Timeless Roundtable: Season 2 In Review

On that note, let’s talk about Jessica. Is she really pregnant? What are your predictions as to how this is going to play out in season 3? Is she going to be Emma’s second in command? Will Wyatt ever be free of her?

Source: Timelessdaily on Tumblr

Luci: Hell no. That Rittenbitch is definitely not pregnant. Let’s look at the evidence, shall we? One, she hasn’t been in the bunker long enough to know — and I’m pretty sure there weren’t any pregnancy tests lying around. Unless she was super fertile and timed this just right, she is not preggers. That, and I’m pretty sure Agent Christopher didn’t do her a solid and go to the drugstore to get a ClearBlue.

Secondly, she was drinking ALCOHOL after she kidnapped Jiya and was celebrating with her evil partners. Third, she got in a time machine and went to the 19th century, where she proceeded to take part in a major gunfight.

I’m sorry, but if that’s her idea of taking care of her unborn child, then her priorities are seriously messed up.

That said, I am actually really curious as to how this is going to play out in Timeless season 3. How far up in the Rittenhouse hierarchy is she? Emma seemed to trust her, so maybe they are going to run Rittenhouse together now. I just hope Wyatt can let her go. It seems it’s finally dawning on him that she’s not the Jessica he remembers, so hopefully he won’t suffer too much when they finally put her down. But knowing Wyatt, he will still feel guilty for being the reason they brought her back in the first place.

Jess: Pause for a dramatic eye roll.

If you know me, you know how much I despise the pregnant storyline as a catalyst for more drama. I remain cool with Shawn and Eric because there has been no actual confirmation apart from Trashica’s (it’s a thing now, I can’t stop) admission in 2×10. I do not trust one word that comes from that deceitful, lecherous mouth. It seemed highly convenient that the reveal came at the first stages of Wyatt’s apprehension.

Leading up to 2×08 we were told: do the math. Does Wyatt have super sperm that knocked up this Rittenbitch? Can Jessica feel her body change in such a short amount of time? Was there some old wives’ tale that signified she was with child before an actual pregnancy test could be taken? I mean, Agent Christopher seemed as shocked as the rest of her Bunker Babies, and she’s the one doing the grocery shopping. I bet you all $5 there was never a request for Clear Blue in there. So that leads me to this: Jessica Rittenbitch Preston-Whitmore-Logan hybrid, you are a lying sack of potatoes.

Her pregnancy also came in useful as a shield against an already compromised Wyatt Logan during 2×10. That well-aimed shot we were waiting on from Flynn? Holy shit. Your mutant time baby saves you again. Convenient. With the time-travel and cup ‘o cheer she accepts for kidnapping our Techie Scamp, that baby is going to be born with three heads and visions out of this world. Isn’t there some kind of unspoken rule about time-hopping while baking a sprog? If so, Trashica doesn’t care. Don’t come at me and tell me they’ve tested that theory.

Woops! I focused on Mutant Time Baby for far too long. Will Trashica become the Robin to Emma’s Batman? Well, she couldn’t kill Wyatt upon admission, so she’s not completely indoctrinated. There’s some wiggle room for a change in fate. However, if we’re going with this phantom pregnancy, let’s just say that Trashica is setting herself up for the reveal of Cruella Devil.

The angsty fic-writer part of me highkey sees the appeal of producing a Jyatt baby. Will Wyatt ever be free of her? In this scenario, no. I can see minds and plotlines whirring. It’d really throw that Carol/Lucy parallel into play again — would you raise your baby as Rittenhouse? How would you thwart that?

On a deeper level, I believe that, if children are ever on his horizon, Wyatt should be allowed to have them with someone who hasn’t manipulated him for the majority of his life — and with someone he loves unconditionally without fault. Trashica ain’t it. Throw her in a dumpster. Cut that umbilical cord, and toss her into the void. Wyatt needs a fresh lead into the future, so hopefully Timeless season 3 will kickstart the only cancellation we need this year: Jessica Logan.

