The Good Doctor 2×05 Review: “Carrots”

If there’s one constant with The Good Doctor, it’s that one way or another I’m bound to be surprised at where they take these characters. Between Claire, Shaun, Aaron Glassman, Neil Melendez, Lea, Dr Park and the patients, it’s a wonder I can process half of the emotions I feel watching this show.

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. So why don’t we break it down by character this time?

Shaun vs Lea & Dr Glassman

I admit that, sometimes, I mistake Shaun for a pure unicorn of feeling and intelligence for how he sees things. One of the reasons I adore television is to experience things from another person’s point of view. His is unique, to say the least, at how he approaches issues not only professionally, but also personally. His conflict with Lea was both unexpected, but somehow touching in that it went in a different direction that I liked, because it wasn’t typical. Becoming roomies was a touchy subject for Lea, who’s clearly in the state of mind of not getting into a huge fight with Shaun again, and therefore does not want to share an apartment.

Lea’s hesitation is understandable, but you always run the risk of feelings and conflict coming up whatever your living situation — might as well take the plunge, which made Shaun so happy I wanted to jump into the screen and hug the man.

That was a counterpoint to his sadness at not being able to help Dr. Glassman. Shaun’s determination was fueled by his anxiety over his friend not doing everything he needs to make a full recovery. The fact that Lisa Edelstein kept giving out wisdom, even as it was apparent it took multiple tries for him to really listen, was touching — and hysterical, with him literally running out the open door each time she finished talking.

Part of me truly hopes he understand he DID help his friend — it just was a case of delegating the task to the person most suited to get Glassman’s butt out of bed. We can’t always be the person we want to be when someone we care about is in pain. I think we’ve all learned that one the hard way — Shaun’s experiences take him farther outside of his comfort zone and, the more we see that, the more I really enjoy where the writers are taking him. Here’s hoping it keeps up — and maybe with some more friendship scenes with him and Claire. I’ve missed that the last few episodes.

Claire: she who follows her heart

Seriously, this woman cannot catch a break, which I half love and half want to ask “when will this end?” Her patient this week was a test of watching the struggle and havoc disease can wreak on your body and mind. I admit it was startling to see what was probably the closest look I’ve had on anorexia on television.

It was — for lack of a better word — heartbreaking to see her want to get better for her family, and therefore try an experimental procedure, just so she could get the surgery she needs to live. It’s a testament to the strength of this show that I feel for these characters we see only for one episode because they relate to what we deal with here in the real world.

As for Claire though…someone needs to smack Neil Melendez upside the head with a book called common sense.

Her fight to help this patient led to Dr. Melendez confusing the heck out of me. I can’t decide if he picks and chooses when he wants to be a complete jerk, or his judgement is so clouded towards Claire, he finds it best to boot her off his team.

Either way, dude, get your head straight on here, because Claire does NOT deserve to be treated like this. She’s the embodiment of a hard working resident, who uses her heart and head in equal measure to treat her patients. I know there’s always a risk, and so does she, but one of the benefits of a medical drama is to see doctors beyond what we see them to be in our reality.

She’s the kind of doctor I’d want to be friends with, because whatever knock backs she gets, she doesn’t give up on doing what she believes to be right for the patient — a trait she shares with Shaun.

Again, why can’t we see more of their friendship?

Final Thoughts

  • Okay, I’ll get off that rant, and say that between these two and everyone else, this hour of The Good Doctor was full of emotional punches. Dr. Park and Dr. Lim’s differing opinions on a former obese patient was insight smacking us in the face about how much communication makes a difference in a relationship.
  • I need to ask — am I the only one who sort of ships Shaun and Lea, and Claire and Melendez?

The Good Doctor airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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