Timeless Roundtable: Season 2 In Review

Speaking of Flynn, what’s up with his new crush on Lucy? Where do you think that’s going? Do you think Lucy reciprocates? Is he just projecting Journal!Lucy on our Lucy?

TIMELESS — “King of Delta Blues” Episode 206 — Pictured: (l-r) Goran Visnjic as Garcia Flynn, Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preson — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

Luci: I was a bit thrown by that, to be completely honest. I understand that Flynn has this profound admiration for Journal!Lucy, and that’s really where this unrequited crush is coming from for me. I just didn’t think it would become an issue so quickly. I understand that they bonded over their own tragic losses and that they became fast friends through this entire thing with Wyatt and Jessica, but I honestly don’t see anything romantic between them.

And Lucy doesn’t see it either. When he was trying to tell her something in 1888, she seemed completely oblivious to whatever feelings he has for her. I really hope they avoid this entire love triangle trope because it’s overused and never, ever, ends well.

It’s 2018, guys. A man and a woman can be friends, and it doesn’t have to mean anything. Let’s hope Timeless keeps Flynn and Lucy that way. Lucy already has way too much on her plate with Wyatt, Rufus’ death and everything else that has happened to her in the past two seasons.

Jess: I can’t fully fathom why Flynn’s initial creeping crush could come from anywhere but Journal!Lucy. We’ve established in Timeless season two that his relationship with Lucy prior to the journal was non-existent. He didn’t know her. He isn’t connected. Everything that runs through season one is born from his depiction of Journal!Lucy, and he has such faith in her words over her actions that it leads him to spare her on many occasions.

One can definitely imagine the amount of hours Flynn has spent poring over every single minute detail of Lucy’s journal, especially if it means gaining the most prized possession of them all: Lorena and Iris. However, does that create obsession? I liken it to the meta of us watching the show and fangirling over episodes, creating our own ideas of these people that we do not know, bar the snippets we are privy to each 43 minutes.

We see what we see; then, we fill in the blanks. Does this diminish the genuine sense of friendship Lucy and Flynn share? No. I definitely believe that is an organic growth based on a recipe of close contact, mission-based trust and shared experience. I said to someone earlier, “if a fiercely resolute woman drops a lifeline in your lap and offers you the key to ultimate happiness, wouldn’t you admire that person? Put them on a pedestal?” It’s easy to see where the line of reverence and crush can be misconstrued, even in Flynn’s eyes.

I’m going to say this though: If Flynn does have feelings for Lucy, can you blame him? She’s fierce, sharp as a tack, inquisitive and formidable without even having to wield a lamp to a henchman’s head. Lucy represents everything you could hope to have in a partner, and Flynn has been lonely for a long time, labeled the villain and treated as such. It’s a cold, dark world against Rittenhouse, and I can’t begrudge a man for finding Lucy’s fire attractive.

For me, one of the most beautiful scenes in the Timeless finale was that tender forehead touch between Goran and Abigail, acted so tenderly and perfectly, coupled with that strangled whisper “Flynn,” tearing me apart. It’s a moment Flynn and Lucy parallel each other so wonderfully in loss, and you see the utter devastation wrought into them. If there’s one man who can bring her back from that brink, it’s Flynn. He’s been there. He’s done this. He can guide her through it.

As for that almost declaration of something I can’t quite figure out, I don’t have a clear answer. Do Journal!Lucy and current Lucy blend in such a way that he can’t see fact from fiction? Do her vodka ramblings make his heart soar? I don’t think even the writers know where they’re developing this relationship at this point; but it’s intriguing, for sure.

But my Lyatt heart bleeds true. As much as I’ve come to love Flynn and his ultimate sass, there has only been one man who has stoked Lucy’s fire since season one, and that man is the one who (yes, painfully) gets the actual declaration of love out into the open. I’m not going to say Lucy is oblivious. We tend to read into these things, even if we refuse to admit them to ourselves, but I don’t think that burgeoning love is on her agenda. Until there’s an episode devoted to Garcy with a score created just for their sexy times, I’m not one to worry over the platonic bond between male and female friends. This is 2018. They exist.

