The Resident 2×09 Review: Who’s Going To Die?

I’ve applauded The Resident these past couple of episodes for finally figuring out its pacing and not overpacking the episodes with too much. Well, unfortunately I can’t give you that this week, The Resident fans.

In the mid-season finale 2×09 “The Dance”, the writers are trying to bring all of their storylines to a peak and by doing so, it feels forced and rather anti-climatic in some regards. When I sat down to gather my thoughts on the episode, I actually forgot about some of the storylines altogether because there was so much going on.

The Wedding

This was supposed to be the big wedding episode. Devon (Manish Dayal) and Priya (Tasie Lawrence) were supposed to walk down the aisle, but the actual storyline involving the wedding took up the least amount of time of the episode — unless you count Mina complaining about how much she hates weddings.

The episode begins with an unshaven Devon waiting on a park bench to meet Julian (Jenna Dewan) on the morning of his wedding. Well, that’s shady. He tries to tell her that he’s not going San Francisco with Priya and that he’ll be staying in Atlanta. So, Devon are you trying to tell her that you’re getting married today but, hey, you can still hang out and kiss on the operating scrub room floors every once in awhile?

Julian immediately tries to pull away from him and says she will not ruin a marriage. And oh hey, Devon, if you were paying attention, you’d realize that Julian is spiraling herself, because she’s debating whether or not to be that whistleblower you talked about in the last episode. Without missing a beat, Julian explains she’s probably leaving Atlanta herself and that she’s quitting her job, leaving Devon alone — quite frankly, where he needs to be right now.

After several glimpses into Devon sulking in front of windows and mirrors, his very precious mother has a heart-to-heart with him about her own marriage. Devon knows that his parent’s marriage was arranged, but he clearly didn’t realize that his mother was in love with another man when she married his father. After revealing that she not only loved another man, but took a long time to actually fall in love with his father, his mother tells him, “I want you to marry the woman who has your heart”. Do viewers have a special place in their heart for Devon’s mama or what?

His mother’s words have struck home with Devon because he seeks out Priya in her hotel room and tells everything to her point blank.

“I’ve been attracted to someone else. I’ve tried to put it behind me, but I can’t.”

Well, that’s honesty, I suppose. Devon is then completely up front when he tells Priya that he kissed Julian, and ends by telling her that he cannot marry her because it would be wrong. She deserves someone that only loves her. Naturally, Priya is pissed and expresses how humiliated she is. She tells Devon that she never wants to see him again.

“I’m ashamed…but not telling you would be worse.”

Well, I’m going to agree with you there, Devon. I’ve seen a lot of angry Devon and Priya fans on Twitter after watching the episode. Even though Devon deserves a lot of flack from fans, I’m going to disagree with anyone out there that thinks Devon should’ve chosen Priya.

Let’s face it: Devon was not ready for marriage. Period. Julian was just the catalyst Devon needed to see that his relationship was not working out, and that it was two people that once had everything in common, but were now headed down separate paths. Just because they clearly still loved and cared for one another, does not mean they should’ve gotten married, especially with all of the uncertainties and doubts plaguing Devon at this time. He did Priya a favor. Granted, he probably could’ve ended things a little sooner. But let’s face it, these were two career-oriented people, who didn’t want to budge on their own plans for each other’s. There’s your sign.


One of the character’s fates — that the viewers will not learn of until the return of the show on January 14th — is none other than the Robin Hood of QuoVadis reps herself, Julian Booth. If you’ve read my Resident reviews in the past, you will know how much I disliked Jenna Dewan’s sleazy sales rep character when she joined the season in September. But, I will eat my words and I should’ve had more faith in the writers of this great medical drama, because she has turned out to be so much more than just a money-hungry business woman, trying to steal Devon from his fiancée.

I still don’t agree with her trashy flirting with him, but her motive for being a sales rep was actually genuine and I can appreciate that. She truly got into the medical device business because of what medical devices did for her own life. If you’re still catching up, Julian Booth (naturally because it’s Jenna Dewan) was once a dancer and needed a hip replacement. The replacement allowed her to continue to dance and, therefore, she wanted to change the lives of others, too.

Now that Julian knows the scamming and fraudulent nature of QuoVadis, she decides it’s time to make her move. After yet another grand scheme by Gordon Page (Michael Weston) to scam the United States military themselves into using their products, Julian calls the FDA to report what is going on at her company: they’re fraudulently putting untested products out there and claiming that the products are made in the USA when they are not.

Only…wait for it…the FDA agent she reports QuoVadis to is actually a friend of Gordon Page. Of course. She is brought into Page’s office by large men in suits in a blacked out SUV and gets intimidated by Page. When she is dropped off at her car and allowed to leave, viewers think that she is in the clear. She must have just signed that non-disclosure agreement and she’s going to avoid the wrath of Page; but naturally, a psychopathic guy set to make billions of dollars in a few years time, is not just going to let a woman who knows too much and who was willing to talk go free. She is chased down in her vehicle by the blacked-out SUV and run off the roadway into the water.

Will Julian survive to tell the world what she knows?

S-Ex Tape

Bell (Bruce Greenwood) was the first season’s villain. He was the man we loved to hate, but brought entertaining moments to our screens. That being said, I’m really over this whole Lane Hunter/Bell storyline. It’s old. I’m bored. It’s hard to even pay attention when he’s on my screen anymore.