TIMELESS — “Chinatown” Episode 210 — Pictured: (l-r) Annie Wersching as Emma Whitmore, Tonya Glanz as Jessica, Evan Lai as Feng Yunshan, Michael Rady as Nicholas Keynes, Susanna Thompson as Carol Preston — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Logan: Let’s start here: Rittenbitch ain’t pregnant. I’m just saying. She time traveled, drank, wore a corset, and engaged in gunfire. What pregnant woman would EVER? Just for research purposes, I told two of my friends today about this and mentioned all of this to them. These women have little girls. The minute I mentioned the alcohol and the corset, they responded with, “Oh, hell no.” (Yes, that’s a quote.) I didn’t even have to bring up the known canon health risks of time travel. So, Trashica ain’t pregnant. If she is, well, Jess has already said it: That baby will be a mutant time baby. And the poor kid would have all kinds of mommy issues.

This “pregnancy” is only useful in that it prevents the Time Team from killing Jessica and keeps Wyatt in her thrall. The only reason Trashica is still alive at the end of episode 10 is because Wyatt won’t let Flynn shoot her. Why does Wyatt stop Flynn? Because he thinks Trashica is carrying his kid. That lie was initially a distraction to buy her time and then, later on, a tool to save her life. It’s not the first time she’s lied to Wyatt to manipulate him, and it won’t be the last. All those horrible things her Wyatt supposedly did? Lies. She planted guilt in him that she could use and control. I firmly believe this. The woman is toxic, toxic, toxic.

But Jessica’s plan to control Wyatt will fall through. Wyatt is learning, and will continue to learn, that Trashica is someone he doesn’t know. In that same Hypable interview I mentioned before, Matt Lanter also said that Wyatt was going to have to learn to let Jessica go, and that he would need to realize that Trashica is not his Jessica. I think that is where this storyline is headed. I think Wyatt will eventually be free because he will see her for what she really is: a true, devout manipulative Rittenbitch, who is completely unhealthy for him.

Will Jessica be Emma’s second in command? Does Emma want a second in command? I don’t think so. Emma will use her to torture the Time Team as long as she can, and once Trashica has outlived that purpose, she’ll be gone. Trashica needs to watch out. If Emma turned on Carol and Nicholas that quickly, who’s to say she won’t do the same to her?

Melinda: I’m not sure if Jessica’s really pregnant or not. I hate to even type that because every part of my being does not want that evil bitch to be carrying around the precious DNA of Wyatt Logan, but the storyline is ever so plot worthy. Wyatt Logan conceives a baby born into Rittenhouse and then somehow has to save said baby from the evil clutches of his/her mother. Doesn’t his soulmate know a little something about being born unwillingly into creepy cult life? I don’t want or like it, but I think the plot is possible.

If Jessica isn’t pregnant, then I am almost disappointed in the route the writers took with this whole thing because let’s face it: Timeless doesn’t need a fake pregnancy to make things better. No extra drama needed.

Jenna: No. No, I don’t think she is pregnant. Pregnant people don’t drink, don’t wear corsets, and don’t get in a GODDAMN TIME MACHINE TWICE.

How convenient that she found out she was expecting RIGHT WHEN WYATT WAS GETTING SUSPICIOUS.

I honestly don’t know what will happen with Jessica. Will she end up being a long term character on this show? Or will she (hopefully) meet an untimely end at the beginning of Timeless season 3?

Our girl Lucy has had an incredibly difficult season. She has lost everything — her home, her family, and now one of her best friends. Not to mention, there’s the whole drama with Wyatt and his zombie wife. What are your thoughts on what our favorite historian has gone through in Timeless season 2, and where do you think her journey is going to lead?

Source: Timelessdaily on Tumblr

Luci: Oh, God. Lucy Preston has got to be the most resilient person in the history of TV. She really took a beating this season — physically and emotionally — and I honestly don’t know how she didn’t just crumble from the pressure, pain and heartbreak. From the moment this entire mess started, Lucy was the one who lost everything. She lost her sister, then discovered she was actually a Rittenhouse heir on her biological father’s side, and her mom turned out to be the lead Rittenbitch. Then, she was kidnapped for six weeks, found her friends again, gave into her feelings for Wyatt and had one perfect night with him in 1941, only to have it all taken away the next day when zombie wife showed up.

Then, she was nearly hanged to death in 1692 Salem, accused of witchcraft by her own mother. She had to deal with Wyatt’s conflicting emotions and her own heartbreak. And then, when it seemed it couldn’t get any worse, Jessica was outed as Rittenhouse, kidnapped one of Lucy’s friends, and broke Wyatt’s heart (and we know she feels his pain). Lucy also watched her mother die, then watched Emma murder Rufus.