TIMELESS — “Chinatown” Episode 210 — Pictured: (l-r) Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin, Claudia Doumit as Jiya, Goran Visnjic as Garcia Flynn — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Logan: I have always thought that Flynn had admiration for Lucy, but where I saw admiration, I also saw frustration because the Lucy he meets is not the Lucy from the journal. She’s not even the Lucy that gave him the journal. He has spent so much time with her words that he expects our Lucy to be her. That version of Lucy was a beacon of hope for him during his darkest times. When the whole world was against him, he had her thoughts and her words to take comfort in. She promised him a better tomorrow. Of course, he would come to care for her. How could he not?

I think Flynn is still dedicated to his girls, but I think Lucy represents the idea that he could be happy again someday. If I were Flynn, I would cling to that, too. I think he wants what’s best for Lucy, even if that may not be him. He wants her safe; he wants her happy; he wants her to have what she wants. They have formed a friendship while trapped in that bunker together, and I think it’s the first time Flynn has really had a friend in a long time. I believe that he is really rather lonely, and being a part of Lucy’s life allows him to feel important and included.

As for Lucy, I think she’s largely oblivious; even if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t go down that road. Her heart is already invested in one man with a not-so-dead wife. I doubt she would go investing it in another man with the same problem — a problem that’s actually made even more complicated because Flynn is a father. Lucy sees that Flynn is not a heartless monster, and she knows that he can make no judgements, given all he’s done. He is the perfect companion for her while she’s in her darkest and most heart-wrenching place. I think she cares for him as a friend and wants him to find happiness one day.

I am here for their friendship. I am here to see them care about what happens to each other and work together. But I do believe that Flynn’s crush is unrequited. I also believe he has no expectation of it being returned. He knows where Lucy’s heart lies. I’m sure of it.

Melinda: I honestly do not know where the Flynn road leads. Lucy trusts Flynn, and he clearly trusts Lucy. I just honestly don’t get the connection, and I think my Lyatt vision is too cloudy to see anything but a familial or friendship connection.

Jenna: I don’t see how Flynn’s crush on Lucy can have come from anything but the journal. The Lucy that gave it to him gave him hope. She gave him pieces of herself in that journal.

Does he love the real Lucy? I don’t know. He has really only been in the bunker with her as long as Jessica has.

Does he care? Absolutely.

Is it love? I don’t know. The man still wears his wedding ring.

Does Lucy like him? I don’t know. I think she has a crush, if anything. She isn’t in a place to love anyone (and that includes Wyatt).

On that note, do you think Journal!Lucy is the same Lucy that popped up in the bunker with Future Beard!Wyatt? Have they already visited Flynn to give him the journal before making it to the bunker to save Rufus? Or is this an entirely new timeline altogether?

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Luci: This timey-wimey thing really messes with your head, doesn’t it? There have been so many changes to the timeline that who’s to say Future LaraCroft!Lucy is the same version of Lucy that Flynn met all those years ago? I kind of hope she is because then things would come full circle, and there seemed to be a spark of recognition in Flynn’s eyes when she stepped out of the Lifeboat. So, maybe they are one and the same. I don’t know.

Thinking about time travel repercussions gives me a headache.

Jess: I do believe they are one and the same. My theory for this is that the journal contains so many fragile, subject-to-change variables, that it is imperative that they give the journal to someone who can fight their fight with the least amount of connection for the most gain. Could Lucy entrust that journal with Rufus with the promise of his death in 1888? Who would ever take upon that mission knowing the date of their death? If Future!Lyatt are finally the OTP we dream of, how can they expect their current selves to take on the burden of Rittenhouse, forging a relationship, and keeping everyone they hold dear alive, as well as their own fated futures, without crumbling? The magnitude of the journal far surpasses the USB they gave to Denise in 1981, and the fate of humanity as we know it depends on the choice to give the journal to Flynn. No pressure.

I’m praying that DesertStorm!Lucy and Journal!Lucy are the same person. It would really bring Lucy’s development full circle, and I cannot tell you the excitement I have at the prospect of a practically (if not actually) married!Lyatt. Breathe. BREATHE.

Logan: I hope Journal!Lucy and ChoppedHair!Lucy are one and the same. Flynn seemed to recognize her (well, he didn’t look shocked like the others, at least). My hope is that the Lucy that showed up at the end of the Timeless finale is the exact same Lucy who gave Flynn the journal. Maybe a less sweaty and grimy ChoppedHair!Lucy but definitely that version of Lucy.

