Outlander: Top Five Moments Of 3×10 “Heaven and Earth”

Thrilling is a word I think I can use nearly every week for Outlander, and yet, somehow it doesn’t even come close to what I felt watching “Heaven and Earth.”

Jamie and Claire have been through their own hells and back to each other against all odds. Captains on two ships really should know better than to try and separate them now.

Digging into it, here are my top five moments from this week’s Outlander:

5. Claire standing her ground in hostile territory. Especially to the suspicious and questioning Englishman, whose name I didn’t bother to learn, because he annoyed me the second he started barking at Claire. She’s in a difficult and likely dangerous terrain, but Claire uses every skill, brain cell, and compassion to help the dying men aboard this ship. She even makes a friend in young Mr. Pound whose death hit me in the chest, despite only knowing him this hour.

4. Fergus and Marsali aiding Jamie in a way that avoids a jailbreak. Don’t get me wrong, I found it entirely in character for Jamie to be willing to change his mind on a subject he refused to yield on before, when it comes to getting to Claire. The fact that Fergus agreed to it, and then found another way to help him goes to show that, despite what Jamie might think, Marsali was right when she said Fergus did this for him – not her. They want his blessing the right way, and Jamie is safer than he was locked up in a brig (though not for long after what Claire discovered *shudders*).

3. Claire’s coup to lock up the man threatening Jamie. Bless her heart and quick thinking, Claire finds an excuse to quickly locate the man who identified Jamie. She is entirely correct when she proclaims she is “not a gentlewoman.” My dear Claire is far more than that, exhibiting her tenacity and intelligence to save Jamie from a danger he knows nothing about, while being held hostage aboard a ship of dying sailors.

2. A bold escape into the ocean. I will admit I was not expecting Claire’s salvation to come from the lady who herds the goats, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned is to never underestimate how much bravery someone has in their heart. Claire’s apprehension couldn’t keep her from risking her life on the ocean, but yes, I was also yelling “Go, Claire! GO SAVE YOUR MAN” at my computer when she jumped out. I have every faith she’ll survive, but my impatience for their reunion is officially back, and I pray it’ll be sooner rather than later, and that they find each other again this season.

1. THIS – ENTIRE – EPISODE. Yes, I wasn’t kidding last week when I said this would become a permanent point. Truth is, it was hard not to be bowled over repeatedly at how hard Jamie and Claire fought to get back to each other. The performances shine whether they are together or off being hostages and jailed on separate ships, and I’m even more excited to see how they find each other now.

How about you, Outlander fans? Are you excited/impatient for Jamie and Claire to reunite again?

Outlander airs on Sundays at 8pm on Starz.

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