Timeless: Lucy Preston and a Lesson in Resilience

I know, Clockblockers. The wait is nearly unbearable now. Even though we still don’t know if Timeless will be renewed for a season 3 (we really think it will because what else can they do at this point, right?), we have nothing but time on our hands to analyze and talk about everything that happened in season 2.

We have already gotten our writers to talk about season 2 as a whole, but from now on, we’re going to break this up by characters and moments. First up, we have our girl Lucy Preston — our very favorite historianand boy, do we have a lot to talk about.

Lucy has always been an inspiration. She was the reason I kept coming back to Timeless week after week, and to say that she has been through hell and back this past season is probably the understatement of the century. Compared to season 1, it feels like the writers decided to use Lucy as their punching bag much more this season. Of course, what she went through in season 1 was hard, but it feels like everything was against her in season 2.

From being kidnapped by her own mother and thinking her friends were dead, to having Wyatt’s wife coming back from the dead just as she had finally given into her feelings for him, then having said wife double cross them all, ultimately getting one of her best friends killed, Lucy has been through the wringer these past few weeks.

And that’s just to mention a few.

We all spent pretty much the entirety of Timeless season 2 wanting to give Lucy Preston a hug because no one should ever have to go through even half of everything she went through. By the end of the season, I was surprised she didn’t just crumble to the ground by sheer pressure and pain because, really, how much heartbreak can a human being handle at once?

TIMELESS — “The Salem Witch Hunt” Episode 204 — Pictured: Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

But that’s what makes Lucy such a role model and inspiration for all of us. I think that, after everything she’s been through, her middle name should be Resilience. I don’t think I have ever seen such a resilient character in all of my years as a TV fan and critic. Even when everything seemed to be against her and going horribly wrong, Lucy still stood tall, head held high, and did what had to be done. Of course it hurt, and it most definitely wasn’t easy, but she got through everything and only allowed it to make her stronger and more confident in her beliefs.

Abigail Spencer had already done a phenomenal job with Lucy Preston in season 1, but what she did in season 2 deserves a standing ovation. Her performance broke our hearts, but never has Lucy been more relatable than in this season. Good TV drama does exactly that — break a character down, only to build them back up stronger than ever before — and that’s exactly what the writers did with Lucy in Timeless season 2.

I took to Twitter to talk to my fellow Clockblockers about the moments that they felt showed Lucy’s resilience the most, and they had a lot to say. Since we can’t actually rate each moment because they were all equally important, we will do this in chronological order.

The courage to plan to annihilate her mother, Emma and herself by blowing up the Mothership, just so she could stop Rittenhouse for good

I can’t even begin to imagine the hell Lucy went through during those six weeks that she was basically held hostage by Rittenhouse (and her own mother). Her world had just shattered within two catastrophic moments: finding out her mother was also Rittenhouse and that she was considered royalty inside the evil organization, then learning that Rittenhouse had blown up Mason Industries with her friends inside.

Having to reconcile these two events must have been almost impossible, but Lucy not only did it, but had the presence of mind to come up with a plan to stop Rittenhouse for good — even if that meant she had to die as well. What else did she have to lose at that point, anyway, right?

Source: @the-lucy-to-my-wyatt on Tumblr

Hearing Lucy tell Wyatt and Rufus that she had no intention of going home, or even making it out alive, was chilling and such a wake-up call as to how high the stakes really were. It’s in situations like these that we find out what we’re made of, and Lucy Preston is made of the very best in this world.

Changing her mind about preserving history and saving the women of Salem

“The Salem Witch Hunt” was probably the most poignant, heartbreaking episode of Timeless season 2. It was the furthest we have ever gone back in time with our Time Team, but for Lucy, everything was tainted by the fact that her world had just been turned upside down yet again. Just when she thought she could finally have a chance at happiness, Rittenhouse dropped the Jessica bomb, and Lucy was left in the dust again, all alone to pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

And as if that wasn’t enough to make a human being crumble to the ground in despair, her mother engineered this entire trip to try and get Lucy to come back to Rittenhouse with her. And her way to do that was to accuse her daughter of witchcraft, which caused her to be sentenced to be hanged. Carol Preston may love her daughter in a really horrible, twisted way, but her moral compass is pointing in the opposite direction of being a decent human being.

But Lucy stood tall and faced her mother, throwing in her face that she would rather be hanged than go back to the present to join her evil cult. And not only that, but she also couldn’t bring herself to let innocent people die only to preserve history. At this point, reality has changed so much that she can’t just stand by and watch as innocent women are murdered.

Source: @and-i-believe-in-you on Tumblr

Timeless season 2 displayed the epitome of Lucy’s resilience, but this episode showed us perfectly just how strong she is and that she can bounce back from anything — including having her heart broken by the man she loved and having her own mother accuse her of witchcraft during the Salem witch hunt.

Telling Wyatt he should try again with his wife/Telling Jessica to stay

“The Kennedy Curse” probably had all of us screaming at our screens because Lucy Preston is entirely too good and noble for her own good. Of course, giving Wyatt a chance to fix his marriage was the right thing to do, and we all understand that, but could we really be as selfless as Lucy was in this situation?