My prediction would be that the journal was from an earlier trip — that Lucy went back and gave Flynn the journal, but when she returned to her present, nothing had changed. The lack of any changes would be what I think would convince ChoppedHair!Lucy and Beard!Wyatt to take matters into their own hands. I could be wrong; and in fact, when it comes to speculation, I usually am. However, the minute I saw Flynn’s face at the end episode 10, I couldn’t shake the thought that this Lucy was the one who visited him in the bar.

Melinda: Judging by Flynn’s reaction, it seemed that he recognized I’mInTheArmyNow!Lucy — if not that exact I’mInTheArmyNow!Lucy then a version of Badass!Lucy from the future. This HagridBeard!Wyatt and I’mInTheArmyNow!Lucy are clearly on a mission to save the past so that the future works out the way they need it to save Rufus and stop Rittenhouse.  

Jenna: Oh, yes! They are one and the same. I think that Lucy gave Flynn that journal and came back to their timeline to find that nothing changed, so they are there to right a wrong.

You could see the look on Flynn’s face. SHE was the one who gave him that journal. The glow up is canon and real.

What about Lyatt? Share your feels with us. Don’t hold back.

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Luci: I mean, you might as well just skip to Logan’s part on this one. There’s not much to add to what she already said. I have been a Lyatt fan from the first time Wyatt said ma’am in the Timeless pilot, and I think Matt Lanter and Abigail Spencer have an insane chemistry together, which is what definitely makes this pairing work. Of course, the writing is stellar, but if anyone else played Lucy and/or Wyatt, maybe their story wouldn’t translate as well as it does with Spencer and Lanter.

And I really, really love how their journey has played out so far. Of course, we all could’ve done without the angst this season and skipped to the happily-ever-after part, but that’s just not how TV works. And these actors play tortured lovers so well. I mean, do I even need to remind you of episodes 2×05, 2×06, 2×07, 2×09 and 2×10? Those were the height of Lyatt angst, and we all loved every second of it.

I love that their story has developed organically, and that they have found solace in each other through the mess their lives have become after they found out time travel was a real thing. They understand each other on a level that is really impressive; and to be honest, I can’t even pinpoint when things changed for them. All I know is that theirs is a love story for the books and — if Future Hot Beard!Wyatt and LaraCroft!Lucy are anything to go by — they’ll stick together through everything and come out stronger on the other side.

Jess: Skip this part unless you want to die.

There’s not much more I can add to Logan’s ode to Lyatt. Girl’s got a hot-wired brain for our OTP, and I agree wholeheartedly with her summation. If I could add two cents, I do think every fragment, down to each second, has been essential for our Lucy and Wyatt dynamic. This is not a ship that writers want to see tossed together in a salad bowl and left to wilt after a season. There’s a majesty in the construction of their rise and fall.

I have so much respect for the Timeless writers and the way they steered this relationship. I am known for loving angst. I feed off of it. They keep Lyatt a case of bad timing and never let it become a catfight between Lucy and Jessica, which cannot be said for a lot of love triangle plots. I really saw a lot of maturity in the separation, especially from Lucy. She is a woman of honor and class. Wyatt makes mistakes, as is human and so very Wyatt, but the Timeless finale really brings home the bacon. There is a real beginning, middle and end, as promised, and “Chinatown” really blends all of that hurt and underlying love and grief, minces it and then slathers it like a balm over our broken Lyatt.

“I love you, Lucy.”

Have you ever heard anything as raw and honest and not immediately thought of it as utter cheddar? I never expected an “I love you,” and I never expected it in this tone…But I could not envision it any other way. There’s a potent delicateness here. Matt Lanter really brings in a home run in his interpretation of that scene, of not feeling worthy. Abigail Spencer slays with equal ambiguity and a passionate inference that leaves us quivering with anticipation.

Then, whirr, BANG.

Combat Barbie Lyatt at your service.

