Timeless: 2×07 “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” Review

I probably sound like a broken record, but Timeless really does get better and better each week. Tonight’s episode in particular was a fantastic example about everything that makes this show work. The beat of the episode was outstanding; the writing, the performance, everything was absolutely incredible and I can’t understand why NBC hasn’t renewed this show yet.

Timeless is the kind of show that needs to be on television right now. It’s the kind of quality TV that not only entertains you, but also teaches you valuable lessons on history, culture, human interaction and the complexities of relationships. Everything about this show is done well and “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” was a prime example. It has soared right to the top of my favorites list and it’s definitely in my top 3 episodes of the show ever.

There is so much to talk about and we will have to break this down by characters. Buckle up, kids. This is going to be a long ride.

TIMELESS — “Mrs. Sherlock Holms” Episode 207 — Pictured: (l-r) Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston, Sarah Sokolovic as Grace Humiston, Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

Let’s start with history. One of my favorite aspects of Timeless is the history lesson we get each and every week. Being Brazilian, I only ever learned about parts of American history at school and that was easily fifteen years ago, so my memory is definitely fuzzy on those lessons. And that’s what’s so amazing about this show because you learn so, so much.

Did you know that suffragettes were beaten and force fed? Did you ever stop to think about what those women had to go through, so we could be here today still fighting? I sure as hell didn’t and I feel awful that I didn’t know that. Alice Paul, one of the leaders of the suffrage movement, spent FIFTY YEARS as the head of the National Women’s Party, fighting for women’s rights and equality.

Did you know that Grace Humiston was the first female U.S. District Attorney in history? And that she dedicated her life in helping to solve cases involving women and trying to solve the country’s problems single-handedly? Because I sure didn’t. I had never even heard of Grace Humiston and she was such a formidable woman. It is such a shame that there is so little information about her life.

The Grace Humiston we met in “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” was a powerhouse, played beautifully by Sarah Sokolovic, and she absolutely did this amazing woman justice. We were greeted by an incredibly smart, funny and savvy woman who was the very best in her field, and could have already been even better at that point in time if it wasn’t for the fact that it was 1919, and women were considered to be less than men.

The journey the show took Grace on in the space of an afternoon was so incredible and satisfying, because we met her as a no-nonsense woman, who knew her place and tried to help other people as best as she could under the circumstances. And we left her as someone who felt empowered and more than willing to fight for her own rights and her fellow comrades’ and it was absolutely beautiful.

While her presence in Lucy’s and Wyatt’s lives was funny as hell and it definitely pushed them in the right direction, Lucy made one hell of a difference in how Grace saw the world, culminating in that fantastic speech that made me cry happy tears for being able to watch something so powerful and beautiful on my TV. In the current political climate our world is currently in, “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” was a nice reminder that hell, yes, we can make a difference. Alice Paul did, Grace Humiston did, and we sure as hell can do it too. Speeches and marches can and will change the world.

TIMELESS — “Mrs. Sherlock Holms” Episode 207 — Pictured: (l-r) Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin, Goran Visnjic as Garcia Flynn, Annie Wersching as Emma Whitmore — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

The dream team. One of the things I loved most about tonight’s Timeless was that we had the chance to see characters interactions that we don’t usually see every day. I already knew Flynn and Rufus were going to be great because we got a tiny taste of it back in “The Salem Witch Trials”, but Flynn, Rufus and Emma together? That was on a whole other level. There wasn’t a single moment those three were on my screen that I didn’t love and, aside from Emma’s horrible abuse backstory, I had a smile on my face every single second the dream team interacted.

Goran Visnjic, Malcolm Barrett and Annie Wersching had such a great chemistry that it felt like they had been doing that back and forth banter for years. The writing in each and every scene they were together was so stellar and the performances so on point, that this definitely goes down as my favorite Flynn/Emma/Rufus episode to date.

Also, Flynn and Rufus? That love/hate relationship they seem to have? That’s not going anywhere. I think that’s just the beginning of a beautiful friendship and I can’t wait to see more of it.

Emma is a badass and is not allowed to die. You know, I already loved Emma before this episode. Annie Wersching brings such a sassiness to the character that, even though she is doing unspeakable things, you can’t help but like her and laugh with her. I especially enjoy when she calls Lucy princess and if Wyatt didn’t exist, I could totally see a love/hate thing going on there between them.

