Timeless Movie Roundtable: Saving Rufus, Lyatt and a Happy Ending

The moment we were waiting for has come and gone, Clockblockers. The Timeless movie aired on December 20, and gave us one of the most precious Christmas gifts we could have all asked for. Rufus was saved, Flynn turned out to be an amazing hero and Lyatt not only worked things out, but had a beautiful, beautiful happy ending. And don’t even get me started on Jiya, who always worked in the shadows of Mason Industries, and now is front and center in her own company with Rufus.

I had a lot to say about this epic finale in my review, so now I’m just sitting back and letting my fellow writers and Timeless fans discuss and fangirl over this fantastic show.

So sit tight, relax and join us as we dissect the ins and outs of the Timeless movie: “The Miracle of Christmas”.

So, moment of truth. We’ve waited months for this. Did the movie live up to your expectations?

Lucy Taffinder: It has been NO secret that I have been so incredibly stressed about HOW all the loose ends that were left at the end of season two were going to be resolved. I had no clue how they were going to save Rufus, how we were going to get these characters in a somewhat satisfying place that the fans would be happy with; I was genuinely concerned.

All that I can say, is — in full Janice from Friends mode — OH. MY. GOD. I had zero reason to worry. This movie surpassed my wildest imagination. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and I’m genuinely still in a little bit of shock of how much I loved every little thing about it.

Logan Angell: Did it live up to my expectations? I have been trying to temper my expectations since it was announced. Season 2 stressed me out. There was so much pain and so much angst. They destroyed everyone and then just left them there. The idea of two hours resolving all of that pain AND answering all my questions seemed like an impossible task. So I purposefully lowered my expectations in order to not be crushed if some of the things I wanted had to be sacrificed for the sake of resolution. As it turns out, there was no need to lower my expectations, because even if I’d left my expectations sky high, this finale would have FAR EXCEEDED anything I could have possibly dreamed up. I got so much more than I ever hoped I would. This was, hands down, my favorite Christmas gift this year. No present I will receive could EVER top this.

Melinda Cassiere: I was really nervous for this finale. This is something that fans of this show have been waiting for since May. Add in all of the extra Twitter anxieties, fears, and pains that we’ve all been reading for months and, well, I honestly was afraid that the writers couldn’t tie up everything they needed to in two hours. But, it is Timeless and I should’ve had more faith in these writers. It far surpassed my expectations. It was honestly the only finale that I’ve ever experienced that felt like a giant embrace between writers, actors, and fans – written and viewed with love.

Sarah Thomas: Truthfully, it lived up to everything I hoped it would be because I didn’t know what to expect. I had some inklings on what storylines they’d choose to resolve, but I couldn’t imagine how they’d fit that into two hours. Kudos to these writers for rising to the challenge and knocking it out of the park for these characters in every way we needed, even if it wasn’t necessarily everything we could have had with a season three. But I can’t compare because this finale was a gift fought for by the Timeless fandom and it was the best one I’ve had in a very long time. The amount of love, thought and effort that went into this finale was a reflection of the show itself. As heartbreaking as it is to imagine we’ll never see Lucy, Rufus, Wyatt, Jiya, Connor, Denise and Flynn again, I am glad they were given the choice of a proper ending.

TIMELESS — “The Miracle of Christmas Part l ” Episode 211 — Pictured: Annie Wersching as Emma Whitmore — (Photo by: Darren Michaels/Sony/NBC)

Our Rittenhouse villains finally met their overdue demise. What did you think? Were you satisfied with how they were ultimately dealt with?

Lucy: Rittenhouse being dismantled was the only way this was gonna end happily; there’s no way the Time Team would have walked away from it all if they hadn’t. Again, my apprehension was with how would they do it? With their numbers dwindling already, it was Ben Cahill who came in and checked Emma’s reasoning. I loved that scene and I really loved Emma — her sass, her power, and the one liners that she had in this had me laughing out loud. I particularly enjoyed the “What would Jesus do?” line while they were in North Korea. She had some fantastic drops of hilarity. She was a brilliant villain and I’m actually a bit sad about her ending.

I am, however, glad Rittenhouse has been put to bed. And I am incredibly satisfied that our team live in a world where they don’t have to worry about crazy sleeper agents destroying history as they know it.