In they toss another completely unexpected, ravishing dynamic that can’t help but throw a cement block of hope in your face. The moment Lyatt stepped out of the upgraded Lifeboat, we all knew. I whispered it in a fit of shock: Endgame.” Whatever happens, wherever the road may lead, these two emerge together from the rubble stronger and fiercer than we’ve ever seen them. Then again, has our faith in them ever really wavered? Oh, the possibilities. Our fanfic lives are about to get a whole lot wilder.

Logan: Are you really sure you what that? Are you positive? ‘Cause I have many of Lyatt feelings! I mean, you might as well sit back and relax because this is going to take a while.

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Episodes 2×01-2×03 felt like a high-speed train of building tension, affection, love, and loss. It seemed inevitable that the train would ultimately lead to to a shimmering poolside in 1941, amidst the glitz and glamor of Old Hollywood. There was care, concern and support between Lucy and Wyatt from the moment they found each other in 1918. It was beautiful. Lucy’s six-week absence had clearly kindled whatever ember of feeling Wyatt had for her prior to that into a full flame. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Especially an absence where the object of your fond feelings might be dead.

So, after losing each other for so long, the crash of feelings that happened in 1941 should not have been surprising to anyone. We were given a glimpse of what Lyatt could be, and it was breathtaking. They were good for each other; they made each other happy. Have you ever seen Wyatt smile bigger or laugh more than during those 40 minutes where he was fully invested in Lucy Preston? The answer is no. No, you had not. The same could be said for Lucy, whose life after time travel was on a steady downward spiral. She glowed in this episode. She glowed because of Wyatt. This was supposed to be the start of a new, healthy relationship for both characters; and for us, the audience, it was supposed to be a tease of where they will end up…eventually. Like reading the end of a book before buying it, which you absolutely should not do by the way, you know…this is where we’re headed.

But then comes the great crash of 2018. Otherwise known as Trashica.

Lucy and Wyatt do the only thing they can: They hit the brakes. Wyatt goes back to his wife, and Lucy tries to be happy for him. But the feelings don’t disappear just because a not-so-dead wife appears. So, what we get in Timeless‘ next few episodes are moments that should tell everyone in this triangle how this must end up: Wyatt unable to shoot Emma because it would put Lucy in danger, Wyatt checking on her without one thought to Jessica, Lucy convincing Jessica to stay despite her actively breaking heart because it would make Wyatt happy, the look of doubt on Wyatt’s face as Lucy walks away from him later…and that’s just in 2×05.

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But the first moment in all of this pain that simultaneously broke and comforted me was the moment Wyatt wants to talk to Lucy after the Rittenhouse Raid (you know, the one where he wasn’t able to kill Lucy’s mother because it would devastate her and he just can’t do that to the woman he loves). He wants to talk and spend time, just the two of them, like he and Lucy used to do. He wants to be her confidant; he wants to take comfort in her and provide comfort for her. It’s not right, but he cannot help himself. When Lucy sends him off to his wife, you can see the realization on his face. He knows now. He’s losing Lucy Preston, and he does not like it.

The next moment, that I memorized and cherished because when Lyatt hurts I hurt, was the conversation at the end of 2×07 — where, once again, Wyatt tries to offer Lucy comfort but she turns him away. The look on his face when she pulls away says everything he can’t say out loud. He loves her, and he wants her…and he doesn’t know what to do with that. He still knows enough, however, to know that Lucy Preston is the most impressive woman he will ever meet or have the privilege to be close to (sorry, Trashica), and he cannot let her disparage herself.

Wyatt Freaking Logan, ladies and gentlemen. This man, I swear, is the most frustrating and beautiful man that has ever graced my TV screen. He’s so conflicted. Yet, the one thing that is constantly clear is that Lucy Preston is strong and fierce; and it’s quite possible that the world revolves around her instead of the sun. Matt Lanter just kills me with his expressive face every damn time. How do you do that, sir? How do you put every emotion possible into that ridiculously handsome face of yours? You are truly a wonder, Matt.

He takes it a step further, though, because his reading of “Where does that leave us?” is not just a simple “are we good?” No, this is a subtle plea. This is an attempt to suss out how Lucy feels. He’s looking for something to indicate that she wants to fight for the two of them because he doesn’t think he can take that step alone. When she holds her ground and insists they are teammates, he accepts it. But the expression he wears as he walks away is not satisfied with just being teammates. He knows it, Lucy knows it, and we know it. If only someone (Wyatt) would use their words (Wyatt) and own up to actually being in love (Wyatt) and not at all happy with the current situation (Wyatt). But he doesn’t, so Wyatt and Lucy go back to their current status quo. But they both know, it’s not over. You can see it in both their faces as he walks away.

