The Gifted 2×06 Review: Cracks Within the Inner Circle?


The Gifted 2×06 taught viewers a lot about the Frost Sisters and Rebecca. We also learned more about the Inner Circle and their plan (finally).

Let’s get started and really break this down.


Man, I love Esme. She understands and feels more than her sisters, and she is slowly breaking away. Even when the Frost Sisters stand united in front of Reeva, you can see the difference in Esme’s expression. She is more empathetic and compassionate than her sisters, but that is not to say she doesn’t still have the ability to be ruthless. She does, and she will be again. But it’s those shining moments of humanity that make me eager to see more of her.

And that backstory? Wow, that was rough! The Frost Sisters snapped — and snapped hard — losing important pieces of themselves in the process. It also seems that no matter where they go, they are wanted for their powers more than anything else. But these sisters will never be locked up again; they seek control.

Is it any wonder that the Frost Sisters are the way they are? They were created to be a tool in the fight against their own kind. I think I’d turn on humanity, too. Maybe not to the same extremes, but humanity would certainly be on my “list.”

Skyler Samuels does a phenomenal job performing as three individuals. She has clearly defined each Frost sister with her own personality and individual motivations.

After watching The Gifted 2×06, I am ready to learn even more about them — especially, Esme. That last scene between Lorna and Esme was so emotionally stunning; I was captured Samuels’ performance there. I absolutely love the concept that Esme would do anything to protect a young and innocent mutant like Dawn from the world they live in; and the idea that Esme might, above all else, be on Lorna’s side is an idea that I can fully support. I would love to see these two characters become genuine friends amongst all the fake “family” rhetoric at The Inner Circle.


This episode was called “iMprint,” but it should have been called “aMbush” because that happened on every level this week. Jace and the Purifiers ambushed the Mutant Underground; Lauren and Caitlin ambushed the psychiatrist; and Lorna ambushed, first Reeva in the training session, then Esme in the elevator.

Ambushes, ambushes everywhere.

I noticed the lack of Lauren last episode, so I was relieved to see her back in action in The Gifted 2×06. Seeing Claire so angry and determined to get the psychiatrist to talk was very telling. For the first time, I saw true similarities between her and Andy. She’s losing hope and becoming more frustrated and desperate as time goes on. Watching her smash that phone to pieces with one gesture was impressive.

Throughout The Gifted season 2 so far, I have been praising Natalie Alyn Lind — and I don’t plan to stop. The series has allowed Lauren to grow and Lind to stretch her acting legs, and I think every decision they have made with Lauren has been the right one. I was glad to see her come to the conclusion that Andy may not come home willingly and that to get him home, she may have to force his hand. If it comes down to that, then she will be prepared.

As usual, Caitlin proves that she can be the lone human in a room full of mutants and still stand just as tall as John or Marcos. When Lauren took things a little too far, Caitlin was ready to step in with soothing words and an empathetic plea for information. It might not have been intentional when Caitlin and Lauren played a mother-daughter game good cop, bad cop; but it worked. It got them what they needed.

Speaking of what someone needs, the Purifiers are not it, Jace. Coby Bell does wonderful work portraying a strange earnest quality in Jace, considering how tenured he is when it comes to fighting mutants. You would think his ideals would have dulled quite a bit by now; and while in some ways they have, he still comes to believe a few misguided things. Right now, his idealistic belief is leading him to think he can help The Purifiers become less of a hate group and more of a citizens’ police force. That is a big, precarious mission to take on all alone, and I do not believe it will end well.

Lorna’s ambush was exactly what I have been waiting for her to do for six episodes. Lorna gave up the love of her life for this, and it’s about time she takes a stand against Reeva and demand to be let in on the plan.

After Lorna threatens to leave, Esme reveals some of the plan to her. Honestly, I’m unsure why she stays because she is seeing The Inner Circle more clearly than Andy. Her mistrust of them is a relief; it gives me hope that she will eventually see the light and leave.


Reed’s father thought he was helping his son by suppressing his X-gene, but it seems like he did more harm than good. Reed has to learn about his powers and how they work, as well as how his emotions factor in to both of those things.

Reed also has to learn control. I felt deep sympathy for him in The Gifted 2×06 because manifesting your powers after middle age must be difficult. In adulthood, there are so few things that require you to start learning them completely from scratch, and the things that do are usually tricky and difficult to master. You become more set in your ways as you age, and this is certainly true for Reed.

He wants a quick fix — a cheat. I am glad that he had John and Shatter there to remind him that there is no cheat when it comes to your mental and emotional state. Yes, his power is a part of a physical transformation, but that physicality relies heavily on the more cerebral parts of himself. Both have to work together. So, is there a cheat? No. It will be work, and it will be frightening. But it is necessary.

Reed’s lack of control comes back to haunt him, when he completely loses control of his powers. He can’t turn them off. That idea horrifies me if I think about it for too long or put myself in his shoes. The image of Reed huddled in the corner of the room, upset and very emotional, left me thinking of some sort of terrified animal. He looked wild, lost, and scared. Kudos to Stephen Moyer for his performance here. I felt his fear and pain in every expression and gesture.


I enjoyed The Gifted 2×06 much more than the fourth and fifth episodes this season.

For weeks now, I have been asking to learn more about The Inner Circle and their plan. If two characters we care deeply about can choose this group over the Mutant Underground and their actual families, then we, as an audience, need to understand that choice. Keeping the Inner Circle’s big plan a secret may be suspenseful, but it does not allow for viewers to be as empathetic toward Lorna and Andy as they should be. The Gifted 2×06 went a long way toward helping me understand Lorna again.

I was also grateful to see so many of the Underground working together. While they were cornered in Baltimore, it felt like they were an actual team again. I would like to request more of that, please. Maybe not an ambush and a fight for their life, but more of a larger group planning or fighting together.

The Gifted is also still on point with how it attempts to reflect our society and our reality back at us — especially given recent events and the midterm election. The writers are not subtle about this reflection, and they shouldn’t be. I love subtlety in acting performances, but when it comes to addressing real issues in our world, subtlety is overrated.

All in all, I felt The Gifted rebounded a little bit for me with this episode. Never once did I find myself bored and running through my massive housework to-do list in my head. Instead, I was focused on the characters and the storyline — and nothing else. Let’s hope the writers can keep it up going forward.

eXtraordinary moMents

As always here are a few lines from “iMprint” that stuck out to me.

  • “I know you want this to go away, but you have to deal with it. Not just drug it.”
  • “You’ve always made me feel like I can do anything.” “You can.”
  • “I need to know what I’m risking my life for. I owe it to her.”
  • “When I looked in that mirror, I saw a monster so I tried to kill it. I didn’t put out the lights, but I cracked the windows a bit. Sometimes, the more you reject the things you can’t face, the worse you make it.”
  • “We got out, but we didn’t escape what they did to us.”
  • “Controlling people’s minds can’t be the solution to everything.”
  • “You said we’re building a new world, but if we’re going to build something lasting, something real, then people need to believe.”

The Gifted airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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