Logan: I have been conflicted over our villains. I love a good villain and Timeless has always done a good job of humanizing their villains. The only villains I never once felt sympathy for were Carol and Nicholas. Emma’s story in the suffragette episode, the way Carol and Emma supposedly warped Jessica’s timeline (more on that ‘supposedly’ keyword later), and Flynn losing his family in season one were all brilliant ways to illustrate how a villain can be sympathetic. For me, it made it hard to really root for anyone’s demise (aside from Carol and Nicholas.) A part of me didn’t want Jessica or Emma to die. I wanted Jessica to have a chance to forge her own path apart from the control of Rittenhouse. I wanted Emma behind bars but able to still antagonize our team with her perfect snark. And last season Flynn successfully removed himself from the “villain” list to the “anti-hero” list so my hopes for him revolved around redemption. I had no expectations for Ben Cahill because I thought we’d seen the last of him. Bringing him back for the finale was brilliant and unexpected.

That being said, I didn’t feel anywhere near as sad as I expected to as each villain met their end. I was a bit disappointed that Emma’s end was so quick, but then it was poetic to have her taken down in the attack she tried to sacrifice our Time Team too. As for Jessica, as much sympathy as I came to feel for her, watching her and Flynn throw down felt extremely satisfying.

Showing that scene in the car between her and Wyatt reminded me of how she lied to him and manipulated everyone in the bunker. It forced me to remember the way she eagerly ripped our Bunker Family apart. When we all realized she would be Rittenhouse in season 2, I felt such blind rage toward her, but that ended up fading over time. But by the time Flynn fired that last shot, just to be certain, all of that rage was back, and I found myself cheering him on. I feel badly for Jessica, but she made her choices. Those choices have consequences. I felt those consequences were justified.

So yeah, I’d say I felt that these particular villains got their comeuppance.

Melinda: This is a tough question to answer because I know the writers would’ve done these storylines justice. I know there was more depth to Emma and Jessica and more story to tell. These writers were incredibly good at addressing the difficult ‘what ifs’ and the gray areas of human beings. Emma and Jessica could’ve been really fleshed out characters that were more than just plot devices. But unfortunately, our show all about time ran out of time itself, and the writers’ only option was to kill them off quickly. That was the only way to end this neatly. I also wanted more about Carol and Nicholas and, to be honest, more about Rittenhouse itself. Definitely more of the ‘why’ questions to it all.

I did really like that Jessica needed to be eliminated to bring Rufus back. It’s a show about time travel and the writers decided to go with a time travel rule that messing with timelines have consequences which I thought was appropriate for a fate vs. choices debate. Let’s face it, this Jessica needed to die after faking a pregnancy. I just wish we could’ve seen more to their backstories. I want to know if they ever questioned their loyalty to Rittenhouse. This show always leaves viewers wanting more.

Sarah: Rittenhouse meeting their demise as a whole was a relief I expected, but I didn’t know how things would end for Jessica and Emma. Suffice it to say that I wasn’t sad about Jessica being taken out of the timeline after how badly she’d hurt Wyatt and the Time Team. Though the fact that it was presented as a choice between her and saving Rufus made it more meaningful than just getting her comeuppance for all she’d done. It made Wyatt realize all his mistakes started with letting her into the bunker, and he was determined to fix it no matter the cost. A cost that Flynn ended up choosing to pay, but I’ll touch on that later.

Emma’s death felt a tad rushed, but after all the crap she’d pulled, I didn’t have any sympathy left. She made her choices without any kind of regret towards the people she’d hurt and killed. As human as I felt she was during the Suffragette trip, it didn’t make up for everything else. Sorry, lady — karma’s a bitch and so were you. The only thing I’ll miss about Emma was Annie Wersching’s brilliant performances, as she knocked it out of the park every time.

TIMELESS — “The Miracle of Christmas Part l ” Episode 211 — Pictured: Goran Visnjic as Garcia Flynn — (Photo by: Darren Michaels/Sony/NBC)

Time travel is a funny, funny thing. To our absolute surprise, Flynn was the one who killed Jessica. And not only that, but it looked like Jessica had always been Rittenhouse. What did you think of that twist?

Lucy: Flynn killing/displacing Jessica was always a theory I had thought and discussed about once details of the movie began trickling through. I have never fist pumped so hard when I saw Jessica get topped. I do have a level of sympathy for her, as she was manipulated into Rittenhouse’s plans. That being said, I dislike her with a fiery passion. She has been nothing but a spanner in the works, and to see her get her comeuppance after the lies and hurt she caused gave my pummelled season 2 heart the chance for some healing.