We’re focusing on the positives here, so I’m not going to talk about everything from 2×09 or most of 2×10. Because —  wow — if I thought my one true pair was broken before, then by the time they’re sitting side by side on the floor in 2×10, they must be completely shattered. But I will mention two things from 2×09.

Lyatt’s mutual acknowledgement that they are not the team they once were killed me. Lucy’s line passes by them quickly, and Wyatt’s response that is soaked in jealousy (that he has no right to feel) is just as quick — but it’s there. The acknowledgement that they used to be partners but now aren’t lies under the surface of that whole exchange and bleeds over into Lucy not letting Wyatt help her onto her horse. She doesn’t need him anymore, she can handle herself, and when she can’t? She’ll turn to Flynn. Wyatt doesn’t like it, but he knows there’s nothing he can do about it right then. Ouch.

The other moment from Timeless 2×09 that I have to mention is the hug. Wyatt had been trying, in various ways, to reach out to Lucy since 2×06; each time, she turned him away. He doesn’t expect a hug, doesn’t think it’s even a possibility, but the moment it happens he leans into it. They both do. For me, it feels like a goodbye on Lucy’s part. For her, it’s a foregone conclusion that he will choose Jessica every time, and in her mind, that’s exactly how it should be. She’s just found out Jessica is pregnant, and if she had any hope of things miraculously working out with Wyatt before…well, that’s surely gone now. The hug is making amends for the couple’s earlier fighting, but it’s also a farewell because if Wyatt leaves with Jessica, that’s it. They’re done.

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For Wyatt, though, the hug seems to remind him of something. Considering the next scene is him asking Trashica to leave and kind of lying to her, I have inferred that it reminded him of his mission, the thing he spent all last season realizing he was meant to do. What was that mission, again? Oh yes, that’s right: protecting Lucy and Rufus. Wyatt obviously loves Lucy, and the hug reminds him that the stakes are high. If Jessica is somehow involved with Rittenhouse, he cannot risk her being near Rufus or Lucy. No one ever states this in the Timeless finale, but watching Wyatt’s reaction after the fact tells me that Lucy’s hug clicked something into place and pushed him toward that decision to ask Jessica to leave the bunker.

Even in their distance and their sadness, Lyatt is beautiful.

Much like that confession in 2×10 — yes I’m skipping over all that came before it. I’ve already discussed that stupid accidental hit once, I’m not doing it again — Matt Lanter’s Hypable interview was full of so much detail about his performance in this scene. He chose not to look at Abigail during that scene because Wyatt expects nothing in return from Lucy; he does not think he deserves any love from her. He cannot look her in the eye and passionately proclaim his feelings because he is unworthy of her. What he believes he deserves is to lose her the way he lost everything else. It’s all his fault; so that’s his punishment.

What I love most, though, about Wyatt’s confession is that it comes after Lucy defends him from himself. It sounds to me as if he is amazed by Lucy Preston yet again — amazed that she can still defend him, even when he is unable, and amazed that she’s even bothering to talk to him. It sounds regretful, apologetic and hopeless. He is not asking her for anything, simply stating a fact that just is.

And then Abigail reacts brilliantly. Her mouth is slightly agape (I’ve noticed she does this when Wyatt confesses things to Lucy, and I find it adorable), and her eyes are filled with tears. There is shock clearly written on her face, as if she never once contemplated he might actually be in love with her, let alone say the words. But there is also sadness because it’s possible it’s too little too late. Lucy loves Wyatt, but he broke her heart; and while she may trust him with her life, trusting him with her heart again feels like too much of a risk. This time, I marvel at Abigail and how easy it is to read the expression on her face because there is an overwhelming amount of emotions on display. There’s a reason so many people ship Lucy and Wyatt, and the actors are a large part of that reason. They emote so well that you feel every bit of their pain and their joy.

Their chemistry is also off the charts.