Bell spends most of the episode talking with his attorney about how Lane Hunter (Melina Kanakaredes) could potentially end him, the hospital, etc. Bell, in typical haven’t-learned-his-lesson fashion, tells his lawyer that there’s a chance that Hunter could be exonerated because of all the other dirty doctors out there that were found not guilty of their  crimes. Her lawyer, courtesy of Randolph Bell himself, will paint the picture as her being aggressive and not criminal, because look at all the patients she actually saved. She clearly can’t be a murderer.

Bell whines to his attorney that he’s backed into a corner. He needs to pay up to get Lane out or she will reveal the sex tape of the two of them — showing the world that Bell probably had something to do with her whole scheme in the first place. To get the money for her bail, Bell turns to Gordon Page. Page, way too easily, tells Bell that he’ll put him on the Board of Directors of QuoVadis and front him the money. Sounds a little too good to be true.

Bell’s attorney tells him that this contract is not a great idea. Bell will essentially be at the disposal of QuoVadis and be a puppet. Bell could lose monetarily too if QuoVadis’ stock dives. Viewers know that with the truth being revealed about their products this will ultimately not end well for Bell. Bell tells his attorney that QuoVadis is on track to be a billion-dollar company in the upcoming years. Here we go again. Bell’s in bed with another criminal.


This is where I throw my two cents in about how this episode was crammed with too much. In the beginning of the episode, Nic, Mina (Shaunette Renee Wilson), Bell, and Marshall Winthrop (Glenn Morshower) are checking out a new location for the free-clinic that was proposed several episodes ago. In order to satisfy the non-profit status of the hospital, Nic and Mina suggested running a free clinic for patients without insurance. While Nic and Mina are being excellent businesswomen trying to sell their clinic, Winthrop collapses to the floor.

To contrast Conrad’s relationship with his father, Conrad and AJ Austin are treating a patient who is a devoted father and grandfather. The man needs an implant in his heart and Conrad recommends none other than the expert cardio-surgeon himself: Dr. AJ Austin. His daughter is concerned about losing her father, who she has a great relationship with, and worries that her son will lose his grandfather, a man that he looks up to and loves. Conrad even goes as far as to compare how loving the man is with his daughter, and asks why his father can’t be like that.

Meanwhile, Winthrop is brought into the ER and reveals to Conrad and crew that he has been battling Chron’s disease for 20 years. After some nudging from Nic, Conrad tries to talk to his father when surgery seems to be imminent. He learns that his mother actually left his father for another man, but the man refused to leave his wife, ultimately causing their divorce.

Winthrop acknowledged that Conrad’s mother was a good woman and a great mother. He empathized that he knew that he was not always there in his marriage and as a father and, therefore, he understood why the marriage failed. Conrad asked about his violent dreams involving his parents and asked directly if Winthrop ever physically abused his mother.

His father said that the custody battle sometimes grew ugly, but that he would never physically harm Conrad’s mother. Conrad tells his father that he’s glad that he came back and tells him, “I love you.” And the episode ends up, of course, with Winthrop in emergency surgery with his fate in the shaky hands of Dr. Bell. Winthrop’s fate is unknown until January 14. This could shatter Conrad.

I absolutely love Matt Czuchry. I think the role of Conrad Hawkins was made for him, but there was so much else going on that it distracted from Czuchry and Morshower’s performances. For one, why did the clinic needed to be thrown into an already packed episode? The storyline with the father needing surgery from Dr. Austin (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) was also too much — hey, viewers, see what we did here? We threw in a surgery with a guy who has a great relationship with his daughter as opposed to Conrad, who doesn’t have a great relationship with his father? See it? See it? Writers, we see it! We didn’t need it. Czuchry is a master of this role. We didn’t need the in-your-face content.

Random Thoughts

  • The fact that Bell and Hunter have a sex tape is still very disturbing to me. Two-evil people hooking up with all their evilness together — it’s gross.
  • I want these people who assembled and disassembled that fake lab at QuoVadis so quickly to come clean my house. They’re quick.
  • I also want Devon’s mom to come have lunch with me for a day and give me life advice. She’s wise. And quirky. I like her.
  • Dr. Austin wins the one-liner of the episode with his quip about Mina’s patience being like fog on a Maine coastline. Definitely not enough AJ Austin in this episode.
  • Speaking of AJ Austin, I just wanted to give him a hug when Micah appeared at the wedding. Mina, can you just acknowledge that he pines for you? Please?!
  • Also, for someone who hates weddings, Mina is certainly rocking that dress.
  • I had one of those moments where I screamed obnoxiously at the TV when the Men In Black extras showed up in that SUV. Why did you get in that car? Run, girl! Call 911. Do something besides getting in that car.
  • Devon: “We’ve been together for three years.” Priya: “And four months…” The woman always know.
  • Nic doesn’t want children? Well, that’s going to be a problem.
  • I’ll ignore this red flag of future CoNic problems to focus solely on CoNic slow dancing. Because it’s sweet that they are randomly slow dancing in an empty ballroom from a cancelled wedding.

The Resident airs on Mondays at 8/7C on FOX.

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