Seriously, Luce, how are you still standing? If you didn’t break after all of this, you’re pretty damned invincible at this point. I absolutely love how much this character has grown and how much stronger she is now, but I feel so sorry that she had to go through all of this. No one deserves even half of what she’s been through, but Lucy Preston just took everything in and allowed it to make her stronger. I mean, if Future LaraCroft!Lucy is anything to go by, she’s well on her way to becoming a serious BAMF. Her incredible showdown with Emma in the Timeless finale is only proof of that.

But what I really love about Lucy is how complex and layered Abigail Spencer really made her. Lucy Preston is this quirky historian, who is funny, clumsy, incredibly smart, resilient and the strongest badass of the entire team. Lucy proves that you don’t have to have superpowers to be a badass. She is a hero in her own way, wearing her heart on her sleeve, satisfying everyone’s needs before her own, loving so deeply that she probably doesn’t even know what to do with all the emotions going through her.

Lucy may not be the textbook definition of a superhero, but she has definitely become my hero. And I can’t wait to see more of her in season 3. Just please let her be happy for a little while, Timeless writers. Come on, she’s earned it.

Jess: Luci forgot the locket, the last piece of Lucy’s “original” timeline. Let me just put your hearts through the grinder a few more times before we’re through. I am with Shawn Ryan. To build a character, that character must face adversity. Season 1 Lucy Preston lived a rather sheltered life with little battle to overcome, which gifts us with an adorkable, often clumsy, sass bucket of wisdom and compassion. Cut to season two. In Abigail Spencer’s words: “Literally and physically, Lucy has been beat to shit.” Oh, boy.

I’m in a group with some ladies, and we had a discussion about the weight of Lucy’s losses against some of the other members of the team. The fruits of this discussion were as follows: Lucy gets dragged harder and further than any character (and I’m really not one to compare); each episode pulls her deeper under the surface; and holy crap, does she do it with grace and resilience. Abigail Spencer can convey more strength in Lucy’s little finger than I can as a whole (mostly) functional human being. We see the complete reduction of Lucy Preston, the tempering of all of her soft layers to create a hardened armor that screams, “I am the woman I choose to be. Hear me roar.”

We are gifted all facets. The losses bleed in such a beautifully intricate way: the initial loss of home and the nurturing bond of mother and daughter, the loss of newfound connection and intimacy with her fixed constant, the loss of her safe space in the bunker with Trashica’s infiltration, the loss of a friend, confidant and her brother in arms — the man who wades through this scarily physical world, and commiserates with her about their shared ineptitude when it comes to literally fighting their own battles. The Timeless writers really harpooned season one Lucy and slowly reigned in the first prototype of our Combat Lucy Croft. 2×07 was such a tremendously important episode for Lucy’s development because it drew her out of her self-pity and finally gave her the spirit to not only stand for the rights of women everywhere but for herself and her own sense of well-being. I am important. I deserve. I can choose to be. I do not owe.

Lucy’s showdown with Emma was straight fire. It married together all of the lessons Lucy learned over her two seasons of development and brought it all raining down on that ginger Rittenbitch. I have watched that scene countless times. I think 3287 of those 300k Twitter mentions were mine about the absolute gut-slugging impact of Spencer’s acting. It is the utter definition of “slays.”

Source: Timelessdaily on Tumblr

Love is a powerful drug, and one day Emma Whitmore won’t have the luck of an empty barrel against her head. The day Lucy takes down Rittenhouse it will be with the power of her resilience, compassion, fierce determination and her family. Despite Rittenhouse’s beliefs, blood is not thicker than water in Lucy Preston’s eyes.

Love knows no boundaries.

Logan: There was a point this season, just after episode three, where I literally had an emotional breakdown over Lucy Preston’s losses. I should be ashamed to say this, but I really am not. I sobbed, like it was my own loss and my own pain, because I have been there. I know what that feels like. (And now, seeing Jess bring up the locket in her reply, I’m almost there again because ouch.) My point being, if anyone else had lost what Lucy lost, they would have laid down and given up. But our Lucy is a BOSS. She does not know how to lay down and give up, as evidenced by her pursuit of Emma after Rufus was shot. The woman does not know what the word “quit” means. She is selfless, strong and badass. She is the kind of woman I aspire to be because I could never be as resilient or compassionate as she is. I want to be, but at this point in my life, I do not have her strength of character.