I have always thought Jessica was Rittenhouse, even to the point where I thought Alt!Wyatt assumed something was up — hence why that version of them was failing. It just makes me dislike her more and felt just as good that she was taken out.

Logan: You saw my complex feelings about Jessica above. Before season 2, I had a theory that she was Rittenhouse. To me it was the only way to explain why finishing off Wes Gilliam didn’t save her life. Some force was keeping her dead. To me, it seemed obvious to think that force was Rittenhouse.

I didn’t know why they would do it. To try and derail Wyatt, after they learned he would be part of the Time Team? To make sure Wyatt would be Time Team, so they could use her against him later? Maybe Jessica defected from Rittenhouse ,and her murder was her past catching up to her? Any way you moved the pieces, I felt it would be timey-wimey.

But then season 2 happened and I let that theory go. I went with what the show led us to believe. That Rittenhouse used Jessica’s sick brother against her parents and traded his life for hers. That was a background that left me feeling sympathy for her. If Rittenhouse programmed her from the time she was young, then she never stood a chance at defining herself.

After that finale I am absolutely convinced my original theory was correct. Jessica was always Rittenhouse. Maybe her allegiance had wavered, maybe she was a sleeper all along, maybe her family left Rittenhouse ages ago. Whatever it was in the original timeline doesn’t matter, really, because it means that, no matter what, Jessica’s story wouldn’t have ended well. Wyatt couldn’t have saved her.

As for Flynn, was he always the one to kill her? Or did our Time Team change that and create this time travel loop themselves? That question is fuzzier to me. I am more inclined to believe that in the original timeline a Rittenhouse agent killed her or they hired someone to kill her, and our team created this loop where Flynn now has to be the one to kill Jessica. Then again, maybe it was Flynn originally and it will be him again. Maybe each time he kills her, the circumstances are a little different. One time strangled, one time shot, and another…well who knows what else.

I never expected Flynn to be the one to kill her. I thought he knew who really did and was convinced he had lied to Wyatt about Wes Gilliam in season one, but I never thought he would be the one to have killed her instead. I was surprised at first, but it only took a second for me to recognize that it made complete and total sense. It put every interaction between Flynn and Wyatt into perspective, and now I can’t see it any other way.

Melinda: I’ve learned with the show to not focus so much on the ‘time’ part of Timeless because the writers are pretty liberal with the idea of timelines. Honestly, this is 100% okay with me because the point of the show — even though it is about time travel — is that it’s a character driven story. It’s bigger than all of the intricacies of the sci-fi aspects to it.

That being said, I try to stop myself from questioning the alternate timelines, and that helps me to focus on the important stuff of the plot. Flynn killed Jessica to protect Jiya, Wyatt, and Lucy. He saved Wyatt from having to pull the trigger on his wife. He saved the three of them from traveling to a timeline where they already existed. Most importantly, he sacrificed himself for Rufus. For the greater good of the world. To end Rittenhouse.

But for Flynn to have killed Jessica this whole time…it was the surprise I never knew I needed. Wyatt hated the man who killed his wife, not knowing that the man did it all along to protect him. The craziest and mind blowing part is that, not only was his psycho wife a part of a secret organization trying to take over the world, but Flynn saved him from having to kill her himself. And I thoroughly loved that it was at this point that Wyatt not only respected Flynn, but was grateful for him.

I guess it doesn’t surprise me that she was Rittenhouse all along after every evil thing she’s done. It actually makes sense, and it was actually really eye-opening to get a glimpse into their toxic marriage. Wyatt’s growth has been a beautiful thing to watch with the love of the Time Team by his side.

Sarah: Out of all the surprise twists, this one was my favorite for Flynn, and completely rage inducing for Jessica. It shouldn’t have been surprising that she was Rittenhouse all along, and yet, the fact that they seamlessly wove it into the story was nothing short of brilliant. I admit the conflicting timelines made my brain hurt if I looked too deeply into it, but Wyatt realizing that losing Jessica at Flynn’s hands was intended to save his life, instead of ruining it, was amazing. Flynn was the one person Wyatt never respected, and it hit hard knowing how much he’d actually done without him ever realizing it. Losing Jessica was made that much easier on him, and thank God for that, because I hated every minute she was in that bunker screwing things up for our Time Team.