Their chemistry is so far off the charts that all their future selves have to do is step out of the Lifeboat, and suddenly they’ve launched a thousand smutty fan fictions. Beard!Wyatt and ChoppedHair!Lucy are sexy, and there is no way they aren’t together. They are a solid, confident unit. Partners. They have a swagger that clearly indicates they’ve worked out any underlying tension, three guess as to how they worked it out. (Bet you won’t even need that many.)

Timeless‘ second season has been a sad, beautiful and tragic trip for this one true pairing, but that finale ending is our light at the end of the tunnel. I cannot wait to see what the writers have up their sleeves for season three. Let’s go, I’m ready.

Melinda: I think Logan has seriously wrapped up every beautiful and heart-wrenching piece of Lyatt. Without getting into the same details, I think the best part about Lyatt is that the writers took their time with this ship. Timeless season 1 was all about their meeting, working together, and trusting one another — their friendship. The Lyatt pieces have always been there, and the writers built us a slow bridge to their ultimate fate: a future together. They have always had a silent connection, a way of looking at one another and knowing what the other one was thinking, a trust. I think that is why “Hollywoodland” was so much more than just the episode that Lucy and Wyatt finally hooked up. This was a man and woman who had fallen in love but couldn’t even say the words out loud because this was how cherished and special this bond was.  

Jenna: I can’t say much more than the others on here, but i will say this: Lyatt is gold. They are messy and complicated, and they hurt me in the best way.

This season, as much as it hurts, was necessary for Lyatt to grow. There are no more ghosts or demons. When they choose to be together, they can finally be together.

Future!Lyatt are proof of that.

Since we still don’t know whether Timeless is going to be renewed or not, please share what drew you to the show in the first place. What do you think makes this series so unique and important in today’s culture?

Luci: Well, what drew me to the show in the first place was time travel. And Goran Visnjic. I remember I watched the trailer, and my first reaction was: “Time travel and Luka? I’m in.” A few months later, at SDCC, a couple of friends who had already screened the pilot were raving about it and how amazing it was. They said it was easily the best pilot of 2016 — and it was. It really, really was.

But then Timeless kept getting better and better, and did I mention how it felt like a mini historical movie every week? I’ve learned so much in these past two seasons. Timeless has definitely rekindled by old love for history, but what really warms my heart is that this show is bringing families together. Teachers are using it to illustrate a class and help students connect with history across America.

TIMELESS — “Mrs. Sherlock Holms” Episode 207 — Pictured: Sarah Sokolovic as Grace Humiston — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

And more than that, Timeless is bringing historical figures to our attention that should and need to be talked about. Hedy Lamarr, Alice Paul, Grace Humiston, Wendell Scott, and Robert Johnson — just to mention a few — were all brilliant people, who made a world of difference in history but have been otherwise lost in time.

Of course, the stellar writing and production, as well as a brilliant cast with an insane chemistry definitely help its cause, but Timeless has become a game-changer in our culture. It has brought an entire fandom together, with people from all over the world rallying to save the show, showing networks that Nielsen ratings aren’t everything and that it’s time to think outside the box. It has been an immense pleasure to be a part of this. Because, you know what? This is history in the making. Years from now, this has the potential to be remembered as the LOST of this decade, for how it changed the way we consume TV and how it has broken every single barrier between the audience and the people who make TV. We have all become one and the same, fighting for the same goal. And I hope we can keep fighting for many seasons to come.

Jess: I used to watch another show and guess what? Abby came in as the presumed dead girlfriend for my OTP (who were two-three seasons deep), and she came in with such force and sass that I dropped my pairing in a heartbeat and became an instant Spencer Stan. At first, I avoided Timeless because a friend mentioned it had been canceled, and I couldn’t devote myself to a show that would grip me by the throat and then drop me like yesterday’s cold leftovers. I get too emotionally invested for that shit.

The thing is, Lady Spencer ruined my show for me, and I ended up caving not long after…and holy f*ck. Timeless is everything I dreamed of in a show. LGBTQIA+ representation? Feminism? Diversity? Inclusivity? A proportionate amount of females to males? A female villain? Time travel? The list goes on and on. I was a kid in a candy store, in a coma from all of the syrupy goodness of such a well-cast and well-written series. Also, the history? You’re speaking to the nerd who purposefully took an 800 year elective on Roman history and thought it was fun.