Everything she went through, in my opinion, will forge her in the fire. It already has to some extent. Remember all those season 1 marketing materials that labeled her as “The Leader?” Well, this is how she steps into that role. This is what pushes her to be the leader that she was touted to be. I mean, you saw Lucy Croft in those last few seconds, didn’t you? Have you ever seen anyone else look more like the personification of “forged in fire” than that?

Lucy went through hell; but it all taught her something, forced her to step up, and led her to some important self realizations. She needed that. She needed to find herself and let that be enough. In fact, we all need to do that. We need to let how we want to define ourselves be enough. In Timeless‘ first season, Lucy let her mother define her direction in life…until time travel happened and she couldn’t anymore. Even then, she struggled with the idea of that journal defining her life. This Lucy, at the end of season two, is learning how to carve her own path in the world.

Fate will not control Lucy, and her mother’s legacy does not define her. History is fragile, and what she knows it to be may not always be right. She has more to learn on the legacy front, I think, based on Carol’s panic as she was dying. There is a larger reason, other than love, that Carol was so determined to have Lucy back on her side. I have a feeling Daddy Dearest will resurface at some point to inform his darling daughter of why, exactly, that was.

By the time that happens, everything Lucy has learned about standing on her own two feet will come in handy. In season one, she was so afraid of her Rittenhouse legacy being inevitable, but she doesn’t fear that anymore. She knows now, without a doubt, that Rittenhouse is a choice — and it is a choice she will never make.

TIMELESS — “The Salem Witch Hunt” Episode 204 — Pictured: Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

Melinda: I agree that Timeless season 2 his created a phoenix in Lucy, and we will eventually see her rise from the ashes of Rittenhouse. But I think that the most important part of this journey is that the core of Lucy is still within her and ever-present. Lucy has always seen everyone for both their faults and their weaknesses. She gave her mother that last chance even after kidnapping her, asking her to join her, to be on the right side of history. She was the first Time Team member to see Flynn for who he actually was, a broken man who had lost his wife and daughter to Rittenhouse.

She has an endless supply of patience for the man she loves, even when he is being a complete ass in his confused wife-back-from-the-dead state. She gave Jiya the pep talk to get her home from Chinatown; and even after their Rufus has been murdered, she knows him so well that she realizes that Jiya back with them is what he would have wanted all along. She has always shown empathy, resilience, and strength, even when she doubted herself. Most importantly, her moral compass has always pointed in the right direction. So for all of the defeats, the losses, the torture, Lucy is still Lucy, and I think that’s the most admirable thing about her character.

Jenna: This has been the best emotional journey I have ever been on. The Timeless writers broke Lucy down, to the point where she has nothing. Absolutely nothing. They are going to build her back up slowly, and she will be better for it.

If future Lucy is anything to go by, we are in for a treat.

Lau: Lucy might be one of the best characters on TV right now — her whole arc since season 1, everything she went through and how she stands strong after everything that happened. But through what happened in Timeless‘ second season, the problems with her mother, with Wyatt…she made a family with the girls in the bunker, and the guys too. She’s infinitely loyal, and how she’s changing little by little for the things and people she loves is a treat. And if future Lucy is any indication of all the possibilities for this character, it will be beautiful to see.

Flynn has changed from the ultimate villain in Timeless‘ first season, to being a part of the Time Team in season 2. What are your thoughts on his journey? Do you think he’s trustworthy now?

TIMELESS — “The Kennedy Curse” Episode 205 — Pictured: (l-r) Goran Visnjic as Garcia Flynn, Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston — (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)

Luci: I love Flynn. I liked him when he was a villain, and I love him now that he’s part of the team. His sarcastic quips bring such levity to otherwise emotionally charged situations that I live to see what he’ll come up with next. And I love that he knows just how to get under Wyatt’s skin; it’s so much fun to watch. I think he has proven himself to the team, and they’re on the same side now. That, and I genuinely think he truly cares about Lucy, so he wouldn’t do anything that could put her in harm’s way. As long as he stays the hell away from her romantically, we’re all good.

Jess: You know where Flynn stopped being the ultimate villain for me? Slap bang in the middle of Timeless 1×06, reciting the moment his wife and three-year-old daughter were murdered in cold blood. I am not going to be a better person and claim I wouldn’t pop a vessel and walk the same slippery slope to wreak vengeance for my loved ones. I’ve never fully distrusted Flynn. I noticed his reticence towards wanting to harm Lucy early in season one, despite a few cracks in his plan and her failure to match up with Journal!Lucy. He’s a desperate, broken man. And hasn’t Wyatt — on some level — fought the same battle for Jessica? Haven’t they all wandered into that gray area?