TIMELESS — “The Miracle of Christmas Part l ” Episode 211 — Pictured: (l-r) Goran Visnjic as Garcia Flynn, Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston — (Photo by: Darren Michaels/Sony/NBC)

Speaking of Flynn, he was the ultimate hero in this entire thing. Do you agree? Discuss.

Lucy: I feel like my opinion is going to be a bit of an unpopular one in regards to Flynn’s character arc. But first off…yes, he is most definitely the hero of this situation. And after seeing the journey he’s taken and the decision he made, it’s applaudable. The idea that, even before he went to the Lifeboat to take care of Jessica, he had already come to accept that he really wouldn’t get his family back, and that he wouldn’t be able to pave a relationship with Lucy; and to finally have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save not only Rufus, but the entire team…it was heroic.

I, however, definitely haven’t connected to him or this redemption arc as much as others. I’m incredibly sympathetic to him and incredibly saddened that he didn’t and will never get a chance to save his family, but it didn’t hit me emotionally as much as I would have expected it to.

Logan: All I wanted for Flynn was redemption and, my god, did I ever get it. Flynn got to be a big damn hero and it was poignant. It’s like Wyatt tells Lucy in part two, “I spent all this time trying to find the person that ruined my life. I never even considered the fact that he was actually trying to save it.” If that doesn’t sum up Garcia Flynn in two sentences, then I don’t know what will.

He became the villain first, so our Time Team could eventually become the heroes. Without him, none of them realize Rittenhouse exists and history is weaponized. He fights Rittenhouse, he fights Lucy, he fights the fate the journal predicts for him. He just fights. Every minute of every day. Does he go too far? Yes, absolutely he does. But he grows and he learns and he evolves until he understands exactly what Future Lucy was trying to tell him when she found him in that bar. He becomes the hero Lucy promised he would be. That is the kind of full circle journey that makes up a phenomenally heroic arc.

Melinda: I am so torn on Flynn. I thought that turning him into a ‘Severus Snape’ type was appropriate for the path Flynn took. The most interesting part of Flynn to me was his parallels between both Lucy and Wyatt, but especially Wyatt. These were two men that had their families taken from them tragically. Flynn chose a murderous, bloody path to avenge his wife and child. Wyatt took a dangerous military job and learned to fight Rittenhouse as a team with Lucy and Rufus.

Lucy also lost her sister to Rittenhouse, which is why I think she empathized with Flynn so easily. I think the contrast between Flynn and Wyatt was always the thing to focus on. Wyatt had empathy for others. He cared. He always wanted to do the right thing and he was fiercely loyal. Flynn was ruthless, vile, and almost inhuman in the beginning. He learned to trust Lucy and started his redemption. But I think with the time the writers had left, his sacrifice was going to be the only thing to redeem him for his wrongdoings.

I am happy that after everything he had lost, he was able to become the hero of the story. His crimes were immoral, but he began to to trust again. He found his humanity again and I’m okay with how the writers wrapped this up with such little time.

Sarah: Flynn, in my honest opinion, was the true unsung hero of this tale — even if he wasn’t the only hero in the struggle against Rittenhouse. He went into this fight knowing full well he would not get to save his family, but he did it, anyway, because he had a chance to at least try. Now, does this make up for his choices in season one? If he had lived I would have said no, but choosing to sacrifice yourself to win the fight and save a team member lands my answer on a resounding yes. He earned that redemption the hard way.

Garcia Flynn was an antihero, a sass master and a complicated (aren’t we all) person, but at his core was goodness that drove a fight to save the people who mattered to him, and defeat the evil that was Rittenhouse. Part of me wishes he had lived to at least reunite with his family, but the writers let him choose his own fate.

TIMELESS — “The Miracle of Christmas Part II” Episode 212 — Pictured: (l-r) Claudia Doumit as Jiya, Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

Rufus is alive and well! He and Jiya are the cutest damn thing to ever grace this show. What did you think of how Riya was handled and how their lives turned out after five years?

Lucy: Rufus And Jiya are actual precious souls and they deserve to be protected at ALL costs. I absolutely love that Jiya and Rufus now have conflicting timelines. Chinatown never happened for Rufus, but Jiya lived through it, and lived through Rufus not being there. Meanwhile, Rufus is still in his own little Riya bubble, where nothing has changed. I love that they had some friction, but I also loved how Rufus was so perceptive to Jiya’s feelings and calmed her fears almost instantly. The fact they are slaying the STEM investing game made my heart so happy. I was never and will never be worried about Riya. They fit so incredibly well together, the ultimate power couple. I’m so so, so glad they got their happy ending.

