The 100: Top 7 Moments Of “Pandora’s Box”

Holy crap on a cracker! Ignoring the outdated phrase, “Pandora’s Box” inhabited the legend of Pandora in the well-written, mind-exploding way only The 100 can pull off. From the second this episode started, all the way until it cut to black, I was glued to the screen on the edge of my seat, and it’s thrilling that somehow this show gets better literally every episode this season.

I’ve attempted, and somewhat succeeded, to narrow it down into my top moments for this hour down below! So without further ado, let’s dive into the top seven moments for “Pandora’s Box.”

  • I’m going to start with Bellamy and Clarke’s proper reunion because I’m not ashamed to say I am complete Bellarke trash. How this entire scene was framed was so soft, and intimate beyond anything I had ever seen from them and made my heart soar. For a single moment there was no danger, and the effects of peace and a six year separation did nothing to dull their connection and affection for each other, between the looks on their faces and hugging twice in a matter of minutes. The gentle and close manner of their interaction will stay with them no matter how crazy (and we know they will) this season gets, but for now, I’m just relieved they are back on the same team fighting together again.
  • This was the episode of reunions, and my next favorite was between Clarke, Raven and Murphy over the radio. I loved how Bellamy let Clarke be the one to tell them, and their reactions were perfect. Raven was floored hearing her friend is alive, and Murphy immediately making a hilarious crack with a smirk that could only say “Ha! So not surprised you survived a death wave of radiation.”
  • Clarke reuniting with her mom, and Bellamy reuniting with Octavia brought on the Griffin and Blake family feels. Despite the horror of the fighting pit in the bunker, and the bleak circumstances it couldn’t take away from the pure moment of joy when Abby saw Clarke and Octavia dropped her Blood Reina visage to just hug the hell out of her big brother.
  • Raven flipping the bird and outsmarting Miles Ezekiel Shaw through sheer genius coding. I know they couldn’t call him Zeke for legal reasons, but my headcanon is that’s his nickname, and that’s what I’m sticking to calling him because he’s precious, and I cannot wait for him to meet Raven. Pirate Mechanic anyone?
  • Kane and Abby’s conversation before his second fight – these two have clearly been through hell down in the bunker, and the mention of the “dark year” sent a chill down my spine. Through it all, despite the despair, it’s clear their love for each other endured and hearing it said even when Kane was walking to his death brought tears to my eyes.
  • Raven & Murphy bonding over soccer & survival. Now I don’t ship these two, but their brOTP is so awesome in the fact that I never thought we’d see it after all that’s happened, even with a six-year time jump. Their snarky conversations bring to light how much has changed and having them play soccer in the prisoner ship, and then choosing to survive by opening the pods instead of dying with them was a choice I am so glad they made. Now they just have to survive long enough to make it back to their friends.
  • Octavia and Charmaine’s stare down. I can’t really pick which of these two complicated ladies terrify me more, but it was thrilling to see them size each other up in the gladiator pit. Octavia made it clear with a single command that the entirety of Wonkru follows her direction, while questioning the clear “Colonel” status of Diyoza. This is going to get interesting — and by interesting, I mean dangerous and explosive.

What did you think of “Pandora’s Box?”

The 100 airs on the CW on Tuesdays at 9/8c.

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