TIMELESS — “Mrs. Sherlock Holms” Episode 207 — Pictured: Annie Wersching as Emma Whitmore — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

But “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” showed us a whole new side of her. One, she’s even sassier with Flynn and I absolutely LOVE it. Also, for the record? Those two totally happened and they don’t even bother to hide it. Two, I love when we get to learn about a villain’s backstory. Emma was already interesting, but knowing she came from a home of abuse and that that only made her try even harder to succeed, to make her mother proud, that just made me love her even more. She may have aligned her loyalty to the wrong side, but if this episode proved anything, it was that Emma is fighting for herself. And I’m willing to bet she has her own agenda and is just using evil Grandpa Keynes only to stab him in the back in the finale.

That said, I can’t wait to see where they’re going with this. But whatever they do, Emma Whitmore is not allowed to die, do you hear me? Not allowed.

Jessica is Rittenhouse. Damn it, TPTB. I had finally convinced myself that Jessica was innocent and then you go and drop that bomb on me. I was starting to trust her and I thought she was a cool chick, and you go and stab me in the back like that. Poor Wyatt. It’s like no one in this show can catch a break. Poor dude was already super conflicted about his feelings for Lucy and his sense of duty to his wife. Just imagine what finding out his wife is Rittenhouse is going to do to him.

Now that it’s been revealed to Agent Christopher and Mason that zombie wife is somehow connected to Rittenhouse, I wonder what they’re going to do with that information. And I also wonder how long they’ll be able to sit on it, because the truth is going to come out and it’s not going to be pretty. And if you look closely at that photo of Jessica Mason found, you’ll see that it’s her reflection on what seems to be a car window. The photo was taken from her point of view, obviously, which begs the question: has she had a camera on her this whole time? Is she just transmitting from the bunker to RH HQ?

And that brings me to my other point: unless Jessica is one hell of an actress, I don’t think she’s actually evil. I don’t think she wants to harm the Time Team and I genuinely think she might be doing this against her will. Not all sleeper agents want to be part of this madness. Remember the Doc from the Watergate episode last season? She didn’t want to be part of Rittenhouse anymore and they sent Rufus to find her and kill her. So I think this may be the case with Jessica.

We don’t know what this timeline was like for her. She could be feeding that bullshit story to Wyatt only to fit in with what Rittenhouse needs the Time Team to believe. It would break the bond between Lucy and Wyatt, distract their only soldier and ultimately weaken the entire team, while she’s feeding information about them back to Rittenhouse. It’s a pretty damn good plan, if you ask me.

Rufus and Jiya. These poor babies. I just want to hug them and tell them everything is going to be okay. While Rufus was not exactly amazing these past few episodes, we now understand that he’s just super scared and, instead of talking to his girlfriend about it, he started lashing out. It doesn’t excuse his horrible behavior lately, but it does make sense. I’m pretty sure this will all come to a head in the finale and I just hope they’re finally able to change his fate. Their scene in the end was full of what makes them work in the first place and they are just perfect for one another. Rufus just needs to let her in a bit more so they can solve this together.

TIMELESS — “Mrs. Sherlock Holms” Episode 207 — Pictured: (l-r) Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan, Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

The Lyatt of it all. Sigh. These two noble idiots. I just can’t with them. You know, as much as I was pretty ticked off that they pulled the Jessica card so soon, I really, really love how they’re handling this. It’s an impossible situation. It’s been six years for Wyatt and in that time he drowned in guilt for Jessica’s death. And then when he finally allows himself to love again, zombie wife shows up and he’s completely torn about what to do.

Human emotions do not come with an on and off switch, so it’s obvious that his feelings for Lucy are still very much there and are not going anywhere anytime soon. We all knew he would be super jealous if he caught Lucy and Flynn — and I am SO GLAD that he caught her leaving his room, because that was exactly the kick in the ass he needed to see that he was going to lose her if he didn’t do something.

Flynn, on the other hand, is the captain of the Lyatt ship and no one can tell me otherwise. All his cracks about Wyatt’s wife, and that he should be focusing on her and not Lucy, had the exact desired effect. Wyatt was pissed off and basically forgot Jessica was even there. I felt bad for her up until the point we found out she’s RH, but it was still a pretty epic moment. So thanks, Flynn. The fandom definitely appreciates what you’re doing for our idiots in love.

