The Resident 2×10: Where is Julian?

The Resident 2×10 “After The Fall” literally started out with a sprint, and continued with intensity throughout the entire winter premiere.

Viewers learn quickly in the episode that Conrad’s father and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, Marshall Winthrop (Glenn Morshower), survives the emergency surgery performed by Dr. Bell (Bruce Greenwood). Conrad checks on his father often and intervenes in his care. This is quite the drastic change from the relationship viewers were first introduced to in the first season.

It seems that Conrad really does believe Marshall’s version of events in his parents’ failed marriage. By the end of the premiere, Marshall is alert and aware of his circumstances following the surgery. There’s an incredibly sweet and heartfelt moment between father and son, where Conrad expresses that he’s spent half his life without a father, Marshall responds they are going to fix that. But in an eerie (clearly foreshadowing way), Marshall ends the episode by asking Conrad to respect his wishes if anything were to ever happen to him.

Where’s Julian?

After leaving Priya basically at the altar at the end of the Fall finale, Devon appears to be the resident taking up residence at Chastain. When Mina walks in on him sleeping in the employee lounge, she is harsh and tells Devon, “I thought better of you.”

When Devon meets the new QuoVadis rep, Devon and Conrad have a small heart to heart about how work is a good distraction. Conrad expresses that he is sorry for everything that happened to Devon. Devon reveals that he has not heard from Julian since he saw her the morning of his failed wedding attempt.

When Devon tells AJ that he has been texting Julian and she hasn’t returned any of his text messages, AJ tells him to stop his stalker-level antics. This only leads Devon to text her again and viewers learn that Gordon Page, CEO of QuoVadis has Julian’s work phone and is monitoring the amount of those text messages flowing in from Dr. Pravesh himself.

Page devises a plan to contact police about Julian’s disappearance despite viewers knowing full well that Gordon Page ordered the take down of Julian. He presents the overly text messaged phone as evidence that Dr. Devon Pravesh may have had something to do with her disappearance. This, of course, is after Page’s conspirators have cleared out Julian’s apartment of any evidence that anything was wrong at QuoVadis. Meanwhile, Page continues his attempt of contracting out his faulty devices to the United States military all while covering up the [murder?] of Julian Booth.

The real question, though, is: Where is Julian Booth? The writers could have clearly presented us with a dead body, a recovered vehicle and a subsequent yellow-taped crime scene of where Julian was driven off the road by Page’s clearly well-paid goons. Yet, all the writers did give us was an opportunistic plan devised by Page to place the blame on a doctor at Chastain. Will she return and bring down QuoVadis or will Devon take the fall for her disappearance?

The Return and Fall of the Devil

The battle ensued during this episode of who was actually more evil: Gordon Page and his faulty medical devices or Dr. Lane Hunter and her unnecessary poisoning of healthy patients. Upon being released from prison at Bell’s doing, Lane Hunter is met with angry protesters and their angry (and creative) signs. Lane spends most of the episode playing a giant game of chess with Bell about how she is going to blackmail him into testifying for her character in the upcoming trial.

For once in his life, Bell actually considers doing the right thing. He refuses to testify for Lane, and calls her bluff by directing her to release their sex tape. When Bell won’t respond to Lane’s incessant requests to speak with him, she takes it upon herself to meet with him in person at Chastain. I mean, I absolutely despise the term, but without really no other way of describing this scene: Lane Hunter has balls. When Bell threatens to call security, Lane reveals that she has the ultimate blackmail on Randolph. She has discovered his arrest for patronizing a prostitute that he never revealed to the state medical board.

After forcing his hand, Bell sits down to write what seems to be a heartfelt and sincere e-mail to the board of directors resigning as CEO of Chastain. Bell actually was going to do the right thing for once in his life and not side with the devil that is Lane Hunter. Until someone decides to take her fate into their own hands after she took the fate of so many others into her own murderous hands.