Timeless is important — unlike a slew of other shows I could trash talk here but won’t because I would never want to detract from the marvel that is Timeless. The writers are not afraid of the truth, being careful not to whitewash painful eras of history or shying away from misogyny, racism or homophobia. There is a dedication to telling the right side of the story that coincides with being on the right side of history, a current battle even in today’s world. Every story the Timeless writers choose to tell is inherently important.

I also have to shout out to the #Clockblockers. Never have I ever experienced such a beautiful pack of stone cold weirdos that I cherish wholeheartedly. I’ve said it a thousand times, and I’ll continue to say it a thousand more: You are as important to me for renewal as Timeless itself. This is a whole package deal.

Logan: I watched the Timeless pilot live on NBC, and I liked it. I wasn’t addicted, but I liked the characters and how Kate Drummond was showcased. For most of that first episode, I was really just a bit undecided.

But then…

Lucy went home to a healthy mother and no sister.

What? They left it there? What choice did I have? I had to come back for more. And I’m glad I did. Initially, I tuned in for a light adventure and because I am a history nerd through and through. I love a good story, and history is full of them. But what I came for isn’t why I stayed. I stayed for Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus. I love character-driven, found family, idealistic shows. Timeless is all of those things. It checked all the right boxes for me.

“Why idealistic,” you ask? It doesn’t seem like it fits, right? Wrong.

TIMELESS — “The Salem Witch Hunt” Episode 204 — Pictured: (l-r) Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston, Sofia Vassilieva as Abiah, Jennifer Christopher as Alice Parker — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

Timeless teaches us how to be a better quality human by showing us all the ways our history is awful. It presents our characters with complicated issues of equality and decency in the context of less enlightened times. This could easily turn our team bitter very quickly, but it doesn’t. Instead, the Team Team influences history with their own idealistic acceptance. It is a beautiful thing to see.

The season one finale had a moment with Ethan Cahill, Lucy, and Wyatt that makes me want to cry every time — in sadness and in joy. Ethan is so distraught over the idea that there is something wrong with him because he is gay, that this somehow means he is sick, and this amazing show had Lucy and Wyatt assure him that he is not the problem. It’s the rest of the world that’s the problem. Timeless does this in a way that is not heavy handed and doesn’t preach at the audience, but it is powerful and so sincere. Scenes like that one, that explore our ability to show compassion and be unfailingly kind, that make this series necessary to life and pop culture.

And Timeless includes scenes like these again and again. Every episode addresses our humanity in a new way and inspires us to be as kind in the present as our heroes are in the past. Our Time Team brings people together; and in a world that seems more divided than ever, that is exactly what we need. Do the right thing, NBC, by allowing this cast and crew to tell more heartfelt and inclusive stories that exalt those who have been forgotten by the world, that inspire us to be kind to each other, and that in the end make us all better humans.

Melinda: I had seen promos for Timeless and just knew I was immediately going to love it. I loved the premise. I loved the idea of traveling back to actual historical events; and I honestly loved Abigail Spencer’s nerdy portrayal of a historian forced into this crazy task.

I did not expect to turn into the ultimate fangirl, sign up for Twitter, and love this show to this point. But Timeless is important. The series is worth all of the fuss and fight of its fans because this is a show about morality, ethics, feminism, diversity, culture, and family all with accurate historical events to back up the theme. Seriously, what other show on TV offers this? Oh, and did I mention the brilliant cast and relatable characters? This show needs to be on TV because instead of watching a superhero or a male lead in a TV show, I want my daughter to watch Lucy Preston and want to be as brilliant, as noble, and as fierce as she is.

Jenna: Not only does Timeless teach, it makes you look at your beliefs and the way you see your life.

It is the most inclusive show I have ever seen. From the writers’ room, right down to the characters. I think the world is a better place because of a TV show. Shouldn’t that mean more than money?

Any predictions for Timeless season 3? We still have our fingers crossed!

