Once Upon A Time: 5 Reasons Roni Should Be Bi

Once Upon a Time season 6 wrapped up the stories we knew with a pretty bow and sent them on their merry way. As season 7 starts, most of the faces we knew will be long gone, but the few that remain will not be anything like the characters we know and love. Regina, Hook, and Rumplestiltskin are getting a makeover. New characters, new villains, new cities…

Regina and co. are taking a trip to the rainy city, under the umbrella of a new curse and new identities. Say bye bye to Regina Mills, put together mayor, and say hello to Roni — bar owning, jeans/leather wearing firecracker. This version is something we’ve never seen before from the Queen.

The curls were teased during the night on the town scene back in season 6, but they’re here to stay. Alongside a leather jacket and denim. Not much has been revealed about her character outside of she’s the owner of Roni’s Bar and Grill. One thing is for sure though, she’s going to be one kickass grandmother.

ONCE UPON A TIME – “Hyperion Heights” (ABC/Jack Rowand)

Grandmother or not, she’s still feisty, smoking hot, and very much single. At the end of season 6, her happy ending did not include a man — as she had alluded to in the past. Regardless, a little loving never hurt anyone.

Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis have mentioned the thought of giving her a love interest this season. Who  this might be is still up in the air. So we ask — why not a woman? If any of these characters had to be bi, she would be it. Why?

  1. Her past is filled with flirtation with both sexes. The Queen, whilst she was split, more or less flirted up the entire town — including herself — without batting an eye. Madam Mayor has also been historically flirtatious with anyone who has crossed her path. Flowers for Nurse Ratchet, her cursed version of Ruby wore that tiny little thing, not to mention all those lingering gazes at the blondes in her life.
  2. Which brings me to point number two…Maleficent. Yes, canonically they were never official. However, the amount of sexual tension between these two characters was insane. There’s no way they didn’t have a little off camera some some, if you catch my drift.
  3. Her name is Roni, she owns a bar, she wears leather…If I didn’t know any better I’d say this was straight out of fanfiction. This version of Regina is so very different, so why not go all the way home?
  4. If you look closely, a couple of fingernails look shorter than the others…I’m going to leave it at that, make of that what you may.
  5. Lana Parrilla has chemistry with anything she comes across, so naturally anything she talks to instantly gets shipped with her. She’s versatile in that sense and it wouldn’t be difficult to sell this.

Male, female…dragon. Regardless of who or what she ends up with, if anyone, Roni will be a character to look out for. Her counterpart easily stole her way into fans hearts — even as a villain — there’s no doubt that this version will do the same.

Once Upon a Time Season 7 returns Friday, October 6, at 8pm on ABC.

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