Outlander Roundtable: What Season 2 Lacked And What We Hope To See In Season 3

We did it, Outlander fans! This Droughtlander has been long and painful, but we braved through it and season 3 is finally upon us. Tonight, we will finally get to see what happened to Jamie and Claire after she went through the stones, back to her own time, and how they have fared for those long and lonely twenty years without each other.

As book fans, Sarah, Lizzie, and I are incredibly excited to see how season 3 plays out. Voyager is a favorite for all of us. We absolutely can’t wait to see the infamous print shop scene; and if we could, we would just skip those dreadful twenty years — however many episodes that’s supposed to be — and go straight to their reunion. We all know that particular scene is breathtaking in the book, so just imagine seeing it on our screens. I am absolutely confident that Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are more than up to the task of doing this beloved moment justice.

Now, without further ado, let’s start discussing the good, the bad and the just alright of Outlander season 2, as well as what we are most excited about in season 3.

Season 2 focused heavily on politics and the drama surrounding the Jacobite Revolution. Because of that, a lot of people have said that they wished they could have seen more romance. Do you agree? Is there something you would’ve liked to see in season 2 but didn’t?

Sarah: I enjoyed the politics as part of the mission Jamie and Claire were trying to accomplish, but I felt it took away too much time from their relationship itself. Season 2 had its own trials for the couple, but it wasn’t as balanced as season 1 in allowing their love to flourish in between the struggles. Granted the book, I imagine, was a unique challenge to adapt to the small screen; so in the future, if there could be a healthy balance of conflicts and relationship development, I’d be more excited to tune in to Outlander every single week.

Lizzie: I don’t actually mind the politics, but yes, I would have liked more romance! That’s what I’m here for: the romance. I think I would have also liked to see more of Jamie and Claire sort of acclimating themselves to their new surroundings. Basically, anything that the show wanted to give me of just the two of them, instead of more political scenes, would have been good.

Luci: You know, I hadn’t quite realized that we didn’t have that much romance in Outlander season 2 until I read about that. I knew there was something missing, something that didn’t quite feel right; but yes, we definitely could have used more moments between Jamie and Claire — just the two of them. I’m not usually a political drama kind of girl, so maybe that’s why Dragonfly in Amber was never my favorite book — and thus, I wasn’t that excited to see that part of the story on screen. So I agree, there was a lot of politics and not too much romance, but Outlander is such a visually beautiful show that I kind of didn’t mind. It was still such a gorgeous visual experience.

Would I have liked more of the Jamie/Claire romance? Yes, but even though part of season 2 dragged for me — Lizzie would know, as I kept moaning about how I felt like it would never end when I was rushing to catch up on the show — it was still an engaging story, with gorgeous cinematography and absolutely fantastic scenery and acting. Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan continued to blow us away, and I can only hope that Outlander season 3 is even more gorgeous and better balanced.

Which new character are you most looking forward to meet in Outlander season 3? And if you’re a book reader, how close do you think they are going to follow Voyager?

Sarah: I’m really excited to meet all of the new characters; but more than anything, I want to spend more time with Brianna. She became an instant favorite during last year’s season finale, and I’m hoping that we get to see her a little more than we did in the book.

Voyager is a challenge I’m confident the Outlander team will be able to meet in the upcoming season. They’ve done a fabulous job adapting the books so far without tarnishing the source material, and I’m fairly certain they’ll stick as close as they can with the time they were given for the season.

Lizzie: I’m excited for grown up Fergus! And Lord John Grey. But I’m mostly excited to see Brianna and actually get to know her and follow her journey. She’s always been my favorite book character.

As for how closely they’re going to follow Voyager, they’ve been pretty good so far in that regard, and I don’t see why that would change in Voyager. There IS enough drama in the books without the show adding anything to it.

Luci: Bree! And I also can’t wait to see Jamie’s friendship with Lord John Grey, but Brianna is my favorite character — other than Jamie and Claire — and I just can’t wait to see what they do with her. Her journey is so amazing in the books, that I absolutely can’t wait to see it on screen. Sophie Skelton did a fantastic job in the season 2 finale, and I am so excited to see her bring Brianna to life in season 3.

As for how closely they’ll follow the book, I really don’t know. So much happens during Voyager that I have no idea how they’ll cram it all up into however many episodes there are in Outlander season 3. But whatever they do, I know it will be fantastic.

When we pick up in Outlander season 3, Claire and Jamie have been apart for 20 years. Are you looking forward to seeing how they fare without each other, or do you just want to skip straight to their reunion and die of feels?

Sarah: I’ll admit I’m curious to see how they kept going after suffering the loss of the person they loved the most and wanted to spend their whole lives with. However, that curiosity will probably get me through maybe two episodes before I’m yelling at the TV: “REUNITE ALREADY FOR LORD’S SAKE!” My impatience aside, I am going to enjoy the journey of Claire and Jamie finding each other again. And however many episodes it takes, I know it’ll be worth the wait.

Lizzie: ERASE THOSE TWENTY YEARS AND GIVE ME THE REUNION! I honestly could not care less about how they fared. Or, like, I guess I’m interested in an intellectual way, not an emotional one? Claire, in particular, as a woman, breaking down walls and all of that, is something that I want to see but not something that I’m as desperate to see as I’m desperate to see the reunion…if that makes any sense?

Luci: JUST GIVE ME THEIR REUNION, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Just the thought of enduring God knows how many episodes with them apart and suffering already gives me the chills. Just let my babies be happy. I’m begging you.

And last, but definitely not least: What was your favorite scene of season 2 and what are you looking forward to the most in Outlander season 3?

Sarah: This goes without saying, but Jamie and Claire’s reunion in the print shop is what I’m counting down to. Literally, I have an Outlander countdown on my phone. It’s a scene I expect will be rewatched what feels like a million times, and I still won’t get sick of watching Jamie and Claire find each other against literally all odds after 20 years apart.

Season 2, as amazing as it was, comes down to one moment for me: when Jamie is slowly dancing Claire to the stones that would take her away “forever.” The amount of love on their faces, even while fully knowing they were about to be separated, tore my heart out. Add in the hauntingly beautiful music, and I was done for.

Lizzie: PRINT SHOP SCENE! I mean, what? Eh…I’m looking forward to a whole host of other things, yeah, of course…It’s not just about the reunion. Oh, screw that. Who am I kidding? I just want the print shop scene, on repeat, for like 45 minutes. It’s quite possible I will play it on a loop for days on end.

As for my favorite scene of Season 2, it was the goodbye, as awful and gut-wrenching as that was. Sam and Caitriona always bring it, but that scene in particular felt like their pain was a tangible thing. And my heart was breaking alongside theirs.

Luci: Who are we kidding? We’re all looking forward to the print shop scene and there’s no point in denying it. I just want to see Claire and Jamie together again, and I am absolutely sure that their reunion scene will be the death (by feels) of us all. But I also really want to see Brianna and Roger, grown-up Fergus, Young Ian Murray, and (spoiler alert!) their actual voyage through the Atlantic ocean toward the New World.

As for my favorite season 2 scene, I have quite a few, actually. But the first that comes to mind is — as both Sarah and Lizzie have already mentioned — Claire and Jamie’s goodbye scene. Even though I knew it was coming, it still felt like a punch to the gut because we knew that that was it. They were going to be apart for the next twenty years, and that was just completely heartbreaking.

That said, the entire sequence of Claire saying goodbye to baby Faith really undid me, and I cried like a child. Caitriona Balfe is a fantastic actress, but her talent really shined through in that scene.

Outlander premieres tonight, September 10, at 8pm on Starz.


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