Logan: Riya Industries! I think I died somewhere around Riya Industries and never recovered! I cannot tell you how many sizes my heart grew as I watched Rufus admiring science fair projects and reaching out into his community. Mason did the same for him once, and Rufus is paying it forward. He is pure and he is good, and he will forever be the moral center of this show.

And Jiya – badass wounded Jiya —  what a fierce warrior she has become. Surviving three years on her own in 1888, facing off against murderous bandits with confidence, pulling freaking helicopter debris from her own leg? She has always been fierce all the way back to season one (“I still have to pee”) but THIS is a whole new level for her. I loved witnessing every second of her growth.

And then seeing her and Rufus navigate that growth together? Beautiful. Their epilogue with Riya Industries was absolutely perfect. They are each other’s true partners. Rufus and Jiya had a mature relationship of give and take. They didn’t always agree. They fought and said things that hurt each other’s feelings, but they always came back together in the end to hash it out. They’re the example Lucy and Wyatt should have been following all along. Rufus may ship Team Lyatt, but this girl ships Team Riya.

Melinda: I love everything about Riya. I love their nerdiness, their love of each other’s nerdiness, and the love they have for one another. I love how everything comes full circle in Timeless. Rufus ends up giving back to the community and mentoring STEM students just as Connor had done for him. Jiya ends up being the face of their company when she once lived in the shadows of the Time Team. She became the ultimate badass and yet,she was still able to communicate to Rufus that she had, for lack of a better term, “seen some shit”. And most importantly, I love how despite all of this, Rufus still cannot ask her to move in with him, and she has no problem calling him out on it. These two awkward, brilliant nerds are adorable.

Sarah: Riya snuck up to be one of the most adorable and heartwarming OTPs I’ve ever shipped. Everything about them is literally wonderful — from how unique and similar they both are, to encouraging their shared nerdiness and strengths, and being there for each other. Simply put, I love Jiya and Rufus as characters, and their love for each other was even easier to fall for.

Rufus awkwardly asking her to move in with him was so completely them, that I couldn’t stop smiling during the entire scene. The fact that they went on to start their own company – Riya Industries (best nod ever) – was the cherry on top. After Rufus dying, and Jiya getting trapped in the 1880s for three years. this was the happy ending they both deserved.

TIMELESS — “The Miracle of Christmas Part II” Episode 212 — Pictured: (l-r) Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston, Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

Have you recovered from the Lyatt feels yet? Lucy and Wyatt’s love story was front and center through the entire movie. Please share your thoughts. And feels. And pterodactyl screams.


How many times is too many to completely replay every single Lyatt scene shown (mainly) throughout the second episode? Asking for a friend.

The absolute UNAPOLOGETIC ode to Lyatt in this movie was everything I had dreamed, read, wrote about in my Timeless fandom life. Let’s break it down shall we. We had:

  • Lucy absolutely distraught, thinking she’d lost Wyatt
  • Lucy saying I love you
  • Wyatt apologizing and reassuring Lucy he always wanted to choose her
  • An ANGSTY North Korea Kiss
  • A Seatbelt buckle up AND a ma’am
  • A mistletoe kiss leading into a bunker hook up
  • A soft domestic kiss by a Christmas Tree

AND THAT’S ONLY THE FACE TO FACE CONTENT. One of my favourite Lyatt moments goes to good ol Captain Rufus, when he FINALLY told Lucy what Wyatt went through to try and get her back, and then helping to reassure Lucy she most definitely was not second choice. The smile that radiated from me once I heard them having that conversation…I can’t put into words.

I cannot tell you the pure and utter joy I feel for these characters. I have never, ever felt or cared about a ship as much as care about Lucy and Wyatt. And I can put that down to three things:

1. The writing

2. Abigail Spencer

3. Matt Lanter

The stars aligned the day these things all collided, and ironic as it may seem, considering the running theme throughout this movie, I will always believe it was fated. The writing of these characters, the choices they decided to make in order to get to where we eventually see them — I cannot applaud both Lauren greer and, particularly, Arika Lisanne Mittman enough. The magic of Lucy and Wyatt has always been so incredibly woven throughout the episodes of Timeless. This movie was a full on “throw-the-magic-in-buckets-at-your-face” and I loved EVERY SECOND OF IT.