The Aftermath of Lane Hunter

Conrad treats a patient, Natalie (Elia Monte-Brown), for a laceration to her arm from the Lane Hunter protest earlier in the day. After bonding over their mutual hatred of all things Lane Hunter, Natalie reveals that she is a victim of Lane’s over treatment of chemotherapy. She reveals that she never had cancer and was given chemotherapy causing neuropathy in her legs. Once a legacy police officer, Natalie was forced to resign from the job she once loved because of Dr. Hunter. Conrad also meets her friend, Roger, whose sister was a stage 1 cancer patient and was given excessive chemotherapy for a stage 4 cancer patient. Roger reveals that if his sister was treated with surgery like she should have been, she would’ve survived her cancer. Instead, she was poisoned by Lane Hunter.

Conrad gains rapport with Natalie by bringing her into the very room that Lily Kendall died. He tells Natalie, “I can’t bring Lily back, but if there’s any way to fix your legs, I want to find it.”

Matt Czuchry is such a force in this role. Not only does he play a believable, badass doctor trying to help people in a broken system, but he normalizes men having feelings and talking about them openly and honestly. Czuchry and his interpretation of Conrad Hawkins is 100% the most refreshing thing about this show, but it is definitely the driving force that makes this show rise above other medical dramas.

Natalie agrees to meet with Dr. Voss and Mina about her legs. They discover that she has a fracture on her spine and that the compression will likely cause permanent paralysis in her legs if she does not get surgery and quickly. Naturally, the unnecessary chemotherapy has caused issues with Natalie’s heart, and there is a large debate about what surgery should take precedence over the other. While Mina, AJ, and Dr. Voss all debate, Conrad is the only one who considers that it is time to give Natalie back the right to decide her own medical decisions for herself. When asked for advice about what he would do, Conrad tells Natalie that he wouldn’t let Lane Hunter hold him down. Natalie decides to go through with the surgery.

After a successful surgery, Natalie finally may have the chance after recovery to go back to the career she loved that was so tragically taken away from her. After being a supportive friend by squeezing Natalie’s hand, Roger takes fate into his own hands by pressing the trigger to a handgun through the door of Lane Hunter’s hotel room.

Lane Hunter is left to die alone on a hotel room floor paid for by Dr. Bell. After learning of Lane’s murder, Bell erases his declaration of finally doing the right thing and continues to hide behind all of his past mistakes.

Gordon Page continues to reign as the number one villain.

Nic and the New Doc in Town

I am a strong believer in all things CoNic. I love their little forehead touch that they do. I love that while Conrad watched his father being operated on, Nic held Conrad’s hand like that was her only job in the world. I love that they have struggled and persevered and still found their way back to one another after it all. I do not love when some anti-Conrad doc comes strolling into town in his free doctor’s mobile, and is clearly interested in all of the beautiful things that there are to love about Nicolette Nevins. Dr. Alec Shaw (Miles Gaston Villanueva) is a non-conforming, hospital hating, maggot whisperer (apparently) that appears in this episode as a doctor who provides free services to uninsured patients out of his little bus.

Nic tries to convince him with several heart-to-hearts to work at the clinic. He eventually agrees after he clearly sees that Nic is crazy enough to think she can make a difference in the broken system that is our healthcare system.

I do not like anything about this man because he screams of problems for CoNic up ahead, and I cannot support anyone who stands in their way. Not even the angelic man that is trying to supply free healthcare for people in need. I can’t. I won’t.

Random Thoughts

  • I loved everything about Devon and Conrad’s tiny but ever-present heart to heart. I love everything about their work bromance.
  • Lily’s death flashback was way too emotionally traumatizing for me. It never gets easier.
  • Dr. Shaw seems too good to be true, anyway. No one is that perfect. Make him evil somehow. Save CoNic!
  • It would’ve made it way more sociopathic if Lane had whistled her way into Chastain.
  • Mina let Devon stay with her despite her very candid and open disappointment in him. And when Devon asks why Mina is helping him, she gives the most simple and honest answer: “Because you need it.” I don’t think I could love Mina anymore.
  • Dr. Austin was way too interested in Mina’s explanation about why Devon was disappointing. Will this cause AJ to back off?
  • Only Conrad should be helping Nic put up shelves.
  • I loved every second of Conrad putting Dr. Shaw in his place, explaining that wars cannot be fought from the sidelines. Boom.

The Resident airs on Mondays at 9/8C on FOX.

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