This Is Us Season 3 Premiere: The Meeting That Started it All

Another season of tears has begun as This Is Us kicks off the story of how Rebecca and Jack — aka the OTP of OTPs — met. It’s the love story that brought about the Big Three and every tear and laugh that has come from the last two seasons. Regardless of how meant to be they are, there is no doubt that this story will be a bumpy ride.

As always, the This Is Us season premiere kicked off with another birthday for the siblings. The episode opened up on what stories the Big Three will be facing this year, while simultaneously giving the flashbacks of Jack and Rebecca and a flash forward at the end.


Randall and Beth are going to be dealing with the difficulties and joys that come from adopting an adolescent. Deja is officially going to be in their lives permanently, and they want to take it a step further and formally adopt her, giving her the home she deserves.

The adoption news doesn’t go over exactly as planned — or so they think. Deja is a little rough around the edges, but she’s got a soft interior. Randall and Beth are in for a ride, though: This adoption will not be the easiest thing.


Kevin is banging Beth’s cousin. She doesn’t like it, but her reasons end up being that she doesn’t want Kevin to get hurt. He’s a bit shocked, naturally, thinking that she was trying to protect her cousin from him. He has a reputation for not being very committed — although, he did almost end up with his childhood sweetheart. I’m still bitter that Sofie is gone, but Kevin seems to want to take the gamble with Zoey.


Kate and Toby are married and want a baby. Unfortunately, it’s proving harder than expected, and fertility doctors aren’t very optimistic.

Kate’s storyline this season seems the most heartbreaking. She miscarried last year, and it’s a long uphill climb to get to where she wants. Added to that, Toby is voluntarily stopping his antidepressants to up his sperm count. This explains the cliffhanger at the end of last season, but will this tear them apart? Will Kate get the baby she wants so badly?

Rebecca and Jack

Jack and Rebecca’s first date is awkward at best. He’s trying his hardest, but he’s struggling. Jack doesn’t have money and has to decide between getting an umbrella or playing games. Luckily, Rebecca is a bit smitten and hears him out when she goes to drop him off. It starts to look like this is going to be one of those love at first sight, nothing can go wrong romances, but this is This Is Us. Nothing on this show is ever easy.

For one, Rebecca has another male suitor who deters Jack’s efforts of returning her jacket — which she explained that she was going to leave behind even though she never does a thing like that. How will their paths cross again? This season is bound to show the rollercoaster that led to their wedding.

This episode created a lot of set-up for the season, and we know there’s a lot of imminent drama to come. This Is Us season 3 is adding to the flash forward from the second season finale. We still have no clue who the mystery woman is that older Randall and adult Tess are going to meet, but now, Toby is joining. Is it Kate? Is it Rebecca? Is it Beth? Did someone die?

Stay tuned to find out — and keep the tissues handy.

This Is Us airs Tuesday nights at 9:00PM on NBC.

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