Now, Flynn’s assimilation into the bunker? Genius. We really pit old tensions against each other in an inescapable environment, and it makes for some wonderful angst. It’s clear there is a softness under that layer of murder and his cutthroat attitude. The way he softly buckles Lucy in (hold your hearts fellow Lyatt shippers) and cares for her after Salem. The silent offering during It Happened One Night.

They peel back the layers with such delicacy, and Goran Visnjic invites so much of his own imagining and humanity into Flynn, that I couldn’t ever bear the thought of not being able to trust him. He has atoned in the way he becomes a pillar for a lonely, broken Lucy, in the way he fights for Rufus in New York, the strategic way he blends with Wyatt in Chinatown and listens to Wyatt’s plea not to shoot Trashica. His humanity is there.

Like Mason, Flynn is finding a home in these people and unspooling from those hardened years of lonely crusading. His one-liners and sass rival Rufus’ quips; and I live for the edge he brings to Lyatt, reminding Wyatt that Lucy is not to be won but still someone he can lose. I hope the triangle falls to the wayside, though. I had my fill in season two, and now we need progression for our ex-NSA agent — preferably of the Iris and Lorena kind.

Personally, I love my Burgundy Babe, and I hope he has a far more intricate future with the Time Team for the seasons to come. Yes. Seasons. No one is sinking this Timeless renewal ship.

TIMELESS — “King of Delta Blues” Episode 206 — Pictured: (l-r) Goran Visnjic as Garcia Flynn, Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preson — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

Logan: Well, for starters, I only saw Flynn as the “ultimate villain” for maybe five episodes of Timeless‘ first season. Goran Visnjic makes Flynn impossibly human, even given how often we see him murder his way through time. Yes, he did horrendous things, but was it so hard to understand what pushed him to that point? Let’s not forget that Rittenhouse killed a three-year-old child. His child. That is a baby. Yes, they killed Lorena. That is hard enough on its own, but they killed his baby girl too — the one whose room he checked for monsters with a water pistol because Flynn, once upon a time, was the ultimate dad. He had a beautiful family, a loving family, and they were stolen from him in the middle of the night. Not only that, but he was framed for it, as well.

He lost everything, just like Lucy and Wyatt did. We’ve watched them fumble through impossible emotions. Last season, we saw Wyatt steal the Lifeboat and accidentally kill an innocent man in a crazed attempt to save Jessica. In Timeless season 2, we watched Lucy kill a soldier and consider blowing herself up in a grief-fueled rage to save history from Rittenhouse. It’s clear on this show that loss can push anyone to extremes.

If we know that of our heroes, then we must also know that about Flynn.

That’s not to say we should forget his earlier actions. It’s like Jake says on Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Cool motive, still murder.” Flynn is still the terrorist who tried numerous times to take out our Time Team and killed innocent people throughout history, but he is also a complicated human being who is capable of caring for others. It’s important that we know that if our Time Team is going to work with him.

Do I think the Time Team should throw caution to the wind and trust Flynn the way they trust each other? Absolutely not. Flynn cares about his girls and cares about Lucy, but beyond that, he will do what is best for him. His main objective is still to save his family. He is willing to break more rules for them than Lucy or Wyatt. They, and we, should never forget that.

Melinda: I think that Flynn has always been somewhat trustworthy; we just didn’t see it. Flynn told Lucy from the start that they were going to work together. He revealed the journal, and he even tried to connect with Wyatt (somewhat) over their dead wives. He may not have always been looking out for Wyatt and Rufus, but he always most certainly had Lucy — or at least Future Lucy — in the back of his mind. The entire team has morally been pushed to their farthest limits. They really can no longer judge Flynn for his wrongdoings. As far as his journey, I think we need to understand what secret dynamic there is with Lucy to understand what his future holds; and we are still learning of his investment in the Time Team.

Jenna: I honestly haven’t thought of Flynn as a bad guy since the middle of season one. He has every right to hate Rittenhouse, just like everyone else.

As much as Wyatt may hate it, he has saved the team more than once. He has a place with them. He has earned it.

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