Blue Bloods 9×05 Review: Danny vs. Eddie

The Blue Bloods writers couldn’t have picked a more appropriate name for this episode. The personal interactions outweighed any of the procedural elements this week, and I was thrilled by it. I am so excited to dig into this one!


Finally! I get to see Danny as a Reagan and not a detective again! Yes, he still had a case to solve, but I got so much more than that and am overjoyed! From the minute the episode started, we saw Danny helping Jack pack for college. The extra socks the thought to include protection, and the awkwardness involved with that gesture were all charming and exactly what I wanted to see. It was a short glimpse, but I loved it all the same.

I could do with more of these glimpses into single father Danny Reagan. I think I would be able to have more patience with the procedural plots if they gave me even one small moment with Danny and the boys every episode.

I also liked the start of Danny’s journey to get to know Eddie and to adjust to his baby brother being part of a domestic partnership. Danny knew him with Sidney, but the little we saw of Jamie with Sidney was very different. There is going to be a learning curve for Danny, too; and it was nice to see that here. Danny is a ferocious parent, always has been. He is very protective of his boys while trying to encourage them to grow and make their own choices. Of course, he would be upset by Eddie keeping a secret from him, especially where Sean is concerned. All in all, I loved Danny in Blue Bloods 9×05. Hopefully, we get more of this from here on out.


Frank’s story hit very close to home. His family is a prestigious group of public servants, but his family isn’t the only one dedicated to service. The way everything comes together for that plot just emphasised how loving of a father Frank Reagan is. This week, we saw more father than police commissioner — and I enjoyed every moment. Frank saw all of his children in Jay, and his doubts immediately floated to the service. Did he pressure his children to get involved in the family business, or did they choose it for themselves?

The discussion among Frank’s staff was intriguing, as well. I loved Garrett’s point about the surgeon. That was very well written and well performed. I also loved Tom Selleck’s reactions in that discussion. In every small facial movement, you could see how personally affected he was by this dilemma. It all culminates in his speech to Jack at the family dinner.

“In a few days, you’re gonna be gone from this place. Starting out in the world on your own. Make the world your own. Take what is useful from your time with us, your years around this table, but don’t think you have to become us.”

And then he goes on to address his adult children. This is where you see the wear and tear from his struggle with Jay. He essentially asks for confirmation from his children that they are pursuing a career they want — not one that they think is expected of them. Tom Selleck plays those emotions with strength and, somehow, vulnerability.

Everyone around the table regards Frank with respect and affection. It’s clear that he is right. His children pursued their own life goals, careers they wanted, and ended up serving the public by choice. Not because he expected it of them.

The resolution for this story made me so proud of Frank. He came up with a way for Jay to pursue his own career that didn’t upset the family legacy or indicate his unhappiness to his father. Frank Reagan may be a police commissioner, but he is also a father and an old softy. This man is a leader after my own heart. He owns the second spot on my favorite fictional leaders list — just behind President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet (The West Wing) — and that placement is well deserved. Time and time again, Tom Selleck makes me love Frank Reagan.

Erin and Anthony

Anthony’s name is added to the heading this week because Erin’s plot was equally about him. I loved Erin encouraging Anthony to pursue justice despite any potential embarrassment. I also think Anthony is the sweetest, and any woman who would take advantage of that deserves to have Erin hunting her down.

If Erin hadn’t decided to become a lawyer, then she would have made quite the detective. Between last week and this week, she’s logging quite a bit of hours actually investigating crimes; and she’s proving how sharp her instincts actually are. If Nicky thinks anything like Erin, then it’s no wonder she has talked about becoming a cop.

The best part about this case, though, is that it led both Anthony and Erin to talk about dating and their love lives. Based on what Erin said, whatever she has rekindled with Jack may not be as serious as it seemed. The insight into that relationship is interesting to me because Erin seems to think she falls back to Jack when she’s not with anyone else because it’s comfortable. It makes me wonder what might be coming down the line for Erin in Blue Bloods season 9. Is Jack coming back? Will she have a new love interest? I’m intrigued as to what purpose their conversation served.

Anthony revealed that he likes the idea of dating again and that it feels right to be out there. By the end of the episode, thanks to Maude and her scam, Anthony seemed to have decided to take a break from dating. The poor guy deserves someone, so I hope he changes his mind.

Bridget Moynahan and Steven Schirripa work exceptionally well together. They made the audience adore Erin and Anthony’s friendship. Their camaraderie seems genuine, and I can’t wait to see more of it.

Uncle Jamie and Aunt Eddie

The first time we see either of them is a phone call from another officer to Eddie, asking her to come and speak to Sean — who had a courtesy card in his wallet, which he used to call her. She gives him a piece of sound advice but promises not to tell Danny. She is reluctant about it and hesitant. You can tell she hates keeping it to herself, which is why the next time we see her is in the precinct, where she’s telling Jamie about everything that happened with Sean. She needs to tell at least one person…and who better than Jamie?

Jamie agreed with how Eddie handled things with Sean; and honestly, I do too. Speaking as an aunt, I want to be a safe space for my nephews and niece. Eddie made it clear that Sean’s behavior wasn’t acceptable by any means. They stand united when Danny comes storming into the precinct and yells at them. They apologized. But we all know Danny, and we all know that scene isn’t the end.

I loved Will Estes in this episode. He encourages Eddie because he knows she’s not used to a family like his, and she wants to be valued by his family. He stands by her side and looks at her with admiration at every turn. Estes has always made loving Jamie so easy, and his expressions and reactions are one of the many reasons why.

I also love the way the disagreement carries over to family dinner in a very subtle and quiet way. You can sense the tension radiating from Danny, even if he never mentions it. His reactions when Jamie or Eddie speak are colder and clipped, and Jamie and Eddie are overly friendly in return, trying to make up for their mistakes. Estes, Ray, and Wahlberg play beautifully off of each other.

The conversation between Danny and Jamie was brilliant. It was full of heart, humor and concern, all laced with the type of tension that only siblings can have. They love each other, but they’re mad at each other like a true family. Jamie stands by Eddie and faces off against Danny, and it ends on a worse note than it began.

All of this is resolved in a heartwarming scene toward the end of the episode, where Danny invites Jamie and Eddie to see Jack off before they leave to take him to college. They both suspect he’s rubbing their noses in how good of a parent he is. That’s a wrong assumption. I have to admit, though, it does sound like something Danny would do — and it cracked me up. But in the end, Danny apologized because he knows what we know. Eddie was only trying to do the right thing, and she was genuinely regretful that it upset Danny. They hug and have a nice bonding moment, complete with Jamie giving Danny an adorable hug that made me laugh out loud.

In every Blue Bloods episode, Eddie becomes a part of the family in a different way. I am so happy that it’s not all smooth sailing because families are not without disagreements and tension, especially when a new person is brought into the fold. So far, the writers have developed Eddie’s relationship with the Reagans at a perfect pace. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next week!

Blue Bloods airs on Fridays at 10/9C on CBS.

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