Source: lyattgifs on Tumblr

Luci: I can’t wait to find out more about Future!Lyatt. I can’t wait to see how the hell the writers are going to save Rufus. Are they going to take Present!Lyatt to 1888, so there will be three different versions of Lyatt running around in late 1800s San Francisco? I hope we get to see Future Lucy go back in time to give Flynn the journal. I want to see more Emma being her deliciously evil self. I want the Jessica thing to be resolved once and for all. I want to see Jiya and Rufus reunite and ugly cry with them. I want to see more of Bunker Mama Denise Christopher and Connor Mason bonding over their time-traveling children. I want my Lyatt babies to be happy together; but before that, I want to see Wyatt grovel to earn Lucy’s trust and affection.

But most of all, I want to keep learning. I want to be able to finish an episode and Google whatever historical figure or event is introduced to us every week. I want to continue to be a part of this incredible fandom.

We just need NBC to go ahead and freaking renew Timeless already.

Jess: My fingers aren’t even crossed. I know they’ve signed that contract in blood somewhere, and some idiot intern has lost the paperwork. This is why it’s taken NBC so long to get back to us with the news of renewal. As soon as they find the contract, Jan will be sure to set fire to Twitter, and Clockblockers will break the internet. Step back, Kardashians.

Predictions? DesertStorm!Lyatt are totally banging.

Okay, but seriously, Timeless season 3 needs to be about strengthening versus fracturing. While season two started off with the Time Team relatively glued together, by 2×10, all of our heroes are clinging to each other by the threads of Lucy’s better than Rudy speech. For the next episodes, we need a rebonding, a forging of trust and faith in each other, which I think Future!Lyatt can bestow upon our Bunker Babies.

I need Rufus. His existence is like air, essential. I need Mason to start hurdling that self-pity barrier, grab those fragments of genius and throw them into upgrading the hell out of that Lifeboat. Agent Christopher? Mobilize. Get your Bunker Babies training like real Delta soldiers; prepare them so the horror of “Chinatown” never falls to a shootout between two. Arm the women. Jiya? Hone your vision craft. STEM the hell out of everything that is holy, and perfect your Lifeboat piloting. Flynn? Assimilate. Find your brotherhood alongside your friendship with Lucy, become more than another piece of muscle. Oh, and get your girls.

Lyatt? How can I not package them together? They’ve lost everything, and they are literally the only fixed constant for one another. Learn from your future; find hope and purpose beyond the loss and hurt. Reroute. Kick ass. Become invincible. Most of all? Find honesty in your love.

Logan: Oh, man! Predictions for Timeless season 3? Well, I hope it’s a road back to happy Lyatt. I hope we see Lucy and Wyatt help each other heal. I hope we see them on lighthearted adventures again and maybe even on that open road Wyatt talked about while they were locked in Wendell’s trunk. I know we’ll get Rufus back. We have to. I hope we see him developing his partnership with Jiya and learning how to navigate their problems together. They started that journey this season, and I’d like to see them complete it. I would love to see Jiya develop her abilities even further. There is so much potential there, and I am excited to see where the writers take it. I want Flynn to get a chance at saving his family. I want to see more of Mason accepting his new family. I want more of Denise protecting her bunker babies at all costs.

But mostly, I want to see Future Lyatt kicking ass and saving the world alongside our present Lucy and Wyatt. I want to watch that dynamic play out. I want to see where the cast and crew plan to take Lucy and Wyatt’s journeys in the future. I. Can. Not. Wait.

I thought season two was a wild ride, but if season three starts with Lucy and Wyatt from the future then season three is going to be a high speed inverted roller coaster of a ride. If that’s the case, then all I have to say is: Bring it on.

Melinda: Well, first of all, we need to Save Rufus! There is no Time Team without Rufus Carlin. I truly hope that the Timeless writers are done toying with our fragile Lyatt hearts; and they finally set Wyatt on the path to heal to earn back the trust and affection of Lucy. Seriously, this has been one hell of a Lyatt rollercoaster this season, and I realize it was a path that needed to be taken; but I cannot handle anymore Jessica, possible pregnancies or heartbreak. For my sake. And I hope PaulBunyan!Wyatt smacks Present Wyatt around a little to tell him to start thinking straight.

Timeless will be back on NBC…we hope. Until we know for sure and get the new episodes we deserve, we’ll be on Twitter with the rest of you. Waiting.

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