The tension between them is so palpable that even Grace Humiston picks up on it within five seconds of meeting them. And it seemed that everything was conspiring to get Lucy and Wyatt to finally talk. If you stop and think about it, they never got a chance to really discuss this and what they should do and what was right or wrong, and I am so happy that they finally put all their cards on the table.

TIMELESS — “Mrs. Sherlock Holms” Episode 207 — Pictured: Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

But before we get to that, we need to talk about my girl Lucy Preston and how amazing she is, and how I love her even more with each passing episode. I know I say this a lot, but Abigail Spencer is a powerhouse as Lucy Preston. Our historian is so ridiculously smart and sassy and funny and so fundamentally good, that she puts everyone’s needs before her own. Just like she made Grace have that lightbulb moment about fighting for women’s rights, she did the exact same thing to Wyatt, however inadvertently.

Every single one of their scenes together was so powerful and a testament to the incredible chemistry between Matt Lanter and Abigail Spencer. And I love Wyatt, but I’m #TeamLucy all the way and I was cheering her on when he tried to call her out on sleeping with Flynn. Of course, we eventually found out that nothing happened, but I LOVED the fact that Lucy was very firm about how it’s none of Wyatt’s business. He lost that right and he can’t just pretend that they can go back to normal, like shit didn’t hit the fan when Jessica returned and their lives are not a complete and total mess at the moment.

When she finally calls him out on his bullshit and flat out tells him how much he hurt her, I was throwing my fist in the air and cheering. Good for you, Luce! He needs to know exactly how badly you’re hurt and that his reckless decisions had serious consequences. I’m so, so happy that the Timeless writing team is handling this with maturity and not turning it into a soap opera. Every single time Lucy and Wyatt talked about their relationship in this episode was written with care. The fact that they went from angrily snapping at each other, to speaking harsh truths to finally being open and honest with each other is absolutely beautiful and a testament to the gorgeous writing on this show.

That last scene made me so proud to be a Timeless fan. Do you know how rare this is? Having characters actually being honest with each other and analyzing what they could do to fix it and being open about their feelings? I wanted to cry, both because these idiots are so crazy about each other and have no idea how to fix this impossible situation that they found themselves in; and because fantastic writing like this is like a rare unicorn these days, and it’s absolutely magical to watch when it finally happens before your eyes.

So while there was no resolution to their current problem, they both know where the other stands. Lucy knows he still wants her and Wyatt knows that feeling is so very mutual, but they can’t do anything, because it wouldn’t be right. I loved loved loved when Lucy said she was not getting in the middle of this because it’s not the kind of person she is, and he replied with “For what it’s worth, I’m glad you are who your are” and “You’re Lucy Preston. That’s pretty damn good.”

God, Lucy, if that’s not a declaration of love without actually saying the words, I’m not sure what is.

And did you see the look on his face when she said they should just keep doing what they always do? He was devastated. Again, Matt Lanter is an incredibly expressive actor and he can tell a freaking novel just through the look in his eyes. Wyatt is obviously crazy about Lucy, but he wants her to give him an opening, give him some indication of what the right thing to do is here. I nearly yelled, SAY SOMETHING, LUCY when he walked away, but my girl Lucy is too goddamn noble and good to do anything in this mess.

But hey, it was progress, right?


Have I mentioned how much I love Flynn, Rufus and Emma? Because I do. I really, really do. And here is why:

  • “You know, sometimes I think you’re normal, but then you say stuff like that and I remember, oh, wait. No. He’s freaking nuts.”
  • “Flynn it up, Flynn! Flynn it up!”
  • “Great. It’s Emma. Yaaaay.”
  • Aw, did I hurt your little psycho feelings when I double crossed you? You poor little baby!”
  • “No cowboys means no dead Rufus. I’m safe.” / “Until someone blows your kneecaps off, you idiot!”
  • “It turns out Anthony was working with Flynn and you’re working for Rittenhouse and… oh, my God, I suck at picking friends!”

So what did you think? Was “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” amazing or what? Tell me all about it in the comments below or come chat with me on Twitter!

Timeless returns next Sunday, May 6, at 10/9C on NBC.

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