Seeing these two broken characters come together, to have the chance to choose each other, to support each other (looking at you, ProudHusband!Wyatt Logan), and love each other, without fear or expectation was everything I could have asked for.

(And they threw not ONE, but TWO squishy children, my heart is so full!)

I will miss Lucy and Wyatt’s story so much. I want see more of it. I want to see them cook dinner and do bathtime, what kind of house they live in and car they drive. I want to see Amy and Flynn grow up kicking ass and saving the world. It is so bittersweet. It makes me incredibly emotional the journey these two have been on. And I want to thank Abigail Spencer and Matt Lanter for that. I don’t think any other actors could have grasped the pure essence of those characters and embody them so brilliantly. Thank you, you two. For the sheer and utter perfection you created out of such imperfect characters. I will forever be grateful.

Logan: I’m so used to giving and now I finally get to receive! Did that actually happen? Did I just watch two hours of fanfiction come to life? These two just survived an entire season of pain and angst and, somehow, these two episodes made all of that pain worth it. I am still at a loss for how the writers accomplished it so seamlessly. The pieces fell into place, one right after the other, and it was perfection. Not once did it feel forced or rushed as some series finales do. This was brilliantly paced to allow them to recover from the pain of episode ten (and the six episodes before that).

Wyatt freaking Logan, ladies and gentleman, was flawless during the entire two hours. When this man says he wants to make things right, he follows through. When he makes mistakes, he learns from them. When he says “I love you. You don’t have to say it back,” he genuinely means it.

He told Lucy how he felt and then took a step back. He made it clear to her WITH HIS WORDS (HALLELUJAH) that he had regrets, but never once put pressure on her to make any sort of choice. He let Lucy process everything on her own, but made sure she knew he was there if she needed him. He did everything right this time. The man used all his hard won knowledge. He was patient and constant, but never once overbearing. He was exactly what Lucy needed him to be and exactly what we, as an audience, needed him to be.

That fate callback to the pilot nearly ended me. What a beautiful way to start Lucy’s love confession. What a wonderful payoff for those of us who have seen the potential these two had from the very beginning.

And then Lucy, my brave and valiant intellectual hero, allows herself to let him back in. After a season of shutting him out, she opens up again. She sees Wyatt’s choices for what they were. She knows him, even if she hesitated to admit it to herself, and knows exactly why he made the choice that he did. She points that out to him at every turn. It’s getting past the fear of being second choice that prevents her from acting on what she really wants.

With a little help from Rufus and the startling shock of nearly losing Wyatt, she realizes there is no excuse for wasted time and no fear big enough to keep her from being in love with Wyatt Logan. It’s already happened and nothing can change it so why is she putting herself through the pain of denying it? And then Wyatt soothes her fears anyway with his assurance that he wanted to choose her all along. It was everything she wanted to hear from him but never had the courage to ask him to say.

Then they flash forward five years and I died. I died from soft and pure warmth. Exchanges of affection and pride, and the brightest happiness I have ever seen from either of these two characters. Well deserved and painfully earned. They’re married? They have twin little girls who are precious? Lucy got tenure? Wyatt’s wearing a dad sweater? YES TO ALL OF IT. I NEVER, EVER EXPECTED TO SEE IT AND YET I WAS BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE. This is the happy ending I have always wanted for these two broken people. They heal each other with unfailing love and support and my heart cannot take it. It has literally exploded in my chest.

This is my karmic reward for all the other shows that have let me down. Merry Christmas to Lyatt and to ME. I am flying high, my friends. The TV Gods knew what they were doing when they sent this show my way.

TIMELESS — “The Miracle of Christmas Part II” Episode 212 — Pictured: (l-r) Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan, Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston — (Photo by: Darren Michaels/Sony/NBC)

Melinda: I have loved Lucy and Wyatt’s love story since Wyatt smirked at her in the Pilot. I could literally write for days about all of the things that I have loved about them. But my biggest love for them was their friendship. Wyatt leaned on Lucy to talk about his grief, while Lucy leaned on Wyatt to talk about her struggle of losing Amy. As they bonded and saved one another, the more invested viewers became because we watched them fall in love. We watched Lucy save Wyatt from himself at the Alamo. We watched Wyatt kiss Lucy in front of Bonnie and Clyde. We saw his face when he realized that there was something more than acting going on. Our jaws hit the floor during Hollywoodland when two hesitant people finally expressed their love for one another, and so quickly had it ripped away from them.

