The Good Doctor 2×07 Review: “Hubert”

The Good Doctor walked the path of what we’ll do for the people we care about — even if it means one of the most awkward requests in the world. “Hubert” touched on the importance of keeping a goldfish, what one will risk for a pain in the butt family member, and the unsaid things are loudest when we are holding back.

Shaun, Lea & the Feuding Brother Patients


First, I need to shout out: WE FINALLY FOUND OUT WHAT HAPPENED IN HERSHEY! Pardon the yelling, but out of everything that surprised me tonight, I did not expect Lea to drop that bombshell out of the blue. Shaun and Lea’s pet hunt jumped from dog, cat, snake to the ever popular goldfish aptly named Hubert. Their domesticity in trying to keep their pet from dying was adorable — I swear I had the heart eye emojis in real life. Hubert’s short life led to the revelation that Lea went back to help her brother with their family’s auto shop business — sadly, it failed, along with her relationship with him, which prompted her return to California.

I hated seeing Lea in so much pain over what happened with her family, and Shaun’s response was perfect in that it was utterly HIM to prove she did not kill Hubert. I mean, who else would take a fish tank and use a hospital lab to test the water for a parasite? It didn’t fix everything in that moment, but it went a long way toward Lea getting more obvious how much Shaun matters to her, despite her desire to stay strictly friends.

In the hospital, Shaun and Morgan were navigating family feuding over a company when two brothers came in — the loyal hard worker, who needed a kidney, and the other “opportunist” refusing to give one unless they sell their family company. Normally, I find Morgan’s blunt attitude grating, but it turns out that, when you have a guy who’s refusing to give over a kidney over money, a blunt doctor is exactly what’s needed to call his ass out.

I’m glad he eventually came around, because family might drive us up the damn wall, but when you love someone, you’ll do everything you can to save them.

Claire, Melendez & the Importance of Friends

Friendship, in my experience, is one of the most precious gifts you can give and receive. It’s a kind of unique love, and in this case, it bridged people who would have awkwardly kept avoiding each other to the end of time. Yes, I’m talking about Claire and Melendez – I can’t call him Neil, sorry – because thank God plot convenience got them talking to each other again.

Claire put aside their issues to ask for help regarding her friend Kay, diagnosed with terminal cancer, and naturally in a lot of pain. Kay’s faith and closeness with Claire was easily highlighted regarding her comments about Melendez’s ability as a surgeon, and their rapport about dating.

So of course, before she dies, she asks Claire to date her…husband. I swear that’s got to be the strangest question I’ve ever heard, even from a metastatic terminal cancer patient. As it goes, though, Claire and hubby go on the most awkward date ever in an effort to make the person they both love happy.


Dash is adorable, I admit it, but there’s not really anything personally that could deter me from Claire’s chemistry with Melendez. He’s a stubborn man, but to his credit, he doesn’t hesitate to work with Claire again when she comes asking to help relieve the pain Kay is going through.

Their professional rapport fell right into place from debating over Kay’s options, to knowing what needed to be done without saying it during her surgery. So why refuse to work with her? I know most might assume he wants that apology, but frankly, I think he could care less about that. Melendez has always been able to run a tight ship with residents — except Claire. I might be alone, but I’d bet dollars to donuts he can’t work with her for fear his judgement where she’s involved will always be clouded by feelings.

Final Thoughts

  • It was wonderful to get to see another side of Claire tonight. Every Monday I pray she isn’t put through the wringer again, but every day I know that the writers just aren’t that kind to fans who love Claire Browne.
  • Dr Glassman, I know it sucks to be on the patient side of things, but will you for once obey your doctor’s orders and not try to act like everything is fine? The yoyo was a precious gift, and entirely appropriate, I might add.
  • For lord’s sake, will Claire and Melendez just speak to each other again without the elephant in the room? 

The Good Doctor airs on Mondays at 10/9C on ABC.

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