This Is Us: Top 5 Moments Of 2×06 “The 20s”

The Pearson kids celebrate Halloween, as flashbacks surrounding Tessa’s birth give more insight into Randall and his temperament. 

This week on This Is Us, they strolled away from the norm a bit. Instead of the jump between flashbacks and present day, they stayed within flashbacks. The present day was replaced by flashbacks surrounding Tessa’s birth in 2008 — alongside plenty of Obama 2008 stickers and buttons. 

1. Even as a 10 year old, Kevin was always looking out for his sister. Kevin knew that Kate was hoping that the popular kid in school would hold hands with her, but he knew that he wouldn’t, without a little coercion that is. So without telling her, he made a deal with the kid that he would give him his Halloween candy if he held hands with Kate in the haunted house. The two of them go through, Kate comes out smiling, and Kevin plays it off like whatever. He has always been the softie of the three — he’s still in love with his childhood sweetheart — but he wants to play it off like he’s a tough guy. Can’t ruin the image. 

2. Randall has a heart to heart with an employee right before becoming a father.
Becoming a parent is a big deal. You don’t know if you’re going to screw up this child or be able to give them everything they deserve. There’s no guidebook on childrearing, and it’s scary. Randall is scared out of his mind before Tess is born and is losing it. The ceiling fan, that is something he can do, so he finds himself looking for a new fan on Halloween night where he ends up having a heart to heart with one of the employees. He gets a new outlook on the whole becoming a parent thing — yes, it’s scary, but you can do it.

3. Rebecca and Randall talk about his adoption. Randall finds out about Kyle from one of the neighbors, and doesn’t quite understand exactly what happened. This is a talk that Rebecca and Jack had planned on having with him together, but seeing as they split up with the kids, she’s having to do it solo. She does a good job at it, making sure he understands that he is wanted so much. Rebecca has always been the one to shelter Randall; Jack is the same way with Kate, so even though they didn’t get to do this together, it was nice to see it coming from her. She’s able to portray exactly what they want to get across the best she can for a 10-year-old. And years later they still have a great relationship.

4. Rebecca makes a Facebook account. Ah, good ole Facebook. During the 2008 flashbacks, she mentions something about creating an account to connect with a community and share pictures. Which suddenly makes you realize how old Facebook is. By the end of the episode she’s all set up and gets a message from Miguel. Is this how they reconnected and ended up hooking up?

5. Tess’ birth and Rebecca’s first chat with her son and grand-daughter. Randall runs out of the store and races home as Beth continues to labor. The ambulance is still a while away but they can’t wait to get to the hospital — she’s crowning. Beth ends up giving birth in their living room and Randall shows that he’s grown so much over the years and proves that he can deal with change.

Later on, they go to the hospital to get everything checked out and they show a side by side of Rebecca talking to baby Randall for the first time, and again talking to Tess for the first time. What she says is more or less the same — and brings the story full circle — but Jack’s absence is strongly felt. Kate and Kevin forget all their troubles and come out to meet their niece. This family goes through and shows that regardless of what they have going on, they’ll always have each other’s back. That’s Jack’s legacy living out through them.

This Is Us airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm on NBC.

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