Source: @and-i-believe-in-you on Tumblr

Stepping away and telling Jessica that she should give Wyatt another chance was probably the hardest thing Lucy had to do, but she did it anyway because she just wanted to see the man she loved happy. Even if it wasn’t with her. And then telling Wyatt that he should give his marriage another try, even when he tells her that he had absolutely no regrets…our girl Lucy is too pure and fundamentally good for this world. We don’t deserve her.

The entire “Mrs Sherlock Holmes” episode 

“Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” was my very favorite episode of Timeless season 2. Abigail Spencer’s performance was brilliant, and the nuances with which she played Lucy’s feelings and reactions in this episode were nothing short of amazing. Lucy had to deal with the possibility that every victory in the history of women’s rights would be erased because Rittenhouse wanted to “put women in their place”.

Can you even imagine what was going through Lucy’s mind in this situation, knowing that her mother endorsed this idea? Her mother — who taught her everything she knows, introduced her to iconic historical figures who had fought for the rights she has today — was willing to sacrifice everything. Lucy even had to see one of the people she admired the most die and all the good that she had done be completely erased.

On top of all that, she also had to deal with her unresolved situation with Wyatt and his jealousy over Flynn. There are two consecutive scenes that really make Lucy (and Spencer) shine: The first is when she finally stands up to Grace Humiston, telling her that Alice Paul was so much more than just that day and that speech, that she was fighting to give women a voice. The second is right after the first, when Lucy storms off with the intention to give Alice’s speech, only to be stopped by Wyatt.

Source: @thegeriatricfangirl on Tumblr

That entire exchange Lyatt had, right out there on the street, was so important and absolutely vital for Lucy’s sanity. She had to get it all out and let Wyatt know that yes, he had broken her heart, and he needed to get off his high horse of pain because he was not the only one suffering. She was the one who got the short end of the stick, and she let him know it. Right then, Lucy started fighting for herself, putting herself first, and I loved every single second of it.

The finale

Where do we even begin here? Lucy had already been through hell and back up until this point, but the two-hour Timeless Season 2 finale dragged her through a special kind of hell that we didn’t even know was possible. From finding out Jessica was Rittenhouse, then that she was pregnant, then having to deal with Wyatt’s crap — because, my God, his denial in “The General” made me want to punch him in the face — to having Jessica double cross them all, kidnap Jiya, watching her mother die, and then Rufus die, to being 100% willing to shoot Emma in the head in cold blood, and then having her ass handed to her by the redhead.

I mean, holy shit. Give our historian a break to catch her breath, at the very least.

There were three moments in the finale that showed how fucking resilient Lucy Preston really is. One came at the end of “The General,” when she gave Wyatt a hug, showing him that she cares so much about him and just wants him to be happy. No matter what, she is still there for him, through everything — even if it hurts her.

The Lyatt Hug 2x09
Source: @timelessdaily on Tumblr

The second moment is when the Time Team finally finds Jiya, and the techie and Rufus are arguing about who is going to sacrifice themselves for whom. At that point, Lucy had already watched her mother die, learned that Carol Preston’s only regret was that she hadn’t indoctrinated Lucy in the Rittenhouse ways sooner, and basically destroyed whatever good memories she had of her mother. At that moment, Lucy had already lost her entire family — and she wasn’t about to lose her team, as well. So, when she says that they’re together and they will finish this together and take down Rittenhouse together, her strength and resilience shine brightly.

Finally, Lucy watched one of her best friends die, and that was her breaking point. When she takes that gun and charges after Emma, shooting at her, even if she has almost zero experience with guns, she has finally had enough. This madness needed to end, and she was going to end it at that moment. This scene was Spencer’s most incredible performance to date; and the strength, anger, and absolute grief she portrayed in that moment still shakes me to my core. Right then was the moment that LaraCroft!Lucy was born. This scene was Lucy’s turning point.

Source: Timelessdaily on Tumblr

I honestly can’t wait to see what Timeless season 3 has in store because Lucy Preston is now an untameable force of nature. Nothing and no one will stop her, and I am so excited to see how this will play out. Remember when I said that good drama breaks a character down, only to build them back up stronger than ever? I’m willing to bet that season 3 will be when Lucy reinvents herself. If LaraCroft!Lucy is anything to go by, I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet she will succeed.

Timeless still hasn’t been renewed for a season 3 by NBC, but we are still fighting. We will never give up.


3 thoughts on “Timeless: Lucy Preston and a Lesson in Resilience

  1. Loved the article and I am such a fan of Lucy! We need strong women such as her in real life today!

    My complaint about the article is why you felt it necessary to drop an F-bomb. That is not quality journalism and demeans both you and the fantastic TIMELESS team.


  2. Genelle: While the F-bomb may not have been necessary, what the Networks put on television is far worse than one word in an article. I absolutely love TIMELESS, and hope NBC wakes up before Friday and finally gives the fan base what they deserve – good quality television for another Season and many more to come.

    Liked by 1 person

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