The Resident 2×04 Recap &Review: “About Time”

The Resident’s 2×04 “About Time” was a busy episode. Generally, I am not a big fan of stuffing as much plot into an episode as possible, but there was a lot here that was really worth the congestion. Other plot points (mostly to do with Julian and dresses), not so much.

Trial and Error

“About Time” begins with Conrad (Matt Czuchry) testifying during a deposition for a lawsuit. Conrad’s father, Marshall Winthrop (Glenn Morshower) is present for the deposition, along with what appears to be several lawyers. During the episode, there are flashbacks as to what happened to cause Conrad to once again be in trouble for his rash and bold decision making.

The doctors of Chastain are volunteering at a music festival when a speaker explodes, causing mass chaos and confusion. In an attempt to get to safety, there is a stampede of concert-goers, causing numerous ailments and injuries. Conrad races to find a screaming Nic (Emily VanCamp), who is performing CPR on an unresponsive male on the ground. For all of you Gilmore Girls fans (yes, myself included), this was a reunion for Czuchry and Tanc Sade, who played Josh Robinson, the unresponsive concert-goer who becomes Conrad’s patient.

Nic and Conrad learn that Robinson is a professional adventure guide and does not believe in pharmaceutical companies. Instead, he consumes a long list of supplements and swears by a physically-active lifestyle to to stay healthy.

As the episode continues to go from deposition to flashback, viewers learn that Josh is actually the patient that is suing Conrad. This seems pretty out-of-character for a laidback, friendly adventure guide who seemed to really trust Conrad and Nic. It doesn’t make sense until viewers see that Robinson is actually seated in a wheelchair behind the table at the hearing — a tough fate for a man that spends his life seeking physically challenging adventures. After discovering that the over-consumption of supplements caused a blood clot in his arm and a hemorrhage in his brain, Conrad is forced to conduct emergency surgery in the hallway because the neurosurgeon is not available. Without the surgery at all, Josh would have lost his life; and so, Conrad takes the chance of once again violating protocol to put a life before his own fate as a doctor.

During the deposition, Conrad tells the truth and admits that he did not wait for an attending or the neurosurgeon to perform the emergency surgery. The future of Conrad’s career looks bleak, but a comforting Winthrop tells Conrad that he will fight with him every step of the way if the case goes to trial. Winthrop heads immediately to the elevator and joins the wheelchair-bound Robinson alone in the elevator. Winthrop makes Robinson an offer to sign a non-disclosure agreement and will be paid a hefty sum if he drops the case against Conrad. Winthrop informs Robinson that if he continues the lawsuit, the hospital will drag it out lawsuit for years in court, costing Robinson out of his own pocket and resources. Winthrop even reveals the familial ties to Conrad. In following Winthrop’s instructions, Josh Robinson finds Conrad near the cafeteria, reveals that he will drop the lawsuit and reaches out to shake Conrad’s hand. Conrad, in his true, genuine character, shakes Josh’s hand and reaches out and hugs him — all with Marshall Winthrop observing from above.

Is Marshall Winthrop actually a good guy looking out for his estranged son? Is he just trying to keep an ever-present Dr. Bell (Bruce Greenwood) away from any drama or reason to get rid of Winthrop? I’m not too sure about Winthrop’s intentions yet, but I am hopeful that he will be good for Conrad. Do heroes like Conrad really need a guardian angel behind them with a blank checkbook to save the world? The Resident is certainly revealing those challenges for doctors.

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Bruce Greenwood and Jane Leeves in the “About Time” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Oct. 15 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

Ortho Queen(s)

Jane Leeves joins The Resident as Dr. Kitt Voss, an orthopedic surgeon. Adding to the quirky misfits of Chastain, she enjoys walking around the hospital with pieces of bone in her hair, asking what “douche” is on magazine covers, and putting Bell in his place. I mean, I like her already. Her lack of hesitation to speak her mind and love of what she does even resonates with Mina (Shaunette Renee Wilson), who is really coming into her own this season. Mina has this dynamic moment with Dr. AJ Austin (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) as she boldly informs him that she will not walk in his shadow. After she is switched to ortho by Bell, she finds Dr. Voss appealing in comparison to AJ’s brash and often rude leadership skills. AJ tries to take it upon himself to have her moved back to cardio-thoracic surgery; and when Mina rejects his offer, he tries to tell her that she is making a mistake because she could be the next Dr. AJ Austin. Mina tells him that she is her own doctor and that she is an “ancestor” and not his “descendant.”

Whoa, Mina. This whole thing is not sitting well with AJ, but I am eager to see this teacher/student relationship develop between Mina and Kitt.


During the stampede at the music festival, there is a musician that is injured; he ends up in the VIP suite at the hospital. Devon (Manish Dayal) is the doctor assigned to this musician, who tells him that the festival was supposed to be his comeback after finally becoming clean and sober for an entire year.

Julian (Jenna Dewan) is at the hospital because she is going to be attending an event with Dr. Bell to introduce him to her boss, a billionaire looking to invest with Atlanta hospitals. Bell tries to convince him at the meeting that he is the CEO in Atlanta to partner with.

In preparation for the meeting, Julian seeks out Devon to ask him if her barely-there dress is wrinkly. She tries to ask to meet the musician VIP, but Devon denies her request with a puppy-dog smile and cutesy “I’m sorries.”


While they converse about high school (huh?) and other nonchalant conversation, Devon can barely keep his eyes off of her and keeps trying to look away from the display that Julian is clearly comfortable putting on for him.

What bothers me the most about this bad news storyline is that I’m not exactly sure why Devon is heading down this (bad) path. Is all the wedding nonsense clouding his judgment? Is Priya really not the one for him? Is this just a lust thing? Please stop making me smash my head against the wall during these moments, and give us some answers as to what the deal is with the interest in Julian.

Random Thoughts

  • The CoNic moments during this episode were maybe worth all of the Julian nonsense. Maybe. Viewers were blessed with the beauty of adorableness from the pair and an acknowledgement that they are really trying to make their relationship work, despite their past and their flaws. Slow-dancing during work hours at the hospital? Yes, please!
  • Conrad had a “proud papa” type moment when Devon figured out the problem with the musician VIP. More Conrad and Devon please!
  • I know that AJ Austin was incredibly overbearing with Mina this episode, but I really enjoy everything about the character. Dr. Seuss surgical poem, anyone?
  • I am a huge fan of the little subtleties that The Resident seems to throw at us every episode with the issues in healthcare. The storyline of the EMTs going to other hospitals because of the fancy lounges is great. These are small details that represent what’s really going on out there in today’s healthcare. Would the EMT’s go to the hospital with the bigger TV and popcorn? Oh, yes they would. Nice touch, writers.
  • Dr. Bell is starting to prove to Winthrop that he can handle this CEO thing. A concert with good PR for Chastain? Check. Forgiving the medical bills of Chastain patients knowing that other hospitals will have to do the same, costing them millions more? Check. Will Winthrop and Bell ever truly respect each other? I guess we will see. That’s a lot of money and testosterone being thrown around there.

The Resident airs on Mondays at 8/7C on FOX.

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