The most sacred part of this finale for me was that Lyatt always seemed to find their way to one another in every timeline. When they returned to the Jessica-free timeline, they apparently had been together sharing a room in the bunker. Some people call it fate. Regardless of what you want to call it, I truly think they had a powerful connection that always led them to one another. Hell, even Wyatt believed in fate by North Korea.

There was so much Lyatt that I actually found myself questioning it. Really? Another Lyatt scene? Not because I didn’t want it, but because when does this actually happen in television? When does the ship that you want to see living happily ever after actually get there? After five years together, and even with twin four year old girls, their love is still shining through. Wyatt Logan is still picking up Lucy Preston and twirling her high for the world to see her brilliance and beauty. There is nothing more beautiful than that.

Sarah: I’m sorry, recovered is not the appropriate word here — more like buried. Because I’m still dead from feels, dancing in my coffin from the sheer Lyatt goodness of the entire finale. After everything that happened in season two, I was fairly certain (hopeful) Lyatt would be alright. Lucy and Wyatt have been through hell and back, and I admit I spent most of season two cursing Wyatt for being the “good guy” and going back to Jessica when he clearly still couldn’t stop loving Lucy. Thankfully, these writers knew exactly what to do after a season full of angst and heartbreak.

The finale was not only a love letter to fans, it was a testament to how much time and thought the writers put into this love story, and I couldn’t be more grateful. From the start, despite everything that happened with Jessica being Rittenhouse, Lucy wasn’t going to just rush back into Wyatt’s arms. Jessica being an evil bitch doesn’t change the choices Wyatt made, who wisely owned up to what he did and made it clear the choice was entirely Lucy’s. Wyatt was willing to give up his life to fix the mistakes he’d made, and that wasn’t lost on me even after Flynn took his place in taking Jessica out of the timeline.

The number of squeal worthy moments from Rufus making it clear she was never second choice, to Lucy’s sheer relief when Wyatt walked out alive, and my favorite, when she confessed she’d loved him since the Alamo! The cherry on top was finding out they’d gotten married with two young kids named Amy and Flynn. As terribly as I’ll miss these characters, I’m ecstatic they got the happy ending and family they both deserved.

Discuss the last scene. Do you want the show to go on with a season 3 or are you satisfied with how it ended?

Lucy: I don’t think I could ever reject the idea of more Timeless. This show has touched my soul and heart in so many ways. From the characters to the storylines, to the cast and the writers. I would jump at the chance to see this incredible show live on in a capacity that it truly deserves. However, this was a pure, unadulterated love letter to us all and, in my eyes, an absolutely perfect way to say goodbye. If this is the end, if this is how we go out, I couldn’t be more elated.

Logan: First of all, I will never say no to more Timeless. I love this cast too much to let them go. The chemistry between all of them gives me warm and fuzzies every time I see a new behind the scenes post on their Instagram stories. I will take more of these actors in any way, shape, or form.

That being said, I can’t imagine disrupting the peace this family has found. They are happy and they are living wonderfully normal lives. They have their happily ever afters. The last thing I want is to have that peace shattered. This finale was crafted so well and with such intention. The callbacks, the fandom Easter eggs, the epilogue that established our heroes being settled and content — it was a neatly resolved ending topped with a big red bow. The writers, cast, and crew have made me proud to have been a part of this fandom. This ending feels special, and I couldn’t think of a more loving way to say goodbye.

Melinda: I, too, want to keep the team in their happy little bubble, but that scene of them sitting on that Lifeboat after their trip to see Flynn made me twitchy. I want to see more for my own selfish reasons. I want them to ride again and save the world. Like Connor Mason said…someone else will one day build a time machine.

Sarah: Honestly, I loved where they left our favorites, and I don’t think I would want anything to mess that up. I spent months hoping for a season three, and while that didn’t happen, I was thankful the writers were given the chance to properly end the story for Timeless. It’s hard to say goodbye and, while I wish we had more time with all of these characters, I can’t find it in me to want their happy endings to be taken away from them. So for these characters, I’m good with the story coming to an end the way it did. While I don’t think I’d have an issue with more episodes if that ever happened, if it doesn’t, I’m more than satisfied with what time we did get with Lucy Wyatt, Rufus, Jiya, Denise, Connor, and Flynn.

How about you? What did you think? Did the movie live up to your expectations? Should it go on? Were you satisfied with a Lyatt and Riya happy ending? Tell us all about it.

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