Once Upon a Time 7×02 Review – Adios Captain Swan and Good Riddance

Goodbye, Miss Swan. Jennifer Morrison jumped ship at the end of last season, but the character needed closure. Thus, Once Upon a Time 7×02 was created.

For a character as beloved as Emma Swan, a proper send-off and closure for the character were needed. Especially seeing as her other half was prancing around Hyperion Heights. And yes, this episode did need to exist to show that Cursed Hook is not the Hook that we know. He’s Wish Realm Hook –- Alternate Hook with a makeover. However, seeing as this episode was being advertised as Emma’s goodbye, it hit way below the mark.

For starters, Jennifer Morrison had, what, 10 minutes of screentime? She was hardly there; and judging by Morrison’s Instagram tribute, this will be her last episode. Emma Swan was the savior. She was one of the central characters throughout the last six seasons — hell, she was the face of Once Upon a Time for a good portion of it -– so this send-off was less than. This wasn’t a proper goodbye — far from it. If you’re going to do a proper tribute, take note from Shonda Rhimes who gave Cristina, a beloved character from the get-go, a four episode farewell. This isn’t the first time the writers have said something was meant for Emma and became all about Hook. See also: the Dark Swan arc.

The reason behind Emma’s absence? She’s pregnant. Someone hand me a bucket.

Apparently, being pregnant means you can’t be there for your other kid and are doomed to start a new family…or whatever nonsense they’re going with. You can tell a man wrote this. This is the same woman that would have moved mountains for Henry; but now, she’s just checking out because she’s got a bun in the oven? She’s going on and on about doing the diaper thing and how excited she is in front of the kid she gave up.

No wonder Henry asked Regina to stay with him. She always puts him first.

Now, the reunion between both mothers and their son was definitely great to see. The Henry seeing his moms after all this time is a new person –- literally. That look of absolute unconditional love is there, and that moment is precious. Short-lived? But precious.

Emma said her goodbyes and left with the pirate in tow, while his look alike stayed back to continue on Henry’s journey. The fact that the badass savior has been dwindled down to this is gut wrenching. The writers destroyed Emma’s character when they decided to make her story revolve around a man. There’s nothing wrong with finding love, but you shouldn’t lose yourself in the process. The message that they sent out over the years has been toxic.

At the very least, we won’t have to see that anymore.

There were highlights, though — Robert Carlyle, for one. The man is absolutely a blessing, and seeing him in denim commanding charge as usual is always a delight. Weaver and Roni clearly have some sort of understanding; that brief scene between the two says a lot. She doesn’t just give in, and he’s not one to use extreme tactics on her. Speaking of, Roni might have only had a couple scenes, but this new version of her is awesome. Seeing Lana in more laid back clothes is such a change from Regina’s pantsuits, and she’s a lot freer.

Victoria, on the other hand, is absolutely ruthless. I’m suddenly realizing why I hated Lady Tremaine so much as a child. $550 for a ticket to see your child’s recital? Really?! She makes the Evil Queen look tame. Her daughter is no stickler either. Don’t let that sweet face fool you. However, don’t mess with Regina’s kid. Seeing her knock out Drizella was a hoot!

Next week, there’s a giant hole that Lucy jumps into…sound familiar? Henry was in a situation similar to this during Once Upon a Time‘s first season, causing Emma to propel down to save him. I’m assuming Henry will need to get her out somehow.

Once Upon a Time returns with an all-new episode next Friday, October 20, at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.  

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