The Good Doctor 2×12 Review: “Aftermath”

“Aftermath” indeed, The Good Doctor fans, as Monday’s episode focused on the fallout and lives of our favorite doctors post the super stressful quarantine they dealt with. Despite the drama, I have to say this will probably land to be one of my favorite episodes of the season, with a rare (ish) focus on our resident MD’s (pun intended) lives outside their shifts at St. Bonaventure.

If there was one phrase that consistently came to mind during the misadventures of our doctors, I’d pick “quality of life.” It’s a turn of phrase we associate with the medical industry, but The Good Doctor did a damn good job portraying how that applies both in and outside a hospital’s grounds. From Claire and Morgan buddy time, to the family outing with Park and his ex, Lea’s day of fun with Shaun and Glassman, and last, but not least, the ‘relationship’ drama with Lim and Melendez, it was eye-opening to have that glimpse of a medical drama without any serious health issues at the forefront.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love how this show regularly balances their time with these characters, personally and professionally, dealing with medical problems on television, but seeing them in their own lives just for a little while was storytelling I’d wish be used more often.

Back to our regularly scheduled drama, the term quality of life draws up a picture of enjoying the time we have while we are here — which can be anything from beating young people at go karts to spending time with the people we care about. It begs the question of when we want to be happy, what do we choose to do — or choose to see — after experiencing a stressful day (quarantine) at work? How do we find joy in the moments we’ve got when we are sick of hospitals, and doctors, and therapies?

Every choice we make is a clear indication of who we are, but also who matters to us. Morgan, in the mother of all surprises sought out Claire, and blackmailed her into mimosas. I honestly had to laugh, because it turned into a proper girls day after helping Claire’s mom deal with her relationship issues and some revelations about Morgan. Claire might roll her eyes, and lose her patience with Morgan, but at the end of the day, these ladies are forging a real friendship.

Shaun spent the day hanging out with Lea and Glassman — that, after being a grumpy pants to try and bust Lea, who instantly picked up on his nosiness, ended up having a damn good day. Bravo, Glassman, for turning that attitude around to keep living, while being a good friend to Shaun, pointing out he deserves to be happy. I tend to disagree with Glassman on a bit (lot), but that statement was an unequivocal truth. Which made Shaun’s heartbreak at meeting Lea’s boyfriend Luke that much harder to see. I hope he stands up for himself because as much as I like Lea, Shaun deserves his voice in this. Let’s hope he uses it — and I have a feeling he will.

Park and his ex laid out some much needed truths on what fell apart in their marriage. As easy as it was before to blame her for cheating, the truth of the matter was far more complicated, as it tends to be in real life. Her reluctance to try again is entirely understandable, but I’m rooting for these two to work it out, because they love each other. (Probably doesn’t hurt they’re actually married, but that’s besides the point.)

I’m saving the weirdest for last, because as touching as it was to see Lim admit the truth about her feelings towards Melendez, I’m not quite buying the whole “feelings for a long time” thing from these writers. I hope the best for these two on the grounds I don’t want either of them to be unhappy, but I don’t see this going the way they want, starting off hiding it from literally everyone because they are under investigation. Oy vey.

Every single moment with these characters, as cheesy as it sounds, portray quality of life because they remind us of the little things, and the fun days are sometimes what make life worth living. To have an impulse day of fun, shopping, treat yo self, or the harder things of facing what you feel when it’s heartbreaking to do it. Whatever your choice is, just go out and live — God knows we need it in the reality we’ve got out here.

Final Thoughts

  • For the record, I kept cursing out that goverment lady, because the level of arrogant bureaucracy pissed me off. I know she’s a lady doing her job, but Andrews made it clear that he should be held responsible over Lim, Melendez’s choices to break the law, and Shaun’s breakdown on the floor. Here’s hoping no one’s licenses get taken away.
  • Lea calling Glassman Sherlock cracked me up for a solid minute. Glassman, you may be a world class surgeon, but you have no skill at subtlety when you’re prodding for information.
  • Andrews surprised me a bit roaring like a lion to defend his surgeons. I appreciated every minute of it, but I’m afraid he dug himself into a hole that he won’t get out of as both hospital president and chief surgeon. Though this may also be influencing my guess.
  • Shaun + Go Carting at his own speed = preciousness everyone needs.
  • Morgan’s reason for carrying a gun is equal parts badass and heartbreaking after learning why. I mean, damn, girl, you take no crap, and I am here for it.

The Good Doctor airs on Mondays at 10/9C on ABC.

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