowledge that he and Nurse Jessica were actually a couple in front of their colleagues. I’ve always enjoyed the little Dr. Feldman/Nurse Jessica interactions as the comedic relief in the episode that they were, but this was a nice addition of substance to the couple. But Feldman redeemed himself when he set up a table in the elevator that started it all for them and revealed that he was afraid Jessica was going to be ashamed of him. When he turned to his heart, he saved face and extended a really sweet gesture to his lady.

But the two couple highlights for me this episode were Conic and … AJ and Mina. Yes, I know that this episode was about Mina and Micah’s (Patrick R. Walker) Valentine’s Day but there was so many sweet AJ and Mina moments.

Conic started out the episode with an intimate scene that was everything Conic fans could have ever wanted. Conrad surprises Nic with reservation that he made at a fancy and popular restaurant. When she asked how he was able to make reservations at such a popular place, he says that he made them 8 months in advance. 8 months in advance, people. But when Nic has to stay over night at Jessie’s rehab for an early morning group session, they have to give up their reservations.

Conrad still surprises Nic in the parking lot of rehab with a cheese stick, apples, and sparkling water in quite possibly the sweetest last minute Valentine’s Day date ever. Because clearly after watching Otto and Andre find a way to be together, Conrad had to be with Nic that night.

Conrad gifts his reservation to AJ and tells him that he hears that he’s quite the romantic. When AJ tells Conrad he’s going to pay the reservation forward, Conrad asks who the recipient would be. AJ responds, “To someone already in love.”

And yes, AJ Austin gives his reservation to Mina and Micah, who he had overheard making last minute plans for dinner on Valentine’s Day. This was after AJ checked in on Mina, knowing that she had just lost her neighbor. This was after they worked together to determine the cause of death for a woman who deserved the correct autopsy findings on her death certificate. Because AJ knows Mina and knows what excites and inspires her. He knows when she is hurting and he knows her heart.

At dinner, Mina thinks that Micah is having a heart attack when in actuality he was just trying to get a ring out of his chest pocket to propose. Viewers are left with a nervous Micah on one knee and a flustered Mina with no response.

As much as I love Micah’s sweetness and big heart, I don’t think he is right for Mina and clearly doesn’t understand her disdain for surprises or grand gestures.

The Resident shows us that on Valentine’s Day, in medicine, or in matters of sex sometimes the head wins over the heart.

Random Thoughts:

  • That sex scene, though. Conic has chemistry.
  • Mid-sex scene,  in regards to Nic going to see Jessie in rehab, Conrad asks Nic so lovingly, “Do you need anything?” This guy.
  • Mina doesn’t want flowers or candy for Valentine’s Day. She sure as hell doesn’t want a ring either.
  • “No drama. No surprises.” Well, you spoke too soon.
  • Grayson’s obsession with hooking up his mother with Bell is a bit strange.
  • Poor Devon. He’s still not giving up on Julian.
  • “Everyone’s moved on except me.” Until she comes strolling in with some feds.
  • AJ Austin: Doctor of Love. I find it of no coincidence that he picked up the candy that read “Real Love”.
  • “Wink wink. High literature indeed.” Mina kills me every time.
  • Gertie’s niece might actually surpass Bell in evil ranking.
  • When Irving says “License and registration” as he reveals Chet stuck to the door, I nearly spit out my drink.
  • “Not out in the open. We’re not animals.” Yeah, okay.
  • AJ listening to Mina tell Micah she loves him. God, he loves her so much.
  • I love that Conic FaceTimes. Cute.
  • Dr. Douche can’t handle a little human empathy. Douche.
  • “You, coupon cutter.” Nearly in tears at this line.
  • “You just sexed yourself into a fracture.” Funny line. Bad storyline.
  • “Who does their business in a hospital?” Um, half of your colleagues…
  • “I wish there was more I could do.” “But you being here makes it all better.” Oh, they are so perfect in all their Conic perfection.
  • Say “NO!” Mina!!

The Resident airs on Mondays at 9/8c on FOX.

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