Scandal’s Jake Ballard is the Epitome of Toxic Male Rage

Scandal has had its fair share of bloodshed and torture over the years. B6-13 is known to do the dirty work and make things “disappear”. However, there has been one character who fits the toxic male persona to a tee — Jake Ballard. Ballard is the perfect example of why toxic male insecurity and rage are problems that need to be addressed, and why these men should never be allowed to carry a gun.

Throughout the seasons, Jake Ballard has been an anomaly. You never knew if you could trust him or not. Half the time he was portrayed as one of the good guys working with Olivia and co. — Olivia’s Plan B in a way. The other half he’s the antagonist, doing whatever it takes to make the lives of our protagonists harder than they already are. When you thought you had him figured out he flipped the switch and was seen in a new light.

This tug and pull — intentional or not — gave way to depicting this character as the picture perfect image of toxic male rage and insecurity and how this is a problem in society. Every day we hear about domestic abuse, men shooting up schools and movie theaters, sexual harassment, etc. The base of the problem is men and their little notion that they are entitled to everything and if someone says no or challenges them, their egos are hurt and they use that as a way to hurt someone. Male rage is a problem and one that is not at all discussed the way it should be.

The way that Jake was brought in — and the changing dynamics he’s had over the years — show that these people who will do the unthinkable are walking amongst us. They seem relatively normal 90% of the time and yet their rage can lead them to hurting those around them when their egos are not stroked. And that’s exactly what you saw in the latest episode. Through the episode you could see that he was being taunted of being the VP’s bitch. He’s always been second choice and his fragile male ego just ‘couldn’t take it’. So what does he do? He kills his wife for having a say.

Toxic male rage is a problem. One that needs to be dealt with. Why do men think they’re entitled to whatever the hell they want, whenever they want it? This is the root cause for rape culture, for mass shootings, for domestic violence. Everything comes back to toxic men with an entitlement complex. Something needs to change. This is not okay, and we’re not going to stand by and allow it to happen anymore. Times Up.

Only two episodes left of Scandal. Shonda Rhimes isn’t about to go out without a bigger bang than she’s already laid out. Tune in to find out how this all unfolds next Thursday, April 12, at 10/